Got a TV You Need to Send Back? Here‘s Everything You Should Know About Amazon‘s Return Policy

So you finally pulled the trigger on a new flatscreen TV from Amazon, only to realize it‘s not quite right for your space or has an issue out of the box. No worries – returning a TV to Amazon is totally doable if you know the ins and outs of their policy.

In this detailed guide, we‘ll walk through everything you need to consider when sending a TV back to Amazon, including:

  • Exactly how Amazon‘s TV return policy works
  • Step-by-step instructions for processing a return
  • What to do if the original packaging is missing
  • Your options if the TV arrives damaged
  • Available extended warranty programs
  • How to return Amazon TVs via Kohl‘s
  • Requirements around used/open box TVs
  • Whether it‘s ultimately worth the effort for your situation

By the end, you‘ll be a total pro at returning TVs to Amazon! Let‘s dive in.

At a Glance: What Amazon‘s TV Return Policy Looks Like

Before getting into the nitty gritty details, here‘s a quick look at Amazon‘s key rules around returning a TV:

  • Return window: 30 days after delivery to start the return process

  • Return route: Send back to Amazon or take to a Kohl‘s store

  • Return condition: Must be unused in original packaging

  • Return shipping: Free within 30 days; after 30 days, you pay

  • Refund method: Back to original payment source once Amazon gets the TV

Pretty straightforward so far. As long as you kick off the return within 30 days and meet the criteria, you‘ll get a refund once Amazon receives the TV back in new condition with all original accessories and packaging.

Now let‘s look at exactly how to go through the return steps online.

Step-By-Step: How to Return an Amazon TV

Processing a return through Amazon is simple if you follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Amazon account and go to Your Orders – find the TV order in the list.

  2. Select Return or Replace Items on the order details page.

  3. Choose the specific TV item from the order that you want to return.

  4. Pick a reason from the drop-down menu like "no longer needed" or "better price available."

  5. Choose how you will return the item:

    • For TVs shipped and sold by Amazon, select Return for refund.

    • For TVs from third-party sellers, choose Submit return request.

  6. Pick a return shipping method:

    • Smaller TVs can likely use Amazon‘s prepaid UPS labels.

    • Larger TVs may require scheduling a pickup with a specialty large item carrier.

  7. Print the label or contact the carrier if needed.

  8. Carefully re-pack the TV in the original box and ship it back!

See, not too painful! As long as you start the process within 30 days of delivery, Amazon covers the return shipping costs.

Now let‘s dig into some of the logistics around packing and shipping.

TV Return Rates: How Many Amazon Customers Send Theirs Back?

Before going further, you might be wondering just how often people need to return TVs to Amazon. According to recent data:

  • Up to 25% of TVs purchased online are returned, higher than most other product categories.

  • On average, Amazon shoppers return 3-4% of items bought.

  • Return rates directly from manufacturers are around 15% for TVs.

So while Amazon‘s overall return rate is low, TVs are definitely one of the more commonly returned items.

Several factors contribute to the higher TV return percentage:

  • Items are expensive, so customers want to get it right.

  • Picture quality opinions can vary widely.

  • Difficult to assess fit and viewing angles online.

  • Prevalence of manufacturing defects.

  • Ease of free returns motivates buyers to take the risk.

Bottom line – you‘re definitely not alone if you need to send that TV back! Next, let‘s talk about packaging.

Original Packaging: Why It‘s Essential for Returns

As noted in Amazon‘s policy, TVs must be shipped back in the original manufacturer‘s box and packaging.

This requirement isn‘t to be difficult or force you to keep a giant box around – it serves a critical purpose. That custom TV box keeps your set safe in transit.

Here‘s why Amazon insists on original packaging for returns:

  • Secure fit: Designed specifically for each TV model with ideal snugness and protection.

  • Impact absorption: Strong outer shell and molded inner buffers prevent damage in shipment.

  • Theft deterrent: Nondescript brown box doesn‘t advertise contents.

  • Handles screen delicately: Box alone touches panel to avoid scratches or pressure points.

Without the purpose-built packaging, TVs are extremely vulnerable to cracks, broken ports, and screen damage during shipping. Even a minor bump could ruin the display.

