My Personal Review: Everything You Need to Know About Get Maple

Get Maple is an online doctor app allowing you to have video calls with a physician 24/7 right from your phone or computer. No sitting in waiting rooms or driving across town to the clinic – it‘s convenient, instant access to medical care whenever you need it.

I‘ve used Get Maple for years to treat various illnesses and monitor chronic health issues, so I wanted to provide a first-hand review for others considering the service. Read on for details around exactly how it works, what conditions they can treat, pricing and special offers plus insider tips for getting the most out of Get Maple based on my experiences as an actual patient.

How I Personally Use Get Maple

As someone managing a complex health condition (Crohn‘s Disease), I rely on Get Maple for:

  • Getting same-day prescription refills when I run low or changes I need to my treatment plan
  • Having bloodwork ordered quickly if symptoms flare up
  • Getting doctor‘s notes for time off work when hospitalized
  • Avoiding long waits to see my specialist by having follow-up questions answered online

I also use Get Maple anytime I come down with something and need drugs to kick it fast. The convenience is unbeatable – I chat with one of their doctors during my lunch break, medications get ordered to my pharmacy, I swing by to pick them up after work. No wasting hours sitting around after-hours clinics!

My Step-By-Step Process for Using Get Maple Successfully

Based on extensive personal use spanning prescriptions, specialist referrals and treatment for everything from stomach bugs to STIs, here is exactly what I do to get the best care through Get Maple:

Step 1: Describe Symptoms in Detail

I start the process on their website by being as specific as possible when listing my symptoms. This helps me get matched to the right specialist who can actually assist. Vague descriptions like "I feel sick" won‘t cut it!

Step 2: Provide Medical History

Before meeting with the doctor, I list health conditions I have, medications I take and any pertinent medical history. This gives them greater context to understand what‘s going on.

Step 3: Prepare Specific Questions

Whether it‘s "can this rash be eczema?", "is this UTI antibiotic safe with my gastric issues?" or "do you recommend changing my maintenance meds?" I always have clear questions typed out for my doc in advance.

Step 4: Discuss Next Steps Before Ending Appointment

Before wrapping up, I recap next steps with my doctor explicitly, like intended changes in treatment plan or timing for specialist referrals and follow-ups. This prevents any confusion down the line.

Following this process allows me to get quality care tailored to my needs quickly through Get Maple.

Conditions & Symptoms They Can Treat

Get Maple has over 100 physicians covering a wide spectrum of non-emergency conditions. Everything from pesky colds to chronic illnesses and mental health struggles.

Here are just some of the common conditions I‘ve personally had treated successfully through Get Maple:

Colds & Flu

  • Sore throat
  • Congestion
  • Fever
  • Coughs
  • Body aches

Skin Conditions

  • Rashes
  • Hives / irritation
  • Suspected ringworm
  • Acne

Gastro Issues

  • Nausea / vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Suspected food poisoning

Women‘s Health

  • UTIs
  • Yeast infections
  • Birth control requests

STD Testing & Treatment

  • Herpes
  • Chlamydia
  • HPV
  • Gonorrhea

Respiratory Issues

  • Shortness of breath
  • Asthma issues
  • Chest discomfort
  • Chronic coughs

Mental Health

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • OCD

And so much more – check their site for a complete list of what their doctors can assist with.

Wait Times to See a Doctor

One huge advantage of Get Maple is quick access to physicians. Appointment wait times typically range between 2 to 10 minutes on average.

Sometimes during peak periods like flu season or late nights, wait times can stretch longer when doctors are in high-demand.

Here are the average wait times I‘ve personally experienced with Get Maple:

Time of Request Average Wait Time
Weekday daytime (9-5) 2-5 minutes
Early morning or nights 5-10 minutes
Weekends 10-15 minutes

As you can see, daytime weekday appointments tend to have the shortest waits given higher doctor availability. But even late at night, the longest I recall waiting was around 15 minutes – way quicker than any clinic!

Do keep in mind wait times can vary slightly by:

  • Time of request: As highlighted in the table above
  • Appointment type: Video calls have longer waits than text-based chats
  • Health concern severity: Life-threatening issues are seen faster
  • Doctor availability: More physicians work weekday hours

But rest assured – compared to in-clinic waits stretching hours, Get Maple provides an immense timesavings through 24/7 access to doctors in just minutes.

Appointment Pricing, Memberships & Payment

Let‘s discuss the financial side of things – exactly what Get Maple appointments cost, how memberships can net savings and covering fees with insurance.

