How to Bring Curb Appeal to Your House This Summer

Summer is in full swing, meaning many people will be selling their homes. As there will be plenty of competition, making your house stand out from the crowd is essential. Homebuyers will be browsing seemingly endless listings, so you want yours to catch their eye immediately.

There’s no better way to give your house an edge than to ensure your curb appeal is appealing. While it’s difficult to quantify the impact curb appeal has on home sales and final prices, experts from the real estate industry and home improvement companies like Golden Windows and Doors agree that it’s something that should be high on the list of things to focus on when selling.

If your home’s exterior isn’t in good condition, when a potential buyer pulls up to the curb, they’ll get the impression that you don’t care about or invest in your home, giving them a negative impression from the start. If your curb appeal is really bad, some people may not even bother coming inside.

Not only does improving your curb appeal give the impression that you care about your house, it also makes you care more about it. Even if you’re not selling your home, putting a little time and effort into boosting your curb appeal can give you a whole new level of love and appreciation for your house.

And the good news is, improving your curb appeal doesn’t have to break the bank. While there are some more expensive projects you can consider, there are many budget projects that will still have a significant impact.

If you’re looking for ways to spiff up your house and get the curb appeal working for you, follow these tips.

Spruce Up Your Front Door

Spruce Up Your Front Door

The front door is the focal point of a house. When it’s in good condition, it warmly welcomes visitors in. But when it’s in disrepair, it can be off-putting, especially to potential buyers. When they walk up to your home, you want them to have a great first impression, not be turned off by chipped paint.

If your door is aging or warped, you might want to replace it entirely. A new front door has a high return on investment, so it’s a good idea. But if your door is in relatively good condition, a coat of paint should be enough to make it more appealing.

While interior paint should be kept to neutral colors when selling, the front door is an opportunity to make a splash with some bright color. Consider a bright red, bold blue, or even sunny yellow to make your door and home pop.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Many potential buyers need to schedule showings in the evening after work, so a great way to increase your curb appeal is to install outdoor lighting. A dark house can be spooky and also hides your home’s top features.

Make sure you install lights up your driveway and along any walkways to illuminate the way and provide ambiance. If you really want to make your house stand out, consider putting up twinkle lights along your porch or on trees to give a warm, magical feeling.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

You can also invest in new projects or make upgrades like an outdoor kitchen. It is an attractive investment that comes with several benefits because it adds more value to your home.

An outdoor kitchen makes the ideal space for entertaining, whether you're throwing a party or just enjoying a great family supper. The kitchen is a common meeting spot both indoors and out. It is the perfect place for any type of social gatherings.

Keep Up Your Garden

Flowers are a simple and easy way to enhance curb appeal, especially in summer when you have many different types to choose from. Flowers will bring life and brightness to your exterior. If you don’t have a green thumb and the idea of puttering around in your garden regularly to maintain it isn’t appealing to you, consider a container garden.

Adding a few potted plants and flowers is an easy way to make your home more inviting, and you can move them around as you see fit.

Keep Up Your Garden

Matching Hardware

A small but significant detail that many homeowners overlook is the hardware. We’re talking about the mailbox, house numbers, porch lights, and even door hardware. Over time, these things collect dirt and grime from all kinds of weather and insects.

Depending on the condition these are in, you may just need to give them a good wash, a fresh coat of paint or replace them entirely. If you do paint or replace them, it’s an excellent opportunity to ensure they have a similar style or look to bring a more cohesive feeling to your house. You may not think these tiny details can have such a significant impact, but they do.

Keep it Clean

Give your home a pressure wash every other year or so to remove built-up grime and dirt, especially when you’re planning to sell. Go over the house, the driveway, walkway and porch. Once done, you’ll be shocked at how different and new your home looks. It can be surprising how much dirt builds up over time without even realizing it.

Follow these tips to spruce up your home’s curb appeal and make the best first impression possible on potential buyers.

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