A New Office Culture: How to Engage Your Remote Employees

With more employees than ever working from home, it is vital that companies can keep them engaged and motivated. Find out more here.

The new working culture we can see emerging is one of working from home. Many people are choosing to either work entirely remotely, or on a hybrid basis with some hours in the office and some at home.

It is vital that employers are able to successfully engage their remote workers so they can still continue to deliver on tasks.

Make Time for Virtual Meetings

Make Time for Virtual Meetings

When dealing with remote workers, it is vital that you keep up communications. You might decide that you wish to schedule more calls and video meetings as these can be more social than just an email chain. They allow you to check in with your employees and discuss matters far more efficiently.

At the same time, it is a great way to check that your employees are actually engaged. It is easy for them to gloss over an email, but in an actual conversation, you can encourage their inputs and thoughts on a certain topic.

This is not about checking up on them and testing their knowledge, and more about ensuring that they have the resources to be able to fulfil their job successfully. Often, this is best done through video chat, where you can get a measure of a person through their body language and other signs.

Introduce an Employee Incentive Programme

You can often see an improvement in engagement if your employees are properly incentivised. Using a solution like incentivesmart.com means that you can set up a points-based incentive scheme that your employees can curate to their own tastes.

Offering choice to employees is always a fantastic move. Through this scheme, you can drive performance and help to support both high-performing employees and ones who could use a little more motivation. An incentive scheme will encourage self-motivation as they chase their goals, and you should see an upswing in engagement.

Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Encourage Extracurricular Activities

In a workplace, you can often see employees building relationships through sports teams, book clubs, or even a casual drink after work. This can all help to foster a good rapport in the office, which in turn can lead to a more engaged and productive working environment.

This can still be done with remote workers. It could be something structured like the aforementioned book club, or it could just be everyone hopping on a group call at the end of the week to unwind and offload some of the stress they are carrying. Add in small challenges and team building activities for them to complete, and you have a great way to engage your employees and help them feel like part of the team.

Remote working could prove to be the new normal for many office jobs, so it is vital that all companies learn how to adapt to managing their employees who work in this fashion. It is key that productivity is well-maintained, and that employees are correctly engaged no matter where they might be working from. The above steps might be key in helping a business do so.

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