How does jump 2.0 work?

Jump 2.0 is T-Mobile‘s latest phone upgrade program that gives customers more flexibility and control over upgrading their devices. Here is a comprehensive overview of how Jump 2.0 works and its key features:

What is Jump 2.0?

Jump 2.0 allows T-Mobile customers to upgrade their phone anytime after they have paid off 50% of their device. There are no waiting periods or limits on when you can upgrade.

The key benefits of Jump 2.0 include:

  • Upgrade your phone anytime after paying 50% of your device cost
  • Get full credit for all remaining payments when you trade-in your old device
  • No waiting period or limits on upgrading
  • Protection against loss, theft or damage included

How does Jump 2.0 work?

Here are the steps to upgrade with Jump 2.0:

  1. Pay off at least 50% of your current device‘s cost. You can check your progress on My T-Mobile.

  2. Once your device is 50% paid off, you are eligible to upgrade.

  3. Go online or visit a T-Mobile store and select your new device.

  4. Trade-in your old device. T-Mobile will cover the remaining balance owed on your old device by giving you a trade-in credit.

  5. Start making monthly payments on your new device.

The key advantage is that T-Mobile covers your remaining device balance when you trade-in, so you can upgrade anytime after 50% is paid off. There are no waiting periods.

How is Jump 2.0 different from regular Jump?

The original Jump program required you to pay off 50% of your device and then wait 6 months before being allowed to upgrade. Jump 2.0 removes that 6 month waiting period, so you can upgrade as soon as your device hits the 50% paid off mark.

Jump 2.0 also separates the upgrade program from device insurance. With regular Jump, you had to pay for device protection each month. Jump 2.0 just covers upgrades – you can add on protection if you want.

What are the requirements for Jump 2.0?

To qualify for Jump 2.0, you need to:

  • Purchase a new device from T-Mobile on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP)
  • Have an eligible rate plan
  • Pay off at least 50% of your current device‘s cost
  • Trade-in your old device in good working condition when upgrading

As long as you meet those requirements, you can upgrade any time after paying 50% of your phone‘s cost. There are no waiting periods.

How much does Jump 2.0 cost?

Jump 2.0 itself is free – there is no extra fee to enroll. However, you will need to continue making the monthly payments on your EIP device purchase until you upgrade and trade it in.

When you upgrade, T-Mobile will give you a trade-in credit to cover your remaining balance. So you essentially prepay for your next upgrade via the monthly installment payments.

If you want protection against damage, loss or theft, you can add on T-Mobile‘s Premium Device Protection for $7-15 per month depending on your device. But protection is optional.

What are the pros and cons of Jump 2.0?


  • Upgrade anytime after 50% paid off
  • No waiting periods
  • Get full trade-in credit for your old device
  • Included for free with EIP purchase


  • Must trade-in old device to upgrade
  • Need to pay off 50% first
  • Protection not included by default

Overall, Jump 2.0 provides excellent upgrade flexibility and a solid value if you plan on upgrading frequently. Being able to upgrade anytime after 50% is paid off is a major perk.

Is Jump 2.0 worth it?

For customers who plan on upgrading their phone at least once a year, Jump 2.0 can be very worth it.

By allowing upgrades anytime after 50% is paid off, you can upgrade twice as frequently as with standard annual upgrade programs. Plus the guaranteed trade-in credit means you will get maximum value from your old device.

However, keep in mind you still need to pay off 50% first. So Jump 2.0 rewards customers who don‘t mind paying extra monthly installments in exchange for faster upgrades. It ultimately comes down to your upgrade timeline preferences.

In summary, Jump 2.0 is T-Mobile‘s most flexible phone upgrade program to date. By removing upgrade wait periods and combining with trade-in credits, it allows for frequent upgrades with no strings attached. If fast upgrades are important to you, Jump 2.0 is likely worth considering.

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