My Honest Review After Using Grovia Cloth Diapers

As a parent of two young kids, I‘ve tried my fair share of diaper brands. From Pampers to Honest Company and everything in between, I was never fully satisfied. That was until I discovered Grovia‘s reusable cloth diaper system…

A Bit About Grovia as a Brand

Founded in 2008 by fellow mom Kim Ormsby, Grovia emerged from parent company Natural Baby Company with the goal of providing environmentally-friendly AND cost effective diapering options for modern families.

The name itself – Grovia – is derived from "green innovation" representing their commitment to sustainability. After years of testing prototypes on her own children, Ormsby was determined other parents could benefit from an affordable cloth diaper brand that actually works.

And let me tell you – she succeeded!

My Experience With Grovia Diapers

As soon as I heard about reusable diapers, I was intrigued but hesitant. Could they actually contain messes as well as disposables? Would laundry be a total pain? How would they fit my babies?

I took the plunge and bought a Grovia Hybrid shell and Bio Soaker pad along with some of their liners. That first try sold me on the brand for good.

Here‘s why:

Lasted from newborn phase to toddlerhood

Rather than having to size up every few months, Grovia‘s adjustable snap closures and range of inserts allowed their diapers to grow WITH my children. I simply snapped out the rise and added more absorbent pads and liners as needed. Major money saver!

Made cloth diaper laundry simple

I‘ll admit, I wasn‘t looking forward to constantly washing soiled diapers. But Grovia‘s Mighty Bubbles detergent packs made stains and odors a non-issue. Just throw one pod right in with the diapers and they come out fresh as new!

Easy transition from disposables

Between Grovia‘s disposable and flushable BioLiners that catch the mess and their Magic Stick to prevent rashes, going reusable was SO much easier than expected. We still use the liners for on-the-go changes to keep things sanitary!

Cute designs and colors

While looks are secondary, I still loved that Grovia offers trendy prints and patterns in their Hybrid shells and AIOs. From solids and geometrics to whimsical woodland creatures, they keep things fashionable which I appreciated.

Saved BIG money

Finally, the best perk was saving hundreds of dollars by not buying disposable diapers every month. Given how quickly babies go through them, the savings add up fast.

Over two kids, I estimate we saved $2,500 total by going with Grovia‘s system instead – more than enough to pay for the diapers multiple times over!

Cost of Disposable Diapers Per Year (estimates):

Diapers per day: 6 
Daily cost (@ .25 each): $1.50
Monthly cost: $45
Yearly cost: $550

Yearly cost for 2 kids: $1100 x 3 years = $3300

Cost of Grovia Cloth Diapers Over 3 Years:

Initial purchase: $350
Detergent/accessories: $500
**Total: $850**

And keep in mind, we can reuse this same cloth diaper supply if we have a 3rd baby too!

Diving Into Grovia‘s Product Lines

Clearly, I‘m a fan of the brand. But what exactly sets their reusable cloth diaper selection apart? Here‘s an overview of their main product offerings:

Award-Winning Hybrid System

Grovia‘s beloved Hybrid line pairs waterproof outer shells with absorbent cloth inserts and liners/pads. This modular approach means the shells fit babies 8-35 lbs. while you customize the absorbency level with different inserts as needed.

The trim Hybrids come in both snap and velcro closures so parents can choose what they prefer. I started with snap style shells for a snug newborn fit, then enjoyed the simplicity of Hook & Loop closures once my kids got wiggly!

Out of all GroVia products, their Hybrid shells earn the most rave reviews for performance and durability. In fact, GroVia recently won the premium shell award from the 2020 Cloth Diaper Awards thanks to popularity of the O.G. Hybrids.

And with tons of colors, patterns, and new prints released often, they retain their smart style that babies and parents love.

Straightforward All-In-Ones

For those seeking a simple, no fuss diaper, GroVia offers their All-In-One line rather than the stuffed pocket style that many other cloth diaper brands have. Their AIO diapers have layers of absorbent organic cotton built right in so no stuffing is required.

Many parents choose GroVia‘s AIOs specifically for the newborn and infant phase since the absorbency is perfectly tailored for those age groups. No stuffing means quicker changes when you‘ve got a wiggly little one!

