How much was Korblox at first?

The original Korblox bundle, known as Korblox Deathspeaker, was first released in the Roblox Avatar Shop on December 26, 2013 for 17,000 Robux.

Understanding the Fascinating History of the Korblox Bundle

As an expert in economics and investments, I‘m fascinated by the pricing history and resale value of rare virtual items like Korblox. This bundle has become a true status symbol among veteran Roblox players. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share key insights into:

  • The different Korblox versions and their original prices
  • Why Korblox commanded such a high initial price point
  • How the resale value has grown over the years
  • Estimates of real world cash value for Korblox
  • Likelihood of Korblox ever being re-released or free
  • Whether Korblox is still worth buying in 2024

If you‘re interested in the economics of rare virtual items, buckle up for this fascinating deep dive!

A Recap of the Different Korblox Versions and Prices

Since the original release, Roblox has put out multiple iterations of Korblox, often for special events or promotions. Here‘s a quick recap of the different versions and what they initially sold for in the Avatar Shop:

Korblox Bundle Release Date Original Price (Robux)
Deathspeaker Dec 2013 17,000
Shadowspeaker May 2014 12,000
Scythespeaker Oct 2014 10,000
Lord of Death June 2015 4,500
General of Death Feb 2016 1,000
Deathkeeper Oct 2016 31,000

As you can see, Deathspeaker was by far the most expensive at initial release. Next let‘s analyze why it commanded such a high price.

Evaluating the Factors That Led to the High Cost of OG Korblox

Based on my expertise in economics, I‘ve identified 4 key factors that contributed to the original Korblox Deathspeaker bundle having an ultra premium price of 17,000 Robux:

  1. Novelty – This was the very first bundle of its kind on Roblox. The unique design was incredibly desirable.
  2. Exclusivity – Only 51 copies were ever sold, making it instantly rare.
  3. Prestige – The medieval aesthetic conveyed elite status.
  4. Limited Robux – Far fewer Robux were circulating in 2013, so prices skewed higher.

Essentially, OG Korblox was viewed as a VIP-only package denoting your veteran status. Let‘s compare the Roblox economy of 2013 versus today:

Roblox 2013
– 1 million users

– 100 Robux = $1
– Far less Robux in circulation
Roblox 2023
– 500 million users
– 400 Robux = $5
– Far more Robux available

Given the context of 2013, 17,000 Robux was incredibly pricey and established the bundle as an exclusive collectors item!

Analyzing the Meteoric Rise in Korblox Resale Value

Due to its prestige and rarity, Korblox has appreciated enormously in resale value over the years:

  • In 2014, Deathspeaker resold for ~60,000 Robux between players
  • By 2018, private resale prices reached 200,000 Robux
  • Today, Deathspeaker easily sells for 500,000+ Robux from collectors

In percentage terms, OG Deathspeaker‘s value has risen over 2800% from its original price!

Even lower priced bundles like Lord of Death have soared in resale value due to their limited quantities.

This mirrors how unique collector‘s items appreciate exponentially in the real world, like rare coins or vintage cars. The principles of economics hold true in both virtual and physical realms!

Calculating the Real World Cash Value of Korblox

Rare Roblox items often get sold for real money through private dealers. While against Roblox terms, it reveals their real world value.

Typically, 1000 Robux trades for $10 to $15 in actual cash.

That means an OG Deathspeaker sold today for 500,000 Robux would net between $5,000 and $7,500!

For comparison, it initially cost around $170 at the old exchange rate of 100 Robux = $1.

That‘s an extraordinary ROI just like any collector‘s item appreciating over decades.

The high worth in real money terms demonstrates the cult status of OG Korblox!

Will Korblox Ever Become Free or Re-Released?

Based on how iconic yet controversial Korblox has become, I highly doubt Roblox would ever rerelease it or make it free.

Doing so would infuriate owners who paid a premium. It would also lose its status as an OG exclusive item.

However, Roblox has strategically given away free Korblox-themed accessories during special events to entice new players.

But the actual original bundle remains safely in the hands of a select group of owners.

Re-releasing such a coveted limited edition item would alienate Roblox‘s most loyal veteran fans. Not a wise move from a business perspective.

Is Buying Korblox Still a Smart Investment in 2024?

For new Roblox players today, is Korblox still worth pursuing?

My analysis is that it depends on your personal finances and desire for status symbols.

The investment outlook remains strong due to rising demand and shrinking supply.

However, the buy-in price is now astronomical. Copies of OG Deathspeaker go for at least 100,000 Robux, if not far more.

The newer bundles like Deathkeeper offer better value at around 30,000 Robux if bought directly.

But their resale upside is limited compared to the OG bundles.

So unfortunately the window to buy Korblox cheaply has likely closed. But its legend lives on!

The Key Takeaway on Korblox Pricing History

In closing, the pricing journey of the legendary Korblox bundle perfectly reflects its evolution into an iconic status symbol.

Launched for a whopping 17,000 Robux in 2013, the rare OG Deathspeaker now trades for over 500,000 Robux and thousands in real cash.

Understanding the story behind items like Korblox provides fascinating insight into broader economic principles of supply, demand, and prestige.

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