How much money has Among Us made in total?

The online multiplayer game Among Us became a global phenomenon in 2020. According to estimates, the game has brought in over $200 million in total revenue for developer InnerSloth across all platforms since its release in 2018. Let‘s take a look at the incredible financial success story behind this indie title.

Key Revenue Milestones

October 2020 $24.5 million
June 2021 $86 million
Total downloads Over 217 million

Among Us was originally released in 2018 but only gained massive popularity starting in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. In November 2020, InnerSloth announced the game had brought in over $5 million in revenue to date. By October of that year, total revenue had climbed to $24.5 million. And by June 2021, that figure skyrocketed to $86 million, with $54.6 million coming just from US players.

As of March 2022, the game has been downloaded over 217 million times across platforms like iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Analyzing the Monthly Active Users Data

At its peak in November 2020, Among Us had over 400 million monthly active users. While these numbers have declined since then, the game still boasts impressive usage statistics:

November 2020 401 million MAU
December 2020 292 million MAU
January 2021 81 million MAU
February 2021 75 million MAU

The sharp decline from November to January is natural after reaching such viral popularity. However, the relatively consistent 75-80 million monthly users from January through May 2021 shows Among Us retained a strong core player base even after the initial hype faded away.

As of June 2022, it still ranks among the top 10 most played mobile games according to Statista, indicating the enduring popularity of the title.

Total Profit Analysis

It‘s hard to determine exact profit margins for InnerSloth, but some estimates indicate the studio may be earning $2-5 million in profit per month from Among Us even after the initial boom.

With 2-3 core developers and minimal ongoing costs, the team likely enjoys strong profitability from the consistent millions of monthly active users still playing today. Safe to say the success of Among Us has provided financial security for the developers at InnerSloth!

Among Us Had a Huge Impact on Mobile Gaming

While not the first social deception game, Among Us helped popularize and mainstream the genre on mobile. The simple cartoon graphics and pick up and play mechanics made it widely accessible to casual gamers in a way few titles achieved before.

Among Us proved mobile games don‘t need advanced graphics or complex controls to become a viral hit. Its success inspired other mobile developers to experiment with new genres tailored to on-the-go play.

Why Did Among Us Get So Popular?

There are a few key factors that came together to drive such meteoric success for Among Us:

  • Pandemic Timing – The game‘s social gameplay was perfectly aligned with lockdowns and remote interaction needs. Playing with friends online thrived when in-person meetups were impossible.
  • Streaming Influence – Promotion by top streamers introduced Among Us to millions of new viewers. Seeing the fun interactions drove viral interest.
  • Accessibility – Simple graphics and easy pick up and play suited mobile gamers. The lack of progression kept each game exciting.
  • Social Connection – Playing together with audio chatter built bonds and atmosphere. It became a way to hang out virtually.

Has Interest Started to Decline?

It‘s natural for any viral sensation to decline from its peak. But Among Us seems to have retained players better than most short-lived fads. The continued content updates and regular interaction between InnerSloth and fans keep engagement alive.

However, the lack of progression does limit the game‘s ability to maintain players‘ interest over the long term. Once the novelty wears off, there‘s less incentive to keep playing regularly compared to unfolding games like Fortnite.

What Does the Future Hold for Among Us?

InnerSloth has teased plans for Among Us 2. But details remain scarce for now. Some speculate it may feature expanded progression mechanics to encourage replayability.

Until then, the developers continue rolling out new content for the original game. The 2022 "Hide n Seek" update added props as a fun new mechanic. And new themed maps like "Drastically Different Dimension" change up the environments.

These fresh additions paired with a committed fanbase means Among Us will likely continue to chart among the most popular mobile games for years to come!

The Takeaway

While the meteoric popularity of Among Us may have faded from its peak, the game remains a massive financial success that outperformed anything its indie developers imagined. For InnerSloth, it represents a life-changing hit that will allow them to keep creating joyful game experiences for the foreseeable future!

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