Geosurf Review

Are you trying to make a buying decision on GeoSurf? Then you need to read this GeoSurf review to have an in-depth knowledge of GeoSurf, who they are, their products and services, and how good their customer support is among other key things that will be discussed here. From here, you can tell if GeoSurf is the best for you or not.

Official Website
IP Type Residential
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample 1GB – $300 (Monthly)
Pool Of IPs 2+ Million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
IP Rotation 1 min/10 min/30 min
Filtering/Targeting Cites/Countries
Authentication IP Auth
Speed Good
Free Trial No
Refund Policy Not supported
Support Ticket + live
Jurisdiction Location Israel


GeoSurf is one of the top VPN and proxy providers out there. It has become one of the companies to go to when you need to conceal your IP address in other to browse the Internet anonymously without fear of been detected. Some Internet users use their service when they intend to surf the Internet because they provide the highest form of anonymity required by users. Some also use it to buy sneakers since most premium sneaker sites have geolocation placed on their site when they are giving discounts. GeoSurf helps them circumvent these restrictions.

GeoSurf proxies are also used in SEO tools like ScrapeBox. Social network sites automation is also one of the areas people use GeoSurf. Whatever is your use case, GeoSurf got you covered, as they say, surf the internet like a human, and not like a server – and GeoSurf helps in this regard.

An Overview Of Geosurf

GeoSurf proxy service providers

GeoSurf is a company that help individuals and businesses remain anonymous as they browse the Internet. The Internet is a scary place and GeoSurf help you conceal your identity to prevent targeted attacks and help you carry out your automation actions online. They offer both the VPN and the proxy option. VPNs are the best because unlike in proxies, your requests are encrypted and cannot be sniffed by an eavesdropper. However, GeoSurf main product is the proxy and residential proxy to be precise.

TechCrunch stated that they are a must-have. Well, while we aren’t basing our decision on the statement of TechCrunch, our research has proven to us that they are one of the best proxy service providers in the market. They have a network of over 2.5 million IP addresses in the world. When it comes to footprint, you are sure to get their footprint in every country of the world. Because their proxies are residential proxies that make use of devices with residential IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP), connections through GeoSurf is highly reliable and usually do not get scrutinize and hardly get blocked.

However, because they are residential IP addresses, their prices are on the high side compared to the prices of other proxy service providers in the industry. Their customer support is also not one of the best out there and choosing locations is not as intuitive as it should be. Being that as it may, GeoSurf remains one of the best out there.

Visit Geosurf

Why We Recommend Geosurf:

  • Secured and reliable
  • Has a large pool of IPs for IP rotation
  • Has server in all countries
  • Great FAQs page
  • Both username/password and IP authentication enabled

You need to pay attention to It:

  • Expensive
  • No free trial and refund policy
  • Email support not great
  • Internet speed not fast
Our Expert Rating and Test Results
  • Proxy Performance - 9.2/10
  • Anonymity - 9.1/10
  • Locations - 8.7/10
  • Success Rate - 9.1/10

How to use Geosurf Proxy Gateway

Subscription Prices

The cost of a proxy service is and remains one of the key deciding factors when buying proxies. Usually, most users of proxies do not buy only one proxy, they buy a good number of them in other to fake their requests as coming from multiple devices from different locations. Because of this, many Internet marketers consider the price of proxies before making a buying decision. Are you aware that there are some proxy providers that provide their services for free? However, many of them have been discovered to be dubious, fraudulent, and as agents of lead generation for spammers.

GeoSurf Subscription Prices

GeoSurf have 4 plans which you can subscribe to. The smallest plan is the Starter Plan, which gives you access to their residential IP addresses in over 130+ countries of the world. The bandwidth is limited to 38GB and you have to pay $12 for an additional GB. Their starter plan goes for $450 – yes, it is that expensive. However, if you consider the fact that you are been offered residential IP addresses that are best at evading website scrutiny, you will agree with me that it is worth it. Aside from the Starter Plan, there is also a Professional Plan that goes for $9000, a Plus Plan that sells for $2000 per month, and a custom plan that you will be billed based on your specific requirements.

However, it is important to note that they do not offer a free trial and do not have a refund policy in place to help you get your money. Considering the fact that their plans are considerably expensive, it would have been more financially-friendly for users if they offer a free trial or a refund policy.

GeoSurf Internet Connection Speed

How fast are GeoSurf proxies when surfing the Internet? Before answering that question, you need to know that proxies generally reduce the speed at which you make requests and get responses from web servers. It becomes worse when such a request is made through a residential proxy. It is no news that residential proxies are no match in terms of speed to datacenter proxies because they reroute web requests to residential IP addresses which increases the overall time taken for you to send and get a response from a web server. Let take a look at how GeoSurf stands in this regard.

GeoSurf Internet Connection Speed

To answer this question, I had to test my internet speed using to ascertain the speed of upload and download as well as the latency (ping) provided by my ISP so I can use that as a benchmark for measuring GeoSurf proxies. I got a download speed of 43.21 Mbps and an upload speed of 77.15 Mbps. After getting this, I then ran a test by activating 5 proxies from different locations and recording their speed. Below are my findings.

