HAPPiBED Mattress Review (2023 Updated Research)

The HAPPiBED Mattresses are built to be some of the finest and premium mattresses out there on the market. Let's find out why it is a very cool and comfortable experience.

They are not only engineered to have plenty of bounce, but they also have the comfort and firmness most people generally desire when looking for a mattress.


The ability of this mattress to provide the optimum comfort lies in its ability to efficiently transfer and distribute heat across the mattress. This makes for a very cool and comfortable experience. These mattresses give off a “cloud-like feel” which makes them comfortable. Compared to other mattresses on the market, the HAPPiBED is unmatched in terms of comfort.

  • Who wants extra support and comfort.
  • Who shift sides while sleeping.
  • Sensitive to minor movements.
  • Like to sleep cool.
  • With exceedingly great body weights.
  • Who like to sleep warm.
  • Who prefer latex or innerspring.

Official website: https://www.happibed.com/mattress

  • Comfort - 8.9/10
  • Appearance/Style - 8.9/10
  • Support - 9.2/10
  • Quality - 9.1/10
  • Value for money - 9.2/10


The construction matters most when looking for a mattress; therefore it is imperative that we talk about it first. The HAPPiBED mattress consists of 5 layers, each with its own functionality.

  • A 5-inch thick base foam rests at the bottom of the bed which provides maximum support to all the additional layers on top of it. It is a dense foam which acts as a strong and sturdy base for all the top layers.
  • The HappiResponse Memory foam lies on top of the dense base foam; which is the next layer. It is a total of 1 inch thick. Furthermore, it provides the amenity of motion reduction and it is also capable of adjusting to your twists and turns while you sleep. Moreover, it provides the best kind of pressure relief when in bed due to the memory foam which is used.
  • Heat Transfer Support Foam is the third and middle layer in this mattress. It is a highly important layer due to the function it performs. The third layer basically draws heat from the upper layers and then carefully circulates it out through itself. It provides relief from excessive heat formation; which in turn enhances the overall experience.
  • Another layer of HappiResponse Memory foam lies on top of the third layer. This is of the exact same thickness as the one below it. This layer greatly reduces the pressure exerted by the body on either of its sides. It also helps in spline alignment and greatly reduces the stress levels which may arise.
  • The top-most layer consists of a soft cover for the mattress. The cover is designed to be machine-washable and super-comfortable to sleep on. It utilizes a zipper mechanism to make it easy to unpack and wash the product separately with its cover.

The overall thickness of the mattress is a mere 7 inches. But it would be folly to turn it down due to the comparatively lesser thickness. All the layers make up for an excellent mattress which provides relief from heat and stress.

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The firmness level on the HAPPiBED is designed to be the most optimum. Since its layers are lesser and are carefully placed on top of each other, many users define their experience as “soft but also firm”. This is because the firmness level lies somewhere in the middle rather than in the extremes.

We deem this a worthy thing to mention because it eliminates discomfort among most people. It is just on the right side of being both soft and firm at the same time. If we had to rate it out of 10 (with 10 being the firmest), we would give it a 6. Heavy and hot sleepers are easily accommodated on the bed because of the careful placement of thick and dense base foams which greatly support overweight people. The firmness of the foams allows it to be supportive of all kinds of sleepers. Side sleeper or back sleeper, you will always find comfort in these mattresses. We deem the HAPPiBED to be the best for all kinds of people due to its versatility in supporting overweight people as well as side and back sleepers.


In terms of comfort, the HAPPiBED is considered to be one of the most reliable. The firmness level ensures that the comfort level remains high. Due to its extensive support system and the additional layers on top of the base layers, the mattress provides extreme comfort to the users. Although it may take some time for the memory foam to adjust to your body and your changing positions, the product still satisfies all needs of all kinds of sleepers.

The hot sleepers can rest assured knowing that the special layer actually helps radiate all that heat away from the user and into the environment. This makes for a cooling effect and eliminates excessive sweating or use of air conditioners to cool the body. The memory foams also help in letting the body sink into the foam making for a cloud-like feel. Overall, the comfort level of this product is maximum and is suitable for a wide variety of people due to its versatility.

Value for money

The HAPPiBED is offered at a considerably better price range which is easier on the pocket and still provides the best kind of facilities to its users. It is a budget mattress, which makes it the easiest to buy. If you look it up, you will find that not many other manufacturers offer the same price matched with the same amenities.

The sizes and prices of the bed are as under:


The extra layer of the mattress helps to promote breathability. The special layer aids in distributing and radiating all of the heat from the upper layers and out into the environment. The mattress allows for the user to sleep comfortably in their beds without having to worry much about sweating or any other kind of complication. Even the hot sleepers will have a spectacular experience with the bed because it will keep them cool while they sleep.

Does it smell?

Most people have difficulty in sleeping with beds that produce or radiate a strong odor. The HAPPiBED eliminates this fear and discomfort. Due to the extra layers added to it and because of the strong promotion of air flow, it does not trap smells nor odors. Rather, it helps to eliminate any odor that may persist due to the spilling of any fluid or any such activity. Although in its initial days, it might produce a small amount of smell, this smell should fade away within a week.

Does the bed come with a warranty?

HAPPiBED offers some of the best kind of limited warranty out there on the market. It offers a 100-day trial period to all of the buyers and prospective buyers to let them try out the product for any defects or deficiencies. HAPPiBED offers a limited lifetime warranty.

The lifetime warranty covers a wide variety of aspects of the mattress. However, we would advise you to please keep in mind that the warranty does not cater to comfort preference once the 100-day trial period is over. So be sure to evaluate and inform the company if there is any sort of complication and discomfort. In the case of any defect or complication, the company can only send in a new mattress or repair the old one.

Motion Transfer

The most common problem which people face these days with mattresses is the problem of motion transfer. The HAPPiBED effectively reduces the movement made by a person one side of the bed. Due to this ability, the other person on the other side of the bed gets to experience the least kind of difference in movement from the other person.


The mattress is not only comfortable and durable in its performance, it also offers eco-friendly support. The mattress meets all international manufacturing standards; so you can rest assured knowing that the product is free from all pollutants and other harmful chemicals. The mattress is actually Certi-PUR certified meaning that you, your family and your surroundings are perfectly safe from any kind of anomaly.

Things we like:
  • The mattress is Certi-PUR
  • It promotes air circulation whereby making it the best kind of bed for hot sleepers.
  • It is highly durable due to the fact that its base is thick and dense.
  • The product is relatively cheaper and easy to afford.
  • It offers a lot of amenities in the price range offered.
  • HAPPiBED adjusts to your body’s movement and helps give you a comfortable experience overall.
  • For heavy sleepers, it provides great support. This is due to its superior durability.
  • The material used for this product is eco-friendly and it is of top-quality.
Things we didn’t like:
  • The HAPPiBED mattress is relatively thinner as compared to other mattresses which are available on the market.
  • The limited warranty may not be the best for people who are picky with their mattresses.
  • Some people might have problems with adjusting to the product even after several days of use.
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Final verdict

The HAPPiBED is indeed one of the luxury products available on the market. It is budget-friendly but it does not compromise on features nor comfort. All kinds of sleepers may greatly benefit from the product as it is highly versatile. It may not be as thick as others, however, it does tend to compensate for that shortcoming. It has been carefully engineered to be suitable for all kinds of sleepers, be it side sleepers, heavy sleepers or hot sleepers. The mattress is capable to cater to all their needs.

Meta Description: The HAPPiBED Mattresses are built to be some of the finest and luxury mattresses out there on the market. Let’s read the review to find more about this mattress.


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