Best Gravity Water Filters

Why are water filters so important? Because you need protection from bacteria, germs, and particulates wherever you go. Then learn more about gravity water filters and how they can make your life easier. What’s wonderful and so important about gravity water filters? You need gravity water filters because they provide fresh water.

Why use a gravity water filter? This is a filter that expressly removes solid contaminants better than any other water filter. Gravity filters are popular and often used for purification techniques, so find out what you are missing. How do you know which one is the best for you?​ There are numerous to pick from online! The best thing about gravity filters is that they are simple to use like the ones you see from Katadyn, Big Berkey, Propur, and more. Our goal is to help, guide, and teach you about gravity filters before buying. Good luck!

Our Picks: Top 10 Gravity Water Filters 

  1. Best Overall Water Filter: Platypus Gravity Works gravity Water Filter “Highly rated filter that is praised for high capacity filtration; ideal for groups and camping.”
  2. Best Economical Water Filter: Big Berkey Gravity Water Filter “One of the most economical and long lasting water filters that is dependable for use anywhere in the world.”
  3.  Best Emergency Water Filter: Propur Big Gravity Water Filter “Economical filter type that is able to make any water source safe for consumption anywhere in the world.”
  4. Best Countertop Water Filter: AquaRain Model 202 Gravity Water Filter “Ideal filter for kitchen and domestic use; the Aquarain is a bigger machine for filtration.”
  5.  Best Filter for Health and Wellness: Zen Water Systems Gravity FilterThe only filter to enhance the filtering process with minerals and health benefits.”
  6. Best Lightweight Filter: Katadyn Camp 6L Gravity Water Filter “The most portable gravity filter that is lightweight with great design and high volume filtration.”
  7. Best Camping Filter: MSR AutoFlow Gravity Water Filter “The most practical water filter for camping; it is great for mutlti-tasking and camp site usage.”
  8. Best Filter for Fluoride Removal: Big Berkey BK4X2 Gravity Water Filter “One of the few filters that can remove particularites like fluoride almost completely for powerful cleansing and protection.”
  9. Best Gravity Water Filter for Speed: Katadyn BeFree Gravity Water Filter  “The fastest in terms of filtering; also easy to use filter that is ideal for groups and heavier usage.”
  10. Best Reliable Filter: SHTFandGO Gravity Water Filter “A quick filtration time matched with quick turnover time for usage and setup compared to the competition. ”

Benefits of Water Filters

  1. Removal of Particles: First and foremost, most importantly a water filter is ideal for the removal of particles. Why? These particles may cause discolouration of the water.
  2. Neutralisation: There are issues of smell and odors that need removal, so water filters can greatly help and aid with neutralisation of any odours.
  3. Health and Wellness: Water filters are very important for anyone seeking to keep healthy by providing a line of defense between your body and an estimated 2100 amount of known toxins that may be active or in drinking water.
  4. Environmental Benefits: Bottled water produces a lot of plastic. Therefore, when you decide to use water filters you are sparing the usage of plastics that need to be thrown away through landfills and may end up in the environment.

What is a Gravity Water Filter?

A gravity filter is a filter that takes advantage to clean and purify water in a simple and ingenious way. How? Basically, using gravity to remove contaminants from the water, so it is safe for consumers and everyone to enjoy.

A gravity filter or gravity filtration system works by use of gravity. How? Simply, it works in operation by making use of the law of universal gravitation. Basically, by not using electricity, the gravity water filter utilizes activated carbon.

How Does a Gravity Filter Work?

Basically, a gravity based water purifier utilizes activated carbon. How? When you get water purified and filtered, the activated carbon then goes ahead to absorb impurities in unclean water. When you realize the ease of use and natural way of purification then you realize the other benefits. You have environmental benefits because there is no electricity use as well you are able to utilize hollow fibers with the filter. Why? In essence, the water goes through and passes from hollow fibers some impurities and from there it becomes filtered.

