How Much Does Lowes Charge To Install A Door

Are you interested in installing a Lowes door and thinking what it will cost to have one installed? What kind of door do you have in mind? Is it entry door, interior door, patio door, storm door screen door or security door, Lowes got you covered.  Here you will learn the various types of doors that Lowes sells and how much you can get it installed in your house or office.

If you own a house, you probably must have heard of Lowes Home Improvement stores. Lowes is regarded as one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world. They are the expert when it comes to installation of varieties of windows and doors.  As a home owner, you ‘re probably thinking of improving your home or office building. Lowes offers attractive prices for door procurement and installation. They also can help you replace your existing doors in your home to a new and modern look.

Finding the right garage doors for your home can be a nightmare, even though you use the internet to do your research. The best garage doors are always the most costly, but you should not use garage door pricing alone to make your pick.

It’s advisable to purchase the Lowes brand doors and also request for the company to assist in the installation. Lowes charges a reasonable price depending on different factors. Apart from the procurement cost for the door, you can also be charged depending on how easy the door is to be installed. Charges also varies depending on if its interior doors or exterior. Lowes boasts of professional, independent and certified installers who are background-checked.

Your selection process should include construction costs, building materials, replacement of any existing door, type of garage door opener and warranty. Lowes garage door installation prices are considered one of today's best consumer purchases. Lowes installers are regarded as partners and must follow strict Lowes requirements and guidelines. The user scores each installation to ensure that consumers receive the quality services they pay for.

Charge To Install A Door

We believe the cost of installing the Lowes door is very fair and gives the home owner peace of mind that the installation was completed correctly. Occasionally, installation costs can be included in your door purchase price. Check with Lowes sales representative on the new product deals.

When installing a traditional shower doors, heavy glass doors, or frameless shower doors, you should expect extra costs. Lowes door installation cost is marginally lower than the average installation rate which makes is an attractive option for customers.

To get a cost for installation you will have to submit a form or call 1-877-GO-lowes to get connected with Lowe’s associate.  Lowes is widely   known for low prices and quality items. If you own a house, you've probably used Lowes to find things you need to enhance maintain or repair.

installing the Lowes door

Once you have shopped and decided on the Lowe’s door that best suit your need, the installation cost comes next along with labor. This is why you need information on how much it will cost you to have Lowe’s install your door.

The following are factor that determine your installation fee.

Measuring Cost

This is the cost that you pay to an installer to set up an in-home measure. The installer comes to the house to take the exact measurement that fit the door space. It is this measurement that the door will replicate. It has to be precise and that’s why you need an experienced and expert installer and not a quack that will measure correctly the opening and frame. Usually the charge for the service from Lowe’s varies between $30 and $50.

Door Variety

Usually Lowe’s sells different types of doors ranging from entry door, interior door, patio door, storm door screen door as well as security door and the price for its installation varies with types. It’s a primary factor that determines the total installation cost. However, all these door varieties are categorized into two types mainly slab and a pre- hung door. The time it takes to install a Slab door is different from time to be spent on installing a pre-hung door. You will probably need more than one person to install the pre-hung door as it has an higher weight and size

Door type Slab door Pre-hung door
Solid core $80 $100 $160 $180
Hallow core $30 $40 $70 $80
Labor cost $120 $180 $200 $300

Door Materials

Doors are made with different materials like wood, reinforced steel, fiberglass and they each variation comes with different installation cost.

  • Wood made door

Wood made door

For a wood made door, Lowe’s charge about $50 for each door installation. It is the most common material for doors especially interior and exterior entrances. However, it’s possible Lowe’s charge you to pay as high as $400 for installation of exterior door made of solid wood.

  • Steel made door

Steel made door

A regular steel door installation could cost just about $150 and $250. You could expect to cough out more cash when it comes to reinforced steel. This could be about $500 and could rise as high as $1500.

Indirect costs

This is the expenses that could be incurred for additional tasks in the installation of the door. Example is making a simple change to an existing shape or placement or painting the frame or new entrance of the door.


The cost Lowe’s charge for door installation depends on the types, dimension, and complexity of the job. To get an accurate estimation for door installation, we advise you contact Lowe’s customer service by sending a mail or calling there contact no for a quote.


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