Get Maple offers pay-per-use appointment pricing, with fees varying by time of request:

Appointment Time Fee Per Appointment
12 am – 7 am $99
7 am – 12 am $49
Weekends $79

There‘s premium pricing for late night and weekend care given doctor availability. But $50 bucks to have a doctor diagnose your illness and get meds ordered stat still offers incredible value when you consider in-clinic costs and transportation time!

You can pay for appointments individually via:

  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

…really any online payment method via their secure processing system.

Or for savings, they offer Monthly Wellness Membership Plans starting at $30 covering unlimited text and video consults. These are handy for managing chronic conditions requiring repeat care.

Additionally, select health insurance providers partially or fully cover costs. I use my employee benefits which brings pricing down to $15 per use – a steal! Check Get Maple‘s site to see if they accept your provider.

How Appointment Quality Compares to My Family Doctor

Obviously virtual appointments differ vastly from in-person assessments – but how does the care quality compare? Based on my experience:

Convenience: No comparison here. Waiting weeks to fit my doctor‘s schedule versus instant access wins hands down.

Attention & Care: Get Maple‘s doctors listen attentively in the convenience of my own home and never rush me out the door. I‘d say attention is on par or better.

Treatment Plans: Just as thorough, with detailed instructions, prescriptions ordered and specialist referrals.

Follow-Up: My family doctor admittedly does better following up long-term. But for short-term issues, Get Maple excels.

Relationships: In-person obviously allows deeper doctor/patient relationships. But Get Maple doctors recognize me each visit and know my medical history now.

While virtual doctors can‘t fully replace family physicians, Get Maple fills healthcare accessibility gaps through instant, high-quality care at home. Based on my first-hand experience, I highly recommend complementing your general practitioner with their service!

Why I Prefer Get Maple Over Leading Competitors

Get Maple was Canada‘s first virtual care provider, but now faces competition from copycats like CloudMD and Teledoc. Here‘s why I still think Get Maple comes out on top:

Shorter Wait Times

Across competitors, Get Maple has the most doctors in their network resulting in faster access and shorter queue times.

Prescription Delivery

They uniquely offer free at-home medication delivery, saving me trips to the pharmacy when feeling awful.

Specialist Breadth

Beyond just family doctors, they have dermatologists, mental health professionals and more in-network.

Slick Platform

Their app and site UX blows away the competition for simplicity. Easy to connect quickly even when brain fogged by illness!

Customer Service

Friendly support teams provide prompt assistance whenever I‘ve had the rare technical issue or billing question.

While competition is growing, Get Maple still dominates Canada‘s online medicine space with over a million happy patients and counting. Stellar ratings across review sites like TrustPilotevidence their leading reputation.

Top Insider Tips for Using Get Maple

After countless Get Maple appointments, here are my top pro tips for first-timers using the service:

Tip 1: Enable push notifications on your mobile app. This allows doctors to ping you instantly when ready for a consult rather than having to sit around staring at the screen.

Tip 2: Make sure lighting and audio are solid on your device before starting a video call. This avoids technical frustrations.

Tip 3: To facilitate prescription delivery, make sure your address and pharmacy are accurately saved in your Get Maple account profile.

Tip 4: Ask if the doctor has samples of medications they can provide for free if money is tight. They often have extras lying around from pharma reps.

Tip 5: If you need to send images like of a weird rash or mole, you can upload photos during the appointment for doctor review.

Tip 6: Feeling too crummy for a conversation? Switch your appointment to text-based chat which is just as effective for minor ailments.

Tip 7: During appointments, keep your own symptom or health logs handy to reference in case the doctor asks for additional detail.

Following these best practices I‘ve learned will ensure you maximize effectiveness and convenience during your virtual consultations.

The Bottom Line: Is Get Maple Worth It?

In closing, here is my final take – is Get Maple‘s virtual healthcare worth the money compared to traditional doctor checkups?:

YES – absolutely. The sheer convenience of 24/7 instant access to quality care from home can‘t be overstated. For the many minor and moderate conditions they treat, it‘s my go-to both for myself and my family.

While I still leverage my family doctor for annual physicals and complex health issues, Get Maple fills pressing gaps. I probably use their service weekly at this point to treat unexpected issues like sinus infections, to refill recurring prescriptions for gastric meds and to manage my ongoing mental health.

And considering direct costs are on par with walk-in clinics while saving hours of my personal time, the value can‘t be beat. Plus with insurance subsidies and Wellness Plan discounts, frequent use like mine is very affordable.

With amazing customer service and an ever-expanding network of skilled, caring physicians, I wholeheartedly recommend Get Maple as a convenient complement to traditional primary doctors for Canadians needing on-demand access to quality care.

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