They use gentle Soaker pads and a stay-dry inner liner to pull wetness into the core of the diaper. This creates a dry surface next to baby‘s skin preventing discomfort and rashes. Between this smart design and their adorable prints, their AIOs are best-sellers for good reason.

Diapering Accessories & More

Grovia Mighty Bubbles example image

Grovia Mighty Bubbles detergent for easy diaper laundry

On top of their diapers, GroVia offers a helpful line of laundry aids, creams, wipes, and boosters that round out their eco-friendly diapering system. Some of my must-haves are:

  • Mighty Bubbles diaper detergent: Contains zero bleach, optical brighteners etc. and whitens diapers naturally
  • BioLiners: Flushable and disposable liners for easy poop clean-up
  • Reusable wipes: Perfect for changes and made of Oeko-Tex certified cloth
  • Magic Stick: All natural anti-rash balm with calendula and chamomile

Between these problem-solving products and GroVia‘s stellar customer service, they make cloth diapering foolproof.

What Parents Are Saying About GroVia

Sure my own experiences won me over, but what do other cloth diapering parents think? I did some digging on sites like Amazon, Facebook groups, forums etc. to see what real customers say:

GroVia Hybrid Shells: 
Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 2,300+ reviews

"We love the hook and loop shells! They are so easy and fit so well."

"These hybrid shells fit great and we love the snaps at the waist for babies under 10 lbs. Awesome purchase!"
GroVia BioLiners:
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 5,200+ reviews 

"These liners are thick, durable and great. They hold up well in the wash too. Total game changer for cloth diapering our twins."
GroVia All-In-One Diapers:
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 1,850+ reviews

"These AIOs are trim enough to fit under clothes and still contain giant toddler poops! Impressive and cute."

The overwhelming majority of feedback is outstanding. Parents agree GroVia offers hassle-free diapers actually tailored for convenience.

The high quality components like waterproof TPU shells withstand constant washing without tears or leaks. At the same time, the comfortable natural fabrics keep babys‘ skin irritation-free. What more could we ask for?

What I Love About GroVia Diapers

  • Multiple closure types from snaps to velcro offer just the right fit
  • Trim, contoured shape works well under baby outfits
  • range of bright patterns and solids that stay vibrant
  • Children can use the same diapers from newborn through potty training
  • Reusable routine saved my family over $2,000 easily
  • Mighty Bubbles detergent dissolves stains and odors with one wash

Downsides to Consider

No product is completely perfect, so in the spirit of an honest and critical review, here are a few considerations for GroVia shoppers:

Higher initial investment: While the long term payoff is substantial, the sticker shock might steer some parents away. Getting a full stash can be $300+ upfront. BUT – it ends up cheaper in the end.

Laundry is inevitable: If you despise doing extra loads of wash, cloth diapering may not be for you. Personally, I found it very manageable but it is a lifestyle change.

Steep learning curve: Adjusting to the routine of cloth from disposables has a transition period. Mistakes and frustration can happen at first. Stick with it – it gets far easier!

So while not ideal for total laundry phobes on a tight budget, none of these are true dealbreakers given the massive benefits for most families.

Is GroVia Right For You?

Considering making the reusable switch? Here are signs GroVia‘s system could be a great fit:

You want to save money: Eliminating endless disposable diaper purchases conserves serious cash. GroVia customers conservatively save upwards of $2,000 when used for 1+ child.

Convenience is crucial: Between GroVia‘s adjustable fits across infant sizes to their hassle-free washing solutions, convenience is at the core of their design.

You ❤️ smart style: GroVia upgrades parents from bland white diapers to chic prints even fashionistas fawn over. Form meets function with oh-so-cute shell patterns.

Eco-friendly is essential: By reducing landfill waste and emissions from manufacturing, GroVia couples sustainability WITH functionality instead of it being an afterthought. A win for the environment AND parents!

Newborn stage is nearing: Since their newborn AIO diapers and small hybrids fit from 6 – 12 lbs on up, GroVia is ideal for parents-to-be prepping their baby registry essentials.