Therefore, when you use a gravity water it will have an upper attachment for storage water, a lower attachment or storage area where purified water will be stored, and a mediator with filter elements in between for processing. So, in the end the force of gravity will push things in the water through. So, water will go from the upper attachment to the lower attachment, passing through the filter elements along the way. With millions of microscopic pores, these filter elements trap the impuritants, allowing only water molecules through them. That’s how water is purified in a gravity filter.

What is Important When you Buy a Gravity Water Filter?


A gravity filter or gravity filtration system works by use of gravity. So, what is important? Simply, many things create the best type of filtration system. Find out what is important before buying?

  1. Filter capability: Basically, the filter elements inside are what create and cause the quality of your drinking water to vary. The various and numerous components of a filter can lend to a taste and odor to even processed water, so be aware of different filtration methods and capability.
  2. Chamber size: Depending on the amount of people you require for the filter then always consider your storage size because filtration times can vary.
  3. Filter replacement frequency: When you are using a filter for a long time then you need to realize how long it takes to disassemble a filter. Basically, think about the replacement and maintenance long term and how much it involves the disassembly of the whole unit filter.
  4. Chamber Material: Basically, you have to decide whether plastic or stainless steel is best for you. Because, a gravity filter and its usage will vary from a natural stainless steel to even plastic, which may leak chemicals into the water.

Top 10 Gravity Water Filters Detailed Reviews

<Best Overall Water Filter>

Platypus Gravity Works gravity water Filter Platypus GravityWorks 4 L Complete Water Filter Kit

The Platypus water filter is a gem and easily one of the best for speed, ease of use, and critical reception for you. This filter is praised among many and often seen as the best gravity water filter in the market. Why?

The reasons why the Platypus does well is more about how fast it is overall and the ease and simplicity of the easy hands free filtration. You want a fast and very easy to use because it is versatile and durable. The design of this filter is really a remarkable thing because you are able to expect a durable and strong filter. There is no pumping involved, so this is easy to use for being on the road and maintenance. All in all, the filter will last around 1,500 Liters before needing replacing. The level of maintenance is low, so this is a top quality filter for many people.

This filter is best for you if you want to use it for bigger groups. As well, the Platypus filter is quick, reliable, and provides safe water from most problematic sources.

Positive: This is a highly rated and popular filter that utilizes a hands free filtration, huge volume capacity, and low maintenance.

Negative: In terms of price, the Platypus is expensive and has issues with getting from shallower water and has problems with heavy sediments or solids.

<Best Economical Water Filter>

Big Berkey Gravity Water Filter Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements

This is an economical water filter that is best for you in the long run. Everyone wants a filter that will last, so this gravity filter is made to last  up to 22,700 litres before needing replacement.

The benefit of this filter is that the Big Berkey is able to guarantee a lot in terms of safety and quality. You want to be safe, so this gravity filter provides everything that you need for protection against contaminants. The gravity filter uses no electricity, tools, or anything else to work! You can simply and effortlessly purify water on the go for anywhere from one to four people a day. How? Easily enough by filling water into a chamber and then waiting for the goodness and safety on the other side of your bottle or pitcher. The Big Berkey is not too big or bulky and still easily able to provide water for your family, friends, and more.

The overall advantage of this filter is pretty clear, and better yet  with one gallon of Berkey-purified drinking water costs you spend less than 2 cents USD. One of the most economical and long lasting water filters that is dependable for use anywhere in the world.

Positive: Easy to use, long lasting, and portable for the ability to serve anywhere you want in the world; overall a cost saver!

Negative: When you start using it long term beware that the replacement elements are not that affordable, and the processing of water can be cumbersome when you overfill the filter in certain situations.

<Best Emergency Water Filter>

Propur Big Gravity Water FilterPropur Big Countertop Gravity Water Filter System

 This is a gravity water filter that is reputable and deserves your attention. The Propur Big filter is ideal for an emergency situation or vital need for water, but this gravity filter is ultimately quite convenient, easy in terms of set up, and affordable.

