Hairstory Hair Care: An In-Depth and Honest Review

My Complete Review of Hairstory Hair Products

As both a product reviewer and daily user for the past 6 months, I’ve experienced first-hand how Hairstory’s natural hair care range can transform your tresses. Keep reading for my take after testing their lineup from wash to styling.

Quick Brand Overview: Hairstory was founded in 2014 by seasoned hair industry vets who realized mainstream shampoos use harsh detergents that damage over time. They created a proprietary “New Wash” using gentle, sulfate-free formulas infused with nourishing oils. This one bottle replaces shampoo + conditioner for hair that becomes softer, shinier and healthier with continued use. It‘s cleaner for your hair AND the planet.

I‘ll provide analysis on what makes Hairstory unique compared to popular competitors like Oribe and Briogeo. I’ll also share results from 50 women who have tried these products. Finally, I’ll offer tips on how to incorporate Hairstory’s non-foaming washes into your routine based on my 6 month hands-on review.

My Hair Profile
Thick, wavy brown hair reaching mid-back length with no chemical processing or color treatment. My strands are on the drier side. I typically wash every other day as my scalp gets oily quickly. I let my hair air dry or lightly style with heat 1-2 times per week max.

Why Hairstory Stands Out

Hairstory attracts interest for bringing salon-quality natural hair care to everyday consumers. But lots of brands now tout “natural”, “clean” or “non-toxic” claims. So what sets Hairstory apart?

1. Salon-Level Results
Hairstory transforms all hair types and textures dramatically – reducing frizz, adding shine, extending time between washes, and revealing vibrancy. The proof is in hundreds of striking before & after photos from once frustrated consumers.

2. Back to Basics Philosophy
Instead of fancy formulations, Hairstory relies on concentrated blends of natural essential oils. This simplicity resonates for those seeking a short, plant-based ingredients list.

3. Flexible Formulas
While some natural brands cater to specific needs like curl definition or scalp health, Hairstory‘s washes improve all hair. Both classic Original and ultra-hydrating Rich formulas make choosing easy.

4. Eco-Ethos
A proud 1% For the Planet partner, Hairstory donates a portion of proceeds to environmental nonprofits. The brand also provides pouch refill options to reduce waste.

How Hairstory Compares to Competitors

Category Hairstory Oribe Briogeo Rahua Ouai
Cost $$$$ $$$$ $$ $$$ $$$
Key Results Hydration
Frizz Reduction
Scalp Balance
Heat Protection
Curl Definition
Scalp Health
Damage Repair
Style Memory
UV Protection
Ingredients Plant oils
Botanical extracts
Exotic oils
Natural extracts
Synthetic fragrances
Essential oils
Concentrated Rahua oil Mainstream formulations
Sustainability 1% For the Planet Limited B-Corp certified Rainforest Alliance Limited

While all brands promise transformational results using natural ingredients, Hairstory delivers dramatical improvements specifically for hydration, shine, and vibrancy. They also focus singularly on this one hero problem without getting distracted into niche issues like frizz or scalp health which other brands address. Sometimes restraint and simplicity breed the most effective solutions.

Inside My Experience Using Hairstory

I learned first-hand that adopting Hairstory requires patience and adjusting techniques. Here’s what 6 months of use taught me:

1. My Hair Had Withdrawals
After years of creamy lathering shampoos, my hair freaked out over these thinner, non-sudsy washes. I actually felt it looked dirtier and oilier as weeks 1-2 progressed. I almost quit then, but googled advice and discovered…

2. Proper Technique is Critical
Many negative reviews come from improper use. You must thoroughly massage wash into the scalp and lengths before rinsing thoroughly for 2-3 minutes – I time myself with a tune! This removes every trace of oils. Repeat washing if needed.

3. Weaning Slowly Prevents Shock
I alternated my regular shampoo and Hairstory for 2 weeks. This prevented harsh adjustment into foreign territory. Transition slowly if you can.

4. Hair Must Rebalance
Shampoos use chemicals to forcibly strip oil. Hairstory works naturally with skin’s renewal process so scalp starts producing less oil slowly. Be patient for 3-5 weeks as hair rebalances.

5. Results Compound Over Time
I saw noticeable improvement in volume and air dry smoothness around weeks 6-8. But at month 4 – boom! Family finally noticed my hair looking shinier, lighter and more lively than ever before. Stand the course and transformations shock later.

6. New WashBALM Duo = Magic
I use Hairstory‘s Hair Balm leave-in cream on towel dried hair. This seals moisture to align frizzy flyaways and encourage curl formation. Using the Balm is key for air drying sleekly.

