How Much Does the Coveted Oni Phantom Skin Cost in Valorant and is it Worth it?

The Oni Phantom is one of the most sought after weapon skins in Riot Games‘ popular tactical shooter Valorant. This demonically designed Premium Edition skin strikes fear in enemies and envy in allies who don‘t own it. But it also strikes a devastating blow to players‘ Valorant Points balance.

As an experienced Valorant player and content creator, I set out to provide the definitive guide on Oni Phantom‘s pricing, perceptions of value, and prospects for the future. Read on to get the full breakdown of this iconic skin‘s costs, history, and staying power.

A Brief History of the Oni Skin Line

To understand the ethos behind the Oni Phantom, we must first explore the origins of its skin line. Oni refers to a kind of yōkai, or supernatural monster, from Japanese folklore. They are often depicted as hostile, hideous ogre-like beings with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns.

The Oni skin line brings this mystical legend to life in the modern context of Valorant. The collection channels the dark demonic energy of folklore Oni into a set of living armor combat skins.

According to Riot devs, the Oni skins draw inspiration from various elements of Japanese culture, including:

  • Oni mask motifs
  • Kabuki makeup patterns
  • Samurai warriors
  • Signatures of Japanese brush painting

This blend of tradition with tactical sci-fi creates a uniquely sinister and striking aesthetic. The Oni Phantom stands out as the crown jewel of the collection with its flowing energy wisps and carved ogre mask.

Evaluating the Quality and Effort Behind the Oni Phantom

As a Premium Edition skin, Riot put substantial time and resources into designing every aspect of the Oni Phantom. This attention to detail contributes to its pricing and desirability.

Some standout qualities include:

  • Intricate Mask Model – The carved wooden oni mask has small horns, glowing eyes, and stained markings.

  • Custom Muzzle Flash – Fiery muzzle flashes mimic an oni‘s menacing grin.

  • Smooth Reload Animation – The body seperates and floats mid-reload like supernatural armor.

  • Finisher VFX – Multikills trigger beckoning swords and waves of cherry blossoms.

  • Distinctive Sound Profile – Deeper, punchier phantom audio fits the powerful theme.

  • Chromas – Radianite upgrades provide 4 colorful variants.

Creating these custom models, textures, VFX, SFX, and animations requires extensive artistic and technical effort from Valorant‘s skin team. The Oni Phantom demonstrates a clear step up from Deluxe tier skins in quality and complexity.

Analyzing Player Data and Popularity of the Oni Phantom

The Oni Phantom has remained one of the most used and discussed Premium skin since its release in October 2020. Some key statistics:

  • 2nd Most Used Premium Phantom Skin – Behind only Prime//2.0 based on

  • ~8% Play Rate – Oni Phantom used in 8% of games with skin data according to Leetify

  • 61k Reddit Mentions – One of the most referenced skin lines on /r/Valorant

  • High Twitch Streamer Use – Popular with big personalities like shroud and TenZ

  • Most Watched Skin Spotlight – 600k+ views on SkinSpotlights‘ YouTube overview

This data shows the enduring popularity of the Oni Phantom even 2 years after its release. It has become an icon of the Premium skin tier.

How Does the Oni Phantom‘s Pricing Compare to Other Games?

To evaluate if the Oni Phantom‘s cost seems fair, it‘s useful to compare it to skin pricing conventions in other popular games.


  • Premium skins cost around $12 – $15
  • Collaborations and bundles can run from $15 – $25


  • Top tier AK skins like Medusa or Wild Lotus cost $400+
  • High-end knives like Crimson Web or Marble Fade run $600-$1000

Apex Legends

  • Legendary skins usually cost around $18
  • Heirloom sets cost up to $160

With these benchmarks in mind, the Oni Phantom at around $18 for such a high quality skin seems reasonably priced and attractively accessible compared to many competitors.

How Oni Phantom Fits into Valorant‘s Skin Pricing Model

As a Premium Edition skin, the Oni Phantom sits at the higher end of Riot‘s skin pricing tiers:

Skin Tier Price (VP) Examples
Select 875-1275 Prism, Aristocrat
Deluxe 1275-1775 Sensation, Wasteland
Premium 1775-2475 Oni, Prime
Ultra 2475+ Elderflame, Origin

At 1,775 VP, It matches the cost of other top-rated Premium skins like Prime//2.0 and Ion. While expensive, its quality and popularity justify its premium tier position. Riot likely prices it accordingly based on its ability to sell well.

Evaluating the Psychology Behind Premium Skin Pricing

Pricing any virtual cosmetic item relies heavily on psychological perceptions rather than material costs. With Premium skins like Oni Phantom, Riot banks on several mental motivations driving sales:

  • Exclusivity – Higher costs imply prestige and rarity.

  • Quality – Expensive items are associated with more value and care put into designs.

  • Passion – Players strongly dedicated to a game/cosmetics are less price sensitive.

  • Self-Expression – Premium skins allow greater customization and personality.

  • Endowment Effect – People ascribe more value to things they already paid for and own.

