4 Easy Steps To Change Garage Door Code

Do you feel that your garage code has been compromised, or for whatever reason, you feel insecure and you need to change your garage door code immediately. Good news for you!  You can easily get it changed without breaking a sweat. This article will provide you with the insight and easy step by step procedure to get it changed.

Fortunately for you, changing your garage door opener code is simple as ABC However,  the process for changing the code varies, depending on whether or not your garage door opener has a keypad.

garage door opener code

Security precautions are taken all over the world to keep your belongings safe and your family safer. With garage door codes, your just one step closer to the security we all yearn for. The trouble of asking who has got the door opener is out of the blue. With a quick touch of the garage remote, you can gain access to the garage door at any time of day. Relatively easy and straight forward.

With recent advances in garage door opener technology, manufacturers and companies have a massive rivalry to offer their customers the best service. How we shared our complete code change guide is only a fraction of what these businesses can share with you to leverage your garage door openers' full capabilities fully.

Any homeowners who want to improve their security system will contact their contractors or garage door installers for added security. Few of these install tougher materials such as hardwood, solid wood foundation, fiberglass, or much stronger metal material.

advances in garage door opener technology

They also add timers, which is better for parents who are already busy and have children. Often they prefer to close the garage doors or press the button to lock the door. With timers, it will automatically close and lock itself for a specified period. Homeowners also set the length of the period elapsed before it closes.

Be extra careful not to leave your remote place in the garage or anywhere in sight as this more or less an open invitation for intruders to come in and take the remote and come back later to their convenience. If you don't want to bring the bulkier remote with you, you can get a smaller, remote keychain version and program it the same way you program your remote viewer size.

Setting the alarm in your garage door connected to your home alarm system is also a smart idea. Once this alarm is activated, it will send a signal to the nearest police station that will warn and dispatch the police and emergency teams to your location. There are also garage door opener sensors that inform you whether or not you left your door open.

Follow these simple steps; you'll be able to change your garage door code easily. Most of the garage door openers operate in different ways. If yours looks a lot different, I'd recommend that you review your manual or check the back of your garage door opener. There ought to be directions on how to change your door code.

Today's garage door opener uses the rolling code technology. The code changes each time you use your remote. Code grabbers would find it challenging to acquire these new codes, only the one that was used. The last code no longer works since the system has already changed the security code used.

Rolling code technology for garage door opener

It is important to remember that the code for carport gate openers often needs to be changed to ensure increased garage doors' security. Frequent opener code changes would always prevent the entry of unknown people in your garage.

Changing Codes for Keypad Entries

Change Garage code for Keypad Entries

  • Step One

At first, remove the cover of your carport gate remote

  • Step Two

The garage door opener has a keypad and remote control. Getting both makes it easier to get out of the house and forget about the remote or your keys. First things first – make sure the batteries are working on both the remote and the keypad. Most keypads will have a 9V battery, while the remote will have a small round battery labeled 2032 (yours could be different, of course).

  • Step Three

Next, check out the opener that is attached to the ceiling of your garage.

If these steps didn't take care of it – do make sure you consult your opener's back as the directions could vary from device to device.

  • Step Four

Finally, you need to reprogram any internal access remote of your vehicle to the new code.

Changing Codes for Non-Keypad Entries

Change Garage code for Non-Keypad Entries

  • Step One

Remove the cover from the remote control opener of your garage door. You'll find a set of switches underneath it.

  • Step Two

Check the location of the switches and compare the opening code of the new garage door. This will show you how to place the switches for a given code.

  • Step Three

Now reset the switches to the new code that you have chosen.

  • Step Four

Take the ladder so you can get to the engine. There's going to be a set of switches, much like those in the remote, repositioning them in the same way you did in the remote.

The engine and remote control will synchronize with the new code and be ready to run.


After moving to a new home, most of us like to ensure that the carport entry opener's code is changed. This helps prevent strangers like real estate agents, builders, or neighbors from entering your private car parking.

Make sure that you have checked all the remotes that have come with your garage gate. The best thing would be changing the opener's codes and checking whether the new code works on all the remotes.

Most of us change the codes immediately after purchasing a garage door opener. This is important since manufacturers tend to use a universal security code that burglars can quickly identify to open garage doors. Seattle citizens are some of the many US residents who prefer changing garage door opener codes right after making a purchase.

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