8 New Hobbies To Discover During Quarantine

If you want to pick up a hobby but you aren't sure where to turn, here's what you need to know.

1. Poker Skills

When you were younger, and you stayed up past your typical bedtime watching TV, did you ever see poker stars tossing around thousands of dollars without a care in the world? Learning to play the game of poker not only brings joy and self-satisfaction; it can translate to real-world winnings, too. Numerous online platforms are ready and willing to teach you the subtle art of playing casino poker in a physical location. 

These services provide online video courses and strategies to increase your odds of winning a hand. Whether you're new to the game of poker or you're a seasoned veteran, online poker lessons are an absolute must.

2. Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

With the world becoming more diverse by the day, learning how to speak a different language in your spare time is highly recommended. Imagine a world where you can travel to a foreign country, walk into a local shop and carry on a friendly conversation with a stranger. Not only will this increase your self-confidence, but it allows you to understand different cultures and standards from around the globe!

3. Learning Photoshop

Learning Photoshop

Do you yearn for an outlet to express your creativity? Learning the ins and outs of a graphics editor, such as Photoshop is a brilliant way to spend your free time. Photoshop allows you to customize personal images, touch up photos and create awe-inspiring masterpieces. Who knows, you may even be able to turn your hobby into a real-world career!

4. Cooking


Do you ever flip through television channels only to stop on The Food Network? If you're anything like us, you may, from time to time, have to catch yourself salivating over delicious meals and sweets! Online platforms and courses have perfected the craft of teaching people how to cook with the assistance of video conferencing solutions and software automation.

5. Video Creation

Video Creation

For many of us, spending time watching our favorite YouTubers and content creators is a guilty pleasure. Although there are a few ultra-successful content creators, is there anything we can learn or utilize to make engaging and captivating videos? Fortunately for us, there is!

Making videos requires the ability to bring an idea or thought into reality. Imagine having the skill to let your mind wander, only to bring that thought into the physical world. While videography is a great skill to have, it also allows you to tap into your full, creative potential!

6. Drawing


Have you ever seen a drawing so well done that it made you stop and stare in total awe and wonder? If so, you're not alone. Like videography, drawing allows you to bring pieces of your creativity to life in the form of an artistic rendering. 

While you have a bit of free time on your hands, why not hone your skill of drawing? By dedicating time and effort to improving your sketches, you create a hobby that will grow and mold as your life progresses.

7. Playing a Musical Instrument

Playing a Musical Instrument

When you were a kid, perhaps sitting in a class, waiting for the bell to ring, you may have envisioned yourself being the lead rockstar of a band. Your long hair shaking as you move across the stage to entertain the thousands of adoring fans in the audience. But somewhere along the way, you put your instrument down and told yourself to “get serious.”

Now that you’re looking to develop a hobby, why not pick that instrument back up? There is an abundance of online learning platforms that teach users how to play a plethora of instruments. Before you know it, the tight pants, long hair and superstar aura will return!

8. Playing a Massively-Multiplayer Online Game

Playing a Massively-Multiplayer Online Game

Finally, a great way to keep your sanity and remain social with friends is getting engrossed in a massively-multiplayer online game (MMO). These games, in a general sense, mimic the daily grind of our real life. But, we're rewarded with magical items, superpowers, quest lines and lore that will keep us entertained for weeks on end! There are many online resources to help you get started.

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