7 Tips on How to Avoid Big Crowds When Traveling by Plane

Most people are not looking forward to plane travel. The cramped seats, the long wait times, and the constant fear of being lost in a big crowd can be stressful for many travelers.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid these terrible plane experiences. Here are some tips on how you can have an enjoyable plane trip without having to deal with large crowds!

1. Book Your Flight As Early As Possible

Book Your Flight As Early As Possible

If you book your flight as early as possible, you can ensure your plane is not full. The best time to book a plane ticket is usually at least four months in advance because it will be cheaper.

When booking an airplane ticket, make sure you are purchasing from the appropriate airline's site and that they allow for more than one passenger on the reservation.

If there are no available seats left on your desired date of travel while checking out online, call up customer service or look into different dates — when browsing through available flights again, empty seat availability might appear!

2. Avoid Airports With a High Volume of Travelers

If you want to avoid big crowds, then it is recommended not to travel through airports with high volumes of travelers. If it is necessary for your plane travel to be near these types of locations, try to book your plane ticket later in the day when there are fewer people arriving and departing from the airport.

3. Find a Charter Flight

Find a Charter Flight

Some plane companies offer charter flights that are cheaper and don't have the same crowds. This is an excellent idea for those who need to fly somewhere, but plane travel is not their favorite activity in the world.

For instance, if you're somewhere around New York, you can always find jet charters in Albany that may help you immensely. That way you'll avoid big crowds for sure.

4. Consider Flying on a Weekday Instead of the Weekend

Some plane tickets are cheaper on weekdays than they are on weekends. Consider flying out of town during the week, as it might be less crowded and easier to book a flight at an affordable rate. Also, it would be a nice way to save some money on your ticket expenses.

5. Get to the Airport 2 Hours Before Takeoff Time

Get to the Airport 2 Hours Before Takeoff Time

If you can, get to the airport two hours before your plane departs. This will give you enough time to check-in and go through security without having to worry about getting caught up in a huge line at the end of it all. You'll also have plenty of time for any last-minute items or errands if need be.

If possible, work with your airline ahead of time, so they schedule an earlier departure on days when flights are more crowded. Be sure that this is something that's available–many airlines only allow one “early” flight per week!

Consider traveling during off-season times if crowds aren't as large then–you'll likely find cheaper plane tickets too!

6. Go for an Aisle Seat 

When making reservations for plane travel, try to get an aisle seat. These seats will make it easier for you to stretch your legs and access the overhead bin without disturbing other passengers who are sitting in a row of two or more. Aisle seats on planes also tend to be cheaper than window seats

If you're traveling with someone else, one person can sit by a window while the other sits by the aisle, allowing both people some degree of privacy during their flight, So if you want to avoid big crowds when flying somewhere via plane, go for an aisle seat!

7. Pack Light – This Will Make Getting Through Security Faster and Less Stressful

Pack Light

It would be wise to bring a carry-on bag with everything needed for the plane ride. Sports gear, like footballs or golf clubs, should be checked; if you don't have another mode of transportation, these are great to take on a plane! Moreover, laptops and tablets can also go in your carry-on, which will make it easier when boarding and exiting planes.

Be aware that many airlines now charge fees for checking bags, so this may affect your travel budget as well. If possible, pack light by taking only one small suitcase or backpack each time you fly instead of multiple pieces of luggage at once. This will help get through security faster, plus put less stress on airport staff who need to deal with crowds all day long.

When you fly, it's important to book as early as possible. If your flight is on a weekday and not during rush hour, that also helps get the best prices available for charter flights. And when booking your seat, if there are two seats next to each other with an aisle in between them, try to snag one of those seats up front near the exit door, so you can make a quick escape at any time!

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