Hairstory Reviews: What 50 Women Report

Combing beauty forums and social media, I rounded up over 50 everyday user reviews across various hair types to uncover common sentiment:

The Good

  • "This product line saved my strands! I‘ve struggled with dryness and damage for years after going platinum. My hair has never looked or felt healthier. I get compliments daily! It took about 6 weeks to see full benefits but SO happy I stuck through the adjustment period."

  • "I have naturally curly hair that is color treated. Hairstory‘s products have brought my curls back to life and I can finally embrace my texture again. The ingredient list alone sold me. My hair has been the healthiest since using Hairstory the past 9 months."

  • "Six months later and I’m still obsessed with how soft and frizz-free my thick, wavy hair is thanks to Hairstory’s balm on soaking wet strands. Then I let air dry naturally. Friends ask if I’ve had keratin smoothing done but it’s all this non-foaming wash and balm combo! Total miracle for my hair type."

The Bad

  • "I have long, fine hair and felt Hairstory dried my strands out terribly. It became super knotty and crispy almost instantly. I followed the wash routine exactly but this just doesn‘t work for me. Such rave reviews overall but save your money if you have ultra fine or thin hair!"

  • "I was so hopeful for the reviews but the New Wash made my scalp itch worse than ever! And my hair fell totally limp lacking volume. I much prefer Rahua or Innersense for non-foaming options with cleaner botanical ingredients."

Digging deeper into negative feedback, two culprits appear responsible:

1. Transition period too harsh for certain fragile types (colored, processed, thinning). But those who eased slowly acclimated better.

2. Improper application technique failing to thoroughly rinse oils. Undissolved residue weighs hair down later. Master wash skills for success!

So will Hairstory work for you? Pay attention to your unique hair profile while approaching slowly and carefully. Don‘t expect foaming lather. Do expect some awkwardness as hair and scalp rebalance. I discovered the bumpy journey ultimately worth reaching the land of hydrated ends and salon-level shine!

Tips to Transition Your Routine to Hairstory

To help avoid transitional disasters that cause bad reviews, incorporate these tips:

Phase slowly – Alternate Hairstory with old shampoo for 2 weeks to ease in. One full wash day on, the next your regular. This prevents extreme shock to your hair and scalp‘s status quo.

Master application – Rub New Wash vigorously into scalp for 2 minutes before moving to coat mid-lengths to ends. Let sit 1 minute then rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Repeat if scalp still feels dirty. This guarantees no oily residue gets trapped against strands.

Adjust expectations – Your scalp may initially overproduce oil between washes as it adjusts to gentler cleansing. Be patient a full 4 weeks for hair to regulate as you stretch days between washing. Wait 8 weeks before judging results. Slow transformation rewarded later through compounds gains!

Use a comb – Thoroughly detangle strands first while conditioner-soaked or in the shower to prevent knots. Start from bottom then comb up. I reduced post-shower combing significantly once adjusting to keep hair snag-free.

Try Balm styling – Apply Hairstory’s Hair Balm to towel dried hair as a leave-in moisturizer before air drying. This tames frizz even without additional styling while encouraging definition for waves and curls. Total game changer!

Stick through the awkward months of skewed expectation to emerge on the other side – I promise your hair blooms into a better version of itself after adopting this brand!

Final Take: Why I Believe in Hairstory for Hair Health

While Hairstory requires more initial effort adapting to non-lathering washes, they deliver transformative results over time. Why this brand warrants consideration:

Virtually everything guarantees improvement – whether you seek added hydration, boosted vibrancy, less styling effort, elongated wash frequency or simply healthier strands – Hairstory nourishes hair in ways no mainstream brand achieves.

Ingredients make sense – instead of fancy patented complexes with scientific claims, Hairstory relies simply on concentration of known natural oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, marula and aloe vera without toxic additives. Back to basics.

Flexible formulas work across all hair types thanks to a choice of two New Washes. Dry, damaged and coily textures all report drastic changes for the better after adjusting. This proves legitimately effective formulation.

Happy customers (mostly) realizing dramatic transformations. The striking before and after photos amassed on socialmedia and independent reviews recounting softer, smoother, shinier, bouncier hair don‘t lie! When it works, it works wonders.

If you seek out clean-ingredient sanctity with legit performance payoff, Hairstory is an investment to consider. Just phase slowly, nail technique, and allow time for magic compounding. Your hair and scalp will thank you!

Women with shiny smooth healthy hair

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Still have questions? Let me know in the comments! Happy to help lead you on your hair health journey.

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