Where to Buy GroVia Reusables

Part of me wants to keep GroVia my little secret…but I can‘t hide them away from other deserving parents now can I?

You can shop the full selection of diapers, accessories, cleaning aids and more at with new arrivals added regularly.

Bundles and value packs like this Bestsellers Kit are available to save money upfront too!

GroVia also sells select products through partner retailers like:

  • Amazon
  • BuyBuy Baby
  • Etsy
  • Walmart
  • Green Mountain Diapers
  • Sweet Pea Cloth Diaper
  • Lagoon Baby

Brick and mortar boutiques may also carry GroVia items in store if you want to see the quality firsthand rather than order online. Reach out to request they order GroVia for you!

You can use GroVia‘s handy store locator tool to find a seller near you. And take advantage of seasonal sales which they run around most major holidays.

Get the GroVia Difference Risk-Free

Now for the best part – trying GroVia‘s beloved diapers is totally RISK-FREE thanks to their return policy.

You have a full 45 days after buying to request a return/refund if you don‘t absolutely love the products. Since they‘re so committed to quality and convenience, they‘ll make it right if you‘re not fully satisfied.

Reusable cloth diapering works wonderfully WHEN you select a trusted brand like GroVia behind the products.

Between the FREE shipping over $99 and the 45 day trial period, why not give them a shot? You deserve easy diapering and major savings just like I enjoyed!

FAQs About GroVia Diapers

Still have some questions about this top cloth diaper brand and their complete system? Here are answers to parents‘ most frequently asked questions:

Who is the founder behind GroVia?

GroVia was started in 2008 by Kim Ormsby – a mom of three on a mission to modernize cloth diapering.

What fabrics are their diapers made of?

GroVia uses waterproof TPU outers plus layers of organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo viscose against baby‘s skin for optimum comfort and performance.

How do GroVia‘s diapers fasten?

Parents can choose between snaps or velcro closures on GroVia‘s Hybrid shell diapers to customize the fit they need. Their AIOs use snap closures.

What colors and prints are available?

GroVia is beloved for their vast selection of colors, patterns, and modern graphic prints across all products. They are always releasing special edition and seasonal designs too!

What is their sizing range?

Their adjustable Hybrid shells fit from 8 – 35 lbs making them ideal from newborns through potty training. Inserts and AIOs have size-based absorbencies tailored for each age.

Do I need special detergent to wash them?

While not mandatory, GroVia‘s Mighty Bubbles pods dissolve stains and residue that other detergents leave behind. It also whitens natural fibers and is eco-friendly. But your regular diaper-safe detergent works too!

What is GroVia‘s warranty and return policy?

All GroVia diapers and accessories come with a 1 year warranty from manufacturing defects. Plus they allow returns within 45 days if you are not completely satisfied with the performance.

How long do GroVia diapers last?

Following care instructions, GroVia‘s diapers can be reused completely through multiple younger siblings thanks to their durability. With proper laundering, the average lifespan is 2+ years of constant use.

How much money can you save by switching to GroVia diapers?

Based on current estimates, parents save ~$2,500+ over the baby and toddler years by opting for reusable GroVia diapers instead of traditional disposables. That factors in the initial investment of building your cloth diaper stash too!

Final Verdict: A MUST-TRY Cloth Diaper Brand

I‘ll be frank with you – I was skeptical that any reusable diapers could work as flawlessly as GroVia‘s do. Yet here we are years later still using and loving the same GroVia stash.

They simplified diapering two babes back to back ALL while saving us thousands. Even as a self-proclaimed cynic and critic, I can‘t recommend GroVia enough to other parents.

Their versatile hybrid fit lasted from dainty newborn through adventurous toddler with just some insert adjustments. The waterproof shells contain ANY mess thanks to durable TPU fabric that is still gentle for sensitive skin.

Honestly, I could gush forever about this game-changing brand…but I‘ll spare you any further rambling. Just experience the convenience of smart cloth diapering for yourself!

You have absolutely nothing to lose thanks to GroVia‘s 45 day risk-free trial. Join thousands of happy parents who are saving money, time AND enjoying easier diapering thanks to GroVia‘s ingenious products.

Your baby and wallet will thank you later!

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