In essence, this gravity filter is ideal for being easy to use and economical. This type of filter does not need electricity to properly create sound water filtration anywhere. If you need purified water then you need a filter that will with confidence take out things that will make your water unsafe or untreatable. The Propur filter helps to remove contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, and even fluoride. You need healthy and safe H20, but you don’t want all minerals removed. Why? Because there are beneficial minerals like Calcium in the water, which this filter will keep. The gravity filter made by Propur is made of stainless steel, so it is meant to last and be durable.

Positive: Easy to use and this filter is able to work with any water source; as well the filtration is quite complete and better than most of the competition.

Negative: Filtration is slow and there has been negative feedback about the unpleasant taste of the water after usage.

<Best Countertop Water Filter>

AquaRain Model 202 Gravity Water Filter AquaRain Model 202 Gravity Water Filter

 A wonderful water filter for purification that is able to effectively remove contaminants. This is a great filter for countertops that are ideal for kitchen use and more for anyone. This is an environmentally friendly filter because you are not using any electricity.

The Aquarain 303 model is known for its ceramic filter design and style. The filter is made up of a couple of tanks on top of each other and ideal for purifying water. The bottom side of this filter is great for you at home. Why and how? Well, ideally this filter is able to not use too much energy by including filters that can last for years. In terms of pure taste, you will get a taste that is pleasant and very good. You have the best possible filter for usage as you can go through and offer with the Aquarain a filter of up to 10,000 gallons.

All in all, this is an impressive filter for home use that will last;  the AquaRain 303 is guaranteed to last 6-13  years with a single set of filters.

Positive: You will get better tasting water with this filter and in addition be able to have a filter that will outlast many of the others in the marketplace.

Negative: This is a larger sized filter that may be bulky and not as useful for usage outside of the home.

<Best Filter for Health and Wellness>

Zen Water Systems Gravity Filter Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System

The Zen water systems is another countertop filtration that is best for you and various needs. This filter transforms tap water or most water into something clean and drinkable.

The Zen filter has an added benefit of being able to contribute to water quality. How? With this filter you can make the water more drinkable with mineralized alkaline bits.

You will be happy with this multi-stage filtration system because it is able to remove the most harmful elements. No worries against bacteria, chlorine, and other impurities. The durable design is BPA free and convenient for anyone to use for many uses.

In summary, this filter made by Zen is quite convenient, affordable, and flexible overall. You need to be careful about in regard to setup though so take this into account.

Positive: A versatile filter that is ideal for anyone looking for a multi-stage filtration, which is unique for added minerals for health benefits.

Negative: This filter does take a longer time than usual for set up; as well there are issues with the spigot of the filter.

<Best Lightweight Water Filter>

Katadyn Camp 6 L Gravity Water FilterKatadyn Gravity Camp 6 L Water Filter

This filter is considered the best value and lightweight filter on the market. You will not be satisfied with this wonderful filter that gives a lot in terms of portability and speed.

If you are looking for a filter that is fast and easy to use then the Katadyn makes the best filter for you. You can’t beat the quality of this filter for everyday use and portability. Why? Simply because of the speed alone as this has a very high volume filtration system that is unbeatable. The flow rate of this filter is that it can do about 6L of water in around 6 minutes. The process of filtration is simple in that you can simply dip, hang and wait for the gravity filter to do its magic for you. You want to make your life easier, so this is good to stay healthy and hydrated. How? This gravity filter removes harmful bacteria, protozoans, and more but remember that it does not remove viruses. So, this is not a perfect filter for you and your family.

Overall, this filter does a great job for speed and ease of use as well as affordability. The most portable gravity filter that is lightweight with great design and high volume filtration.

Positive: A wonderfully designed filter that has high volume filtration as well as lightweight for using in many locations.

Negative: This filter does not do a good job with removing viruses as well there is no storage reservoir for additional water.

<Best Camping Water Filter>

MSR AutoFlow Gravity Water Filter MSR AutoFlow Gravity Water Filter for Camping and Backpacking

 You need a camping filter that is reliable, so the MSR is an ideal option. The MSR filter is a filter that is designed for maximum use while camping.

