The Definitive Guide to Gourmet Grocery Shopping Online

As someone who has evaluated thousands of ecommerce retailers, I’m always on the hunt for sites offering exemplary quality and genuinely unique products. That quest led me to discover Gourmet Grocery Store—a shop stocking simply the most delectable food items that are hard or impossible to find elsewhere.

Over the past decade, I’ve watched the gourmet and specialty food market explode in popularity. Total sales now top $150 billion annually in the U.S. alone and are projected to exceed $200 billion globally within 5 years.

What’s driving this surge? Consumers increasingly view premium ingredients as an affordable luxury that adds joy to everyday eating. We crave new flavors, textures and challenges for our sophisticated palates. And we expect the convenience of accessing upscale offerings with just a click, no matter where we live.

Gourmet Grocery Store perfectly delivers on all counts. As an authority on mobile shopping and web functionality who has vetted thousands of sites, I can definitively say their immersive, seamless ordering experience sets the gold standard for online grocery.

Beyond ease of use, the depth and diversity of their catalog is unrivaled. In this guide, I’ll showcase why their products warrant the splurge and how to shop smart so you can incorporate more gourmet greatness into your cooking without breaking the bank.

About Gourmet Grocery Store

As a family-owned business launched in 2001, Gourmet Grocery Store specializes in supplying hard-to-find artisanal ingredients to discerning home cooks nationwide.

They source premium products like truffles, caviar, foie gras, exotic meats and cheeses from over 500 small-scale, master producers globally. With direct relationships and cold-chain expertise, they ensure peak freshness and strictly controlled transport regardless of a perishable item’s point of origin.

An in-house team of chefs, bloggers and photographers also helps shoppers fully leverage specialty purchases by providing endless inspiration through recipes, pairing advice and cooking tips.

I’ve evaluated thousands of specialty food sellers, and none match Gourmet Grocery Store’s combination of service, quality and selection catering to the passionate home gourmand.

Why Buy Gourmet Groceries Online?

Endless Selection Not Found Locally

Gourmet Grocery Store stocks over 2,500 items from 50+ countries—far more diversity than even the best specialty food stores can offer locally. Their extensive partnerships allow you to taste truly unique, authentic products that reflect regional culinary traditions from around the world.

Peak Freshness Through Specialized Supply Chains

Ordering perishables online may seem risky. But Gourmet Grocery Store’s highly optimized cold packing and overnight shipping ensures peak flavor and texture. The white glove service surpasses what’s available on grocery store shelves.

Affordable Luxury Delivered to Your Door

Specialty ingredients often feel out of reach, reserved for special occasions at fancy restaurants. But Gourmet Grocery Store’s direct-to-consumer model offers luxury eats at accessible prices by cutting out retail markups.

Inspiration for Elevating Everyday Cooking

Gourmet Grocer aims not just to sell exquisite food, but to enrich your cooking life with worldly wisdom. Their recipes, tutorials and pairing advice teach you how to unleash bold new flavors from the exciting ingredients available.

Spotlight: 20 Must-Try Gourmet Favorites

Here are just some of the tantalizing temptations I adore that demonstrate why Gourmet Grocer stands leagues above other outlets for upscale edibles.

Perfect as Gifts

Farm-Raised American Osetra Caviar

Buttery, nutty, sweet pop of sea salt brininess. Treasure every pearlescent bite solo or on blini.

24K Gold Flaked Chocolates

Venezuelan cacao infused with Madagascar vanilla and finished with glittering gold shavings. Give the ultimate indulgence.
$50/8 pieces

White Truffle Popcorn

Addicting umami aroma with every crunchy, truffle oil-lacquered mouthful. So much more than movie popcorn.

Meat & Seafood

A5 Olive Wagyu from Kagoshima, Japan

Beef so marbled it nearly melts on the tongue. Cook rare only to savor the insane succulence.

Wild Alaskan King Crab Legs

Colossal, tender texture with astoundingly rich, briny sweetness. The gold standard for crab.

Wild Scottish Langoustines

Plump, lobster-like crustaceans plucked fresh off Scottish boats by 8 am daily. An incredible find.

Smoked Sturgeon

Wood-smoked, sublime texture with perfect balance of smoke and minerality.

Truffles & Mushrooms

Black Winter Truffles

Rare, hypnotic aroma with flavor of woodlands in fall. Shave over pasta or infuse into butter, oil.
$200/2 oz

Matsutake Mushrooms

Prized for their spicy, cinnamon scent and meaty bites. Height of Japanese umami flavor.