By pricing the Oni Phantom high within its Premium tier, Riot tempts players with a feeling of exclusivity and status from owning such a coveted skin.

How Skin Prices Influence Player Engagement and Frustration

However, Riot has to strike a delicate balance with skin pricing. Price skins too high, and only a small fraction of the playerbase can afford them, missing out on potential revenue.

But price them too low, and passionate players have less to grind for and lose a sense of reward for investing in the game.

Many players also express frustration at the high cost of Premium skins like the Oni Phantom. Some key complaints:

  • Skins being locked behind a paywall feels restricting
  • Rotations limit ability to buy desired skins
  • Radianite upgrades inflate costs further

However, Valorant continues to thrive off this premium cosmetics model. And the Oni Phantom in particular drives engagement through scarcity and aspiration. Players log excitedly on rotation days hoping for a chance to buy it.

Comparing the Oni Phantom to Other Demon Themed Skins

While the Oni Phantom‘s aesthetic may seem highly unique at first glance, other deep, dark demonic skins exist in Valorant. How does Oni Phantom‘s look and feel compare against its sinister competitors?


  • Also captures demonic tone with skulls and flames
  • More gothic, undead vibe vs. Oni‘s ogre style
  • Lacks orchestra of sound effects and flowing energy


  • Dark red vampire theme
  • Sleeker mechanical demon aesthetic
  • Shared fx like colored smoke trails
  • Oni has more flair with masks and horns


  • Gothic fallen angel demons
  • More angelic than full monster
  • Lighter gold/blue color scheme

Overall the Oni strikes the perfect balance of cool, dark energy and ornate Japanese mystical influence to stand out as the fan favorite demonic skin line.

My Take – What Makes the Oni Phantom Worth It

As both a skin enthusiast and frugal spender, would I personally drop 1,775 VP on the Oni Phantom? Here‘s my take:

The combo of audibly intimidating shots with mesmerizing flowing wisps and mask motif create a truly hypnotizing experience. Reloading feels like conducting a violent supernatural ritual. Visual and audio details reinforce the enchanting possessed armor theme.

Compared to similar costing skins like Prime//2.0, the Oni has more compelling effects and personality. Considering the artistry, effort, and passion poured into the Oni Phantom by Riot, I feel its premium pricing hits the value sweet spot.

For players who take pride in building a collection of stunning skins to main, the Oni Phantom is a prime target. Its flare stands out from the crowd while still maintaining competitive viability. For those reasons, I recommend loosening your purse strings if you have the funds.

Projecting the Oni Phantom‘s Cost Moving Forward

The Oni Phantom has remained at the fixed price point of 1,775 VP since its release. But how might its cost trend in the future as new skins arrive and popularity fluctuates?

Here are some potential scenarios:

  • Price Increase – If demand stays extremely high, Riot could upprice to Ultra tier $2475+ as power move

  • Permanent Price Reduction – If new demon themes overshadow it, cut price to increase accessibility

  • Bundle-Exclusive – Only offer it in bundles priced 5000+ VP to drive sales

  • Prestige Edition – Release upgraded Oni//2.0 variant with added VFX for 5000+ VP

My prediction is the price stays fixed, but it gets bundled more rarely and exclusively to maintain prestige. Rotations also slow to increase urgency to buy when available.

However, the upcoming Oni 2.0 skins could shake up the legacy of the original Oni Phantom in unexpected ways.

How Might Oni 2.0 Affect the Original Oni Phantom?

In March 2023, Riot plans to release asequel to the ultra popular Oni skin line: Oni 2.0. Based on leaks, Oni 2.0 will feature:

  • Refreshed Oni mask motifs
  • Expanded thematic with new purple color scheme
  • Upgraded VFX including floating skulls and symbols
  • Striking blue karambit knife as melee option

If these new skins live up to the hype, how could they impact perception of the original Oni set?

  • Overshadowed – If players gravitate towards Oni 2.0 more, the original may feel dated in comparison leading to decreased use.

  • Increased Nostalgia – The new skins could make OG Oni feel more nostalgic and special in contrast.

  • Shared Spotlight – Both skin lines could complement each other as different takes rather than directly competing.

The Oni Phantom‘s reputation seems cemented enough in Valorant‘s history that Oni 2.0 likely won‘t replace it entirely. But it may force the classic to share its throne as the fan favorite Premium demon skin.

Final Verdict – The Oni Phantom Stands the Test of Time

In conclusion, the Oni Phantom remains a masterclass skin design over 2 years after release. With its ornate oni mask, floating wisps, and punchy sound design it delivers a complete sensory experience. Intense artistic effort went into sculpting every detail, easily justifying its premium 1,775 VP price tag.

For players prizing exclusivity and expression, the Oni Phantom is a prime status symbol to pursue. And with dynamic possibilities like the upcoming Oni 2.0 skins, the Oni Phantom legend continues evolving. While new competitors may arise, this skin‘s sheer artistry, mystique, and competitive edge cement its place in Valorant history.

So for players with the desire and means, seize the opportunity and treat yourself to the Oni Phantom the next time it rotates through your shop. Its enduring dark magic won‘t disappoint.

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