The MSR Autoflow filter is suitable for camping, traveling, backpacking, and in general any emergency situation.This is a wonderful filter that is best for backpackers and activer people who require an ultralight filtration system. You can filter up to 175 liters per minute, so the efficiency is ideal for camping. In general, the MSR filter is able to protect users from dangerous protozoa, bacteria, and viruses. With the total performance for filtration, the filter is able to clean one liter of water in about 60 seconds. Overall, the MSR filter is an efficient filter that is so small it can fit in your pocket, so it is best used by active campers.

The MSR mixes ideal storage capacity for campers overall with the multi-system processes. The drawback is that the filter does not filter out viruses.

Positive: The most high capacity water filter for camping; it is great for mutlti-tasking and camp site usage.”

Negative: The issues are about filtration processes and more importantly about the lack of protection against viruses.

<Best Filter for Fluoride Removal>

Big Berkey BK4X2 Gravity Water Filter Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

 A great filter for maximum protection, this filter is best for protection against various contaminants. The Big Berkey BK4X2 is wonderfully designed filter made for big groups, but ultimately for removal of fluoride.

If you want a filter that is ideal for ultimate protection because the purification system is aimed at removal of fluoride. Why is this useful for you? When you drink with this filter you are able to simply use the filtration by attachments. The included fluoride filters are very powerful and able to even remove food coloring from water. Stainless steel design and very remarkable overall for durability. There are not many other systems that have this unique filtration system and technological advantage.

In terms of everything, remember that there is no guarantee that the filter reduces fluoride but does not completely eliminate it. However, the disadvantages are few and far between but not permanent removal of chlorine and other chemicals.

Positive: There are not many filters that are able to reduce fluoride to this extent, but very good for its powerful filtration system.”

Negative: Processing and filtration problems that may not be the ultimate protection against viruses.

<Best Gravity Water Filter for Speed>

Katadyn BeFree Gravity Water Filter  Katadyn BeFree 3.0L Water Filter

If you want, Katadyn has another fast filter that cleans and process around 2 liters of water per minute. This is a modern and stylish water filter that is hollow and perfectly used for groups, camping trips, and more..

The Katadyn filter is a widely compatible and flexible bottle filter for long term users.

Why do you need it? The water filter is part of a larger bottle system that features up to 3 Liter soft bottles. The whole filter and bottle filtration unit is handy and best suited for long term users and groups pinched for time. How safe is it? The water filter effectively removes protozoa, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, and nearly full proof guarantee and effective protection from even some viruses. The guarantee of this bottle filter is that you can filter up to 1,000 liters of water that would be deemed contaminated.

Overall, this is a popular bottle filter because of its speed and filtration benefits. There is not a lot of negative feedback on this filter, but watch for issues of versatility and adaptability.

Positive: A reputable company that is known for good and efficient filtration systems that are faster than the competition in the marketplace.

Negative: Some design complaints and specifically about the filter’s removal efficiency overall.

<Best Reliable Water Filter>

SHTFandGO Gravity Water Filter SHTFandGO Gravity Well Ultra Water Filter Purifier

 One of the best filters for speed, reliability, and pure quality. You need a filter like this because it stands out from the rest of the other filters. Why? The gravity and pressurized filter is of great quality and incredible efficiency.

The SHTFandGO is a unique filter that has a good design and special advantage because of the quick speed of pressurization. You can filter up to 4 gallons per hour, which is much better than most of the filters. Why do you need this filter? This type of filter is  because there are not stronger or more resilient filters that can adequately clean and filter water. Because you get purified drinking water in almost as quick as 15 seconds. Some customers have claimed to use this in remote locations with challenging issues. The filter is mainly used for domestic use and short trips. The weight and size of this filtration water system is 13 pounds and about 13 inches.

All in all, with this reliable and affordable purification system you do need to realize that there will be a carbon, rock, and sand filter that you will have to deal with. All in all, this is a quick filtration time matched with quick turnover time for usage and setup compared to the competition.

Positive: The quality and ease of use and assembly is a main appeal and the speed of filtration is unmatched.

Negative: The price of this filter is higher than most others in the marketplace and there are some processing problems in the filtration cycle.