Porcini Powder

Intense, concentrated earthiness adds loads of mouthwatering flavor to anything it touches. Sprinkle on meats, stir into sauces and more.
$30/3.5 oz

Cheese & Dairy

Brillat Savarin Triple Cream

Named after an 18th century French food writer, this fluffy, decadent triple cream is the ultimate dessert cheese.


The pinnacle of creamy cheese. Impossibly lush, stracciatella-filled fresh mozzarella. Top anything or enjoy solo.
$12 each

48-Month Aged Gouda

Crystalline texture that melts into incredible caramel sweetness contrasted by satisfying crunch. My favorite cheese ever.

Mt Tam Triple Cream Brie

Oozy, velvety California-made brie boldly washed in zinfandel wine. Serve with fruit jam and crackers.

Oils, Vinegars & Condiments

White Truffle Oil

Floral, musky aroma transports you to Italian woods. Use conservatively to make everything taste luxurious.
$45/8.5 oz

Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar

Sweet yet puckering brightness adding zing to salads, glazes and more. My go-to foround-out-flavor.
$18/8.5 oz

Togarashi Spice Blend

Zesty Japanese blend with spicy kick. Shake on everything from eggs to meat, noodles and rice dishes.
$8/1 oz bottle

Wild Ramp Pesto

Vibrant scape pesto harnessing wild ramps‘ short season. Toss with any pasta or use as gourmet sandwich spread.

Baked Goods

Pistachio Orange Blossom Baklava

Flaky, syrup-soaked Greek pastry redolent of orange flower water and studded with buttery pistachios. My favorite dessert ever.


Brioche-like Italian holiday bread loaded with citrus and raisins. Slice, toast and top with sweet ricotta.
$25 each

Chocolate Babka Swirl Loaf

Rich yeast dough swirled with velvety chocolate. Warm slices alone or use for outrageously decadent French toast.
$15 each

Savvy Tips for Shopping & Saving

While these luxury ingredients cost more than typical grocery fare, there are ways to indulge without overspending:

Buy Seasonally

Produce like white Alba truffles in fall, ramps in spring and height-of-season strawberries offer the best value and peak flavor.

Seek Flash Sales

Occasional 24-hour sales advertised on Instagram and Facebook let you score coveted items like A5 wagyu or beluga caviar at steep discounts.

Split Large Quantities with Friends

Buying in bulk drives down per-unit pricing. Go in on a whole Jamon Iberico leg and throw an amazing ham carving dinner party!

Mix High & Low Ingredients

Build meals around everyday items, then sprinkle in luxe elements like truffle butter, caviar or specialty cheeses in smaller amounts. A little goes a long way!

Join the Gourmet Club for Instant 10% Off

Also unlocks members-only deals, early access to sales, and a $20 rewards coupon for every $200 spent.

Inspiring Occasions for Gourmet Fare

With endless menu options incorporating these upscale eats into everyday life, here are some particularly special ways to put them to use:

Date Night In

Surprise your sweetheart with an indulgent soirée without leaving home. Spoon-feed each other Umbrian black truffle ravioli with brown butter sauce and Reggiano Parmesan. Share a chocolate pot de crème topped with gold leaf while drinking Moscato by candlelight.

Girls’ Brunch

Treat your besties to a next-level boozy brunch. Top waffles and crepes with Mt Tam triple cream brie, organic wildflower honey and juicy farmers’ market strawberries. Pair with blood orange mimosas or sparkling rose spritzers.

Birthday Blowout

Pull out all the stops for the most decadent birthday dinner ever. Start with Pacific Northwest oysters on the half shell with yuzu mignonette granita. Grill miyazaki A5 wagyu strip steaks with black truffle butter on top accompanied by caviar deviled eggs. Finish with a showstopping vanilla bean panna cotta topped with gold leaf.

Holiday Feast
Create new traditions by incorporating luxe touches into classic holiday dishes. Bake brie en croute served with wild ramp pesto dip. Fold black truffles into mashed potato. Adorn smoked salmon with dills and capers. Infuse oils and glazes with white truffles. Surprise with chocolate babka French toast for Christmas morning.

The possibilities for elevated entertaining are truly endless with quality ingredients in your arsenal. Play, impress and spark joyful connections.

I hope this comprehensive guide equips you to unlock new dimensions of flavor through online gourmet grocery shopping. Spend time browsing Gourmet Grocer’s incredible selection of global specialty items. Try out some in your everyday cooking, then graduate to grander celebratory occasions as your skills grow.

Above all, have fun experimenting! Great food comes to life when we approach it with curiosity, creativity and conviviality.

Bon appétit from an epicurean friend! Let me know what you discover.

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