Proxy Location Proxy IP Address Download Speed Upload Speed
United States 27.47 42.43
Canada 20.32 50.54
United Kingdom 14.23 3.86
Brazil 11.32 30.54
India 9.06 5.8

Looking at the table above, you can tell the speed varies greatly. This is because there are a lot of factors that come together to determine the speed of a residential proxy. Unlike in the case of a datacenter that the major deciding factor is the distance between you and the datacenter proxy, some of the factors that determine the speed is the distance between you and the proxy server, and the speed provided by the device which its IP address was used.

If you choose to surf from a very distant location using GeoSurf, you should expect a slower speed compared to browsing from a nearer location. However, my own test contradicts result gotten by other users. Some claimed that they never experience a decrease in speed and it felt like they were surfing without a proxy. Their claim cannot be disputed because of the factors I mentioned earlier and the fact that my test size was quite small to make a logical statement from it.

Security and Reliability

In the first place, the reason people use proxies and even VPN is because of the anonymity it provides. Aside from this, people want to be assured they are secured while using a proxy. Unlike in VPN, data sent via proxies are not encrypted. This means if an eavesdropper gets hold of it, it will be in plain text and the eavesdropper can use it for whatever activities he/she wants. Also important is how trustworthy a proxy provider is. We have heard horrible stories of how proxy providers use data of their customers for malicious purposes.

geosurf security reliability

As far as GeoSurf is concerned, no claim of such has been made – at least not yet. They are a premium service provider and takes the security of their customers serious. They are also located in Israel which is not one of the countries that demand Internet usage data of their citizens from proxy service providers. In terms of reliability, it can be stated to be one of the best.

On their website, they claim to provide a 99.9 percent uptime which though, I cannot confirm it because of my short-term experience with their service, no customer has refuted the claim yet. Also, because they are residential proxies, they are usually some of the best when it comes to appearing to websites as humans rather than servers.

Proxy Server Network and Distribution

One of the most important aspect to look at in a proxy service provider is their server network and the number of IP addresses they have at their disposal. Variety they say, is the spice of life. And when it comes to masking your identity, sending hundreds and even thousands of requests in a minute, you need a good number of IP addresses that looks quite different and located at different regions in other to remain truly anonymous and avoid getting websites from suspecting the requests are from the same computer masked under a proxy service. There is a technique known as IP rotation. This is a process whereby automation bots change proxies after a time period or sessions. This is required if you want to prevent any form of suspicion and denial of service.

GeoSurf Proxy Server Network

GeoSurf has proven itself to be one of the best in this regard. With over 2.5 million proxies in its pool of proxies, GeoSurf is one of the largest providers of proxy services. GeoSurf has servers in every country of the world and servers in over 2000 cities in the world. This means that you do not have to worry about location when you plan using GeoSurf, you can surf the Internet from any region of the world – be it North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Their share size of IP addresses is one of their selling points. This coupled with the fact that they are mostly residential IP addresses makes them the favorite proxy server provider especially among people financially buoyant.

GeoSurf selling points

Choosing a proxy is intuitive. After you must have logged in, you go straight to the GateWay menu. From that interface, you can then choose a proxy to use. You have the option of choosing a country IP, state IP, or even city IP. You can also choose between IP rotation by session and sticky IP addresses. If you choose sticky IP, you are expected to whitelist your device IP address to work with your subscription. However, if you choose the option of rotating IP per session, then you are given the list of proxies and their username/password.


Unlike free proxies, paid proxies require its users to authenticate in other to prove they have the authority to use them. Without authorization, your connection to the Internet will be dropped until you get the authentication. This is because immediately you activate a proxy on your computer, it automatically makes sure you do not have access to the Internet unless the connection passes through it and without authentication, no request will be sent through them. There are 2 ways to authenticate GeoSurf proxies.

  • Username and Password Authentication

GeoSurf supports authentication using a username and password. This type of authentication is only applicable to session rotation IPs and the usernames and passwords are displayed alongside the proxies.

  • IP Authentication

When authenticating using IP authentication, what it entails is that you are whitelisting your IP address to work with your proxy subscription without using the conventional username and password mode of authentication. In GeoSurf, only static IPs can be authenticated using IP authentication. The rotated session IPs, are to be authenticated using username/password. When you choose static proxies, no username and password are given, you will only see the proxy. After registering your IP address with GeoSurf, it takes about 30 minutes for it to function.

Customer Support

No matter how great a product or service is, if a customer does not get help as at the time needed, the product becomes a flop. Different companies have different ways they help customers with clarification. Some do that using live chat, others use email, while some chose to provide all the information they feel customers will need in their Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

GeoSurf support

GeoSurf combines both email support and FAQ. Their FAQs page is packed with a lot of questions and answers to help you get the most out of their service. However, their email support is slow. I never used it myself but for users that have used it, they claimed that it took a while before they got a reply. However, these customers stated that the replies clarified their issue.

Our Verdict – Is Geosurf Recommended?

I have heard about GeoSurf, I have read reviews, and have tested it. It has its strengths and also its weaknesses. No doubt, GeoSurf is an expensive toy in the shop that only the rich kids can afford. However, if you can include it in your budget, please do. They offer one of the best services when it comes to concealing your identity online.

Their server distribution and the residential IP addresses have become some of the reasons they have become one of the best in the industry. I strongly recommend GeoSurf for surfing the Internet anonymously and carryout automation works.

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