So even if it‘s a tight squeeze around your living room, do your best to hold onto that box for at least a month before breaking it down!

Next, let‘s go over options if your brand new TV shows up faulty.

What If Your New TV Arrives Defective? Replacement and Refund Policies

Despite the best packaging efforts, some duds still slip through quality control.

Maybe the colors look washed out of the box. Perhaps there are clusters of dead pixels spreading on the panel. Or the speakers just won‘t sync properly despite resets.

While extremely annoying, Amazon does provide options if your new TV arrives truly defective through no fault of your own:

  • Free replacement: Amazon will ship out a brand new TV at no extra cost to you.

  • Full refund: Get your full purchase amount back and buy elsewhere.

To qualify for these remedies, the TV must have verifiable manufacturing defects not caused by customers after delivery. Some examples Amazon would cover:

  • Visible screen damage like cracks or scratches

  • Multiple dead, stuck, or unevenly lit pixels

  • Parts like speakers or ports that are broken or unresponsive

  • Severe color accuracy issues evident out of the box

  • Failure to turn on and operate despite troubleshooting

In contrast, Amazon likely wouldn‘t cover cosmetic damage or issues clearly caused by the customer like:

  • Physical damage from drops, dents, or wall mounting

  • Cracked screens or frames

  • Signs of opened panels, tampering, or attempted repairs

Basically, if the defect originated in the factory, Amazon will make it right with a replacement. But if you break the TV, that‘s on you!

If one replacement TV from Amazon also arrives damaged, keep requesting new ones until you get an issue-free model. But after several duds, you may want to request a refund instead and purchase elsewhere.

Speaking of extended shopping options…

Extend Your Coverage: TV Warranties Available on Amazon

While Amazon will replace manufacturing defects, most TV brands only include a limited 1 year warranty against issues.

Once that first year of coverage expires, you‘re on the hook for any repairs or replacements costs unless you purchase an extended warranty:

Plan Term Details Cost
Allstate Extended Warranty 2 years Parts, labor, mechanical/electrical failure $59-$119
Allstate Extended Warranty 3-4 years Above + accidental damage $229-$299
Samsung Extended Warranty 1-3 years Varies by TV model $39-$549

As you can see, options for extended warranty ranges from an extra year up to 4 years total after the factory coverage. This can provide peace of mind against those dead pixels popping up in year 2 or 3 when you least expect it.

The plans also cover accidental damage, an especially worthwhile investment if you have kids or pets around your TV. Just the cost of an emergency repair bill for a cracked screen would likely eclipse the warranty cost.

One tip is checking when manufacturer warranties begin. For some brands, the included year only starts once the TV is activated and registered rather than purchase date. This helps avoid overlapping coverage.

Bottom line – consider your options to extend coverage when buying a TV, especially pricier OLED or QLED models where repairs get expensive quickly.

Alright, time for a recap before we move on…

Key Takeaways So Far

  • Amazon allows 30 days for returns from delivery date
  • Original packaging is required to prevent TV damage
  • Replacements offered for factory defects only
  • Extended warranties provide 1-4 years of protection

Now let‘s look at returning Amazon TVs via Kohl‘s stores.

An Easier Option: Returning Amazon TVs at Kohl‘s

For smaller Amazon purchases, the UPS drop-off process is straightforward enough. But lugging a 50-inch TV box around isn‘t most folks‘ idea of time well spent.

That‘s where Kohl‘s comes in. Many locations now have Amazon Return Counters right inside the store to make send backs a breeze.

Here‘s an overview of returning Amazon TVs at your local Kohl‘s:

  • Free for any size TV – no Kohl‘s account or receipt required

  • Box and prep handled for you – employees will package up the TV carefully

  • Special item carriers – Kohl‘s coordinates large TV pickups

  • Refund initiated onsite – much faster than returning yourself

  • Extended return window – 60 days instead of Amazon‘s 30

Those extra services are a lifesaver for bulky TVs that require special handling. While you‘ll still need to bring the TV inside and start the Amazon return online, Kohl‘s removes so many logistical hurdles.

Let‘s look at the step-by-step process:

  1. Start your return request on Amazon just like normal.

  2. Carefully load your TV into your vehicle. Bring any accessories too.

  3. Head to your local Kohl‘s and find the Amazon Returns counter – ask an employee if unsure!

  4. At the counter, scan the QR code in your Amazon app to link the return.

  5. Hand over the TV and accessories to the Kohl‘s team.

  6. Kohl‘s will pack and ship the return via specialty carrier.

  7. Amazon processes the refund once the TV arrives safely back at the warehouse.

Yes, you still have to round up everything and drive the TV over. But avoiding reboxing and figuring out specialty shipping for super sized items makes Kohl‘s returns an easy choice if possible.

Now what if you already unpacked the TV and don‘t have the original box anymore?

Can You Still Return an Open Box or Used TV to Amazon?

We‘ve covered why original packaging is so important for protecting your TV in transit. But what if you already unboxed it, used it a bit, and tossed the packaging?

While Amazon‘s policy officially requires unused products in new condition, they provide some flexibility for open box TVs depending on usage.

Here are the criteria Amazon looks for with open box returns:

  • TV was only tested briefly and repackaged carefully. Just setting it up to check picture quality could be fine.

  • No physical damage like scratches or scuffs on the TV itself.

  • All accessories like remotes and stands are included with original packaging.

  • TV was not wall mounted or modified in any way.

  • A valid reason for return like noticing dead pixels or incorrect size.

Meeting that open box criteria, you may still get approved for a refund after contacting Amazon customer support to start the process.

But heavily used TVs with signs of wear likely won‘t qualify. Examples that would probably get rejected:

  • Mounting brackets or holes installed on the TV

  • Missing remote, manuals, power cord, or original stand

  • Physical damage like cracked screen or dented frame

  • Peeling warranty labels or other signs of opened panels

Basically, don‘t intentionally damage or discard parts of your new Amazon TV if you think you might need to return it later on. While you may get some leeway on light use, it‘s still meant for essentially new condition returns only.

Now let‘s look at whether it‘s ultimately worthwhile to ship back that too-small screen.

Weighing the Pros and Cons: Is Returning an Amazon TV Worth the Hassle?


  • Full purchase price refund within 30 days

  • Free return shipping when process initiated quickly

  • Don‘t have to live with an ill-fitting or defective TV

  • Simple UPS drops for smaller sizes

  • Kohl‘s return assistance for larger TVs


  • Need to keep huge original box around for weeks

  • Reboxing large TVs is challenging alone

  • Specialty shipping for big TVs expensive after 30 days

  • Still need to haul to UPS/Kohl‘s yourself

  • Annoying to set up new replacement TV

As you can see, for smaller TVs under 40-50 inches, the hassle is minimal if you act fast enough to get that free Amazon return label. You can usually manhandle the box solo into the car and at a UPS store. Just break it down once the last free return day gets close.

But for the latest 75-inch screens, it‘s a lot more work without help. First, keeping the enormous box somewhere convenient but out of the way for a month. Then finding a friend to help repackage this giant fragile item. Add in specialty pickup coordination, and suddenly you‘ve spent half a weekend on this return project – not ideal!

That‘s where utilizing the Amazon return counters at Kohl‘s seems like the obvious solution. You skip the logistical headaches in exchange for the minor effort of driving over and handing off the TV. The free service offsets the hassle, making returns more worth it.

Just try to assess within that 30 day window whether to start the return clock with Amazon before time‘s up!

Let‘s Review: Key Takeaways About Amazon TV Returns

To wrap up, here are the top facts to remember about sending TVs back to Amazon:

  • 30 day policy – one month after delivery to start returns

  • Original packaging required – to prevent shipping damage

  • Free for defects – replacement TVs or refunds if faulty from factory

  • Extended warranties – 1-4 years additional coverage available

  • Kohl‘s return counter – skip packaging and prep work

  • Light use may be ok – but no physical damage or missing parts

  • Big TVs require effort – specialty shipping coordination

Hopefully breaking down each step gives you confidence to handle an Amazon TV return if needed! Just be aware of the original packaging and 30 day requirements.

For supersized screens, definitely check if you have a Kohl‘s drop-off location nearby to make the return process as smooth as possible.

And with any luck, that new TV works out perfectly. But even expensive items slip through quality checks occasionally. So keep this guide handy just in case you need to send it back so you can binge watch in peace on a TV that fits your space!

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