Garden Window: Advantages & Disadvantages You Should Know

Is a garden window a good idea? Where are garden windows normally installed? This article discusses garden windows in detail: their advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out more.

A garden window brings the outdoor inside your house. It brings the calming and comforting feel of the outdoors inside your house but it doesn’t let in the cold. Garden windows are usually found in the kitchen. They are designed to have a sloped glass roof to ensure quick water runoff when it rains and to let in maximum light.

Designed to resemble little greenhouses, garden windows extend outward from your house. Even though they can be used in any other room of a house, garden windows are mostly installed in the kitchen.  Other than the kitchen, you can install a garden window in your home office room. The four window panes of a glass window usually form a square, bringing in more light into your house.

Garden Window overview

Often referred to as greenhouse windows, garden windows also come with shelves. This shelving feature gives you more decorating options and display space.  These shelves can also hold plants. Garden windows offer an ideal place for growing an herb collection. As these windows extend beyond the house, they should not be placed in high traffic areas like walkways, decks, or patio.

How to Pick a Garden Window

A garden window will for sure make your house magazine-worthy. If you’re seeking to spruce up your house for resale, you may need to consider installing a garden window. Choosing and installing a garden window requires minimal effort. A garden window will give your house that facelift that it desperately needs. With this added curbside appeal, won’t your home attract more buyers?

Garden Window

Garden windows are available in different designs. You can choose any grille design depending on the look of your home.

The glass used in constructing the glass window is key. It is advisable that you choose a garden window constructed with low e-emissivity glass. Low e-glass lets in natural light while reducing the heat levels. This way, your plants will not overheat.

It is also important that you acquaint yourself with the inbuilt features. A good garden window should have an in-built drainage system. This makes it easy to clean and also discourages mold development. Tempered glass shelves are another feature you should look out for. They reduce heat and increase hardness. Adjustable shelving will accommodate plants of different heights. Most people also prefer Vinyl to Aluminum as it reduces heat and condensation.

Instead of rushing to pick a garden window, it is advisable that you conduct enough research both from online sources and by speaking to home improvement sales executives. Also, get at least three different quotes to get the best deal.

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Advantages of Garden Windows

Even though installing a garden window comes with a number of benefits, it's not an easy task. You need to hire an expert to get this done the correct way. To enjoy these benefits, you will be first required to dedicate a good amount of time and energy in selecting sturdy construction and frame materials.

The advantages of garden windows are discussed below:

They let in plenty of natural light

plenty of natural light with Garden Window

Compared to traditional windows, garden windows will let into your house plenty of natural light.  It is able to bring more light into your space because of its protruding and three-dimensional design. Installing a garden window makes your house brighter and well ventilated. A well-ventilated house has a good circulation of fresh air. Natural light and fresh air are refreshing and good for your health.

They create more shelf space

Garden window with small kitchen

If your house was designed to have a small kitchen, you may want to consider installing a garden window. Garden windows provide extra counter space to your kitchen. The list of things you can with the added space is endless. The extra space created can be used for storing your cutlery, jars, and your other collectibles.

Increased ventilation

Garden window with fresh air

Have you ever felt how refreshing a good circulation of fresh air is? I’m assuming you have. This is exactly what a garden window brings to your house.  Fresh air is good for your health. It not only cleans your lungs but also strengthens your immune system. The fresh air is also good for your kitchen plants.

Garden windows are energy efficient

Garden window with Aluminum

Traditional windows have low energy efficiency. They make you spend a lot on power bills. This will not be the case when you install garden windows. Garden windows especially those whose frames are made from Aluminum or Vinyl are energy efficient and will drastically lower your power bills. In summer, your house will remain warm throughout.

A little greenhouse

greenhouse features of garden window

With a garden window installed, you can choose to grow plants. The glass casement trap solar energy needed for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process through which plants make their own food. The window panes also protect the plants from intense sunlight. A garden window is simply a greenhouse in a different location and smaller in size.

They add more value and beauty to your home

beautiness of Graden window

When selling your house, a garden window can come in as a value add. Potential buyers will come scrambling over your house. Garden windows add beauty to your house and are not so common. We all love unique, don’t we?

Disadvantages of Garden Windows

Nothing good ever came without drawbacks. Garden windows have their disadvantages as well. The limitations are as discussed below:

Garden windows are relatively an expensive option

Garden windows cost

The price of a garden window varies depending on its size and complexity. Custom made garden windows are also more costly than stock garden windows. The installation of garden windows is not only more complicated than that of traditional windows, it also costs more. Compared to bay windows, garden windows are less costly thanks to their small size.

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They are less energy efficient

energy efficiency of a garden window

The energy efficiency of a garden window depends on the material used to make the window frame. Not all materials are energy efficient. Windows whose frame is made from Vinyl, Fiberglass, or Aluminum have been found to be energy efficient. Low emissivity glass is also recommended to conserve energy and keep your power bills low.

Installing a garden window might create structural problems

garden windows structural problems

To prevent a garden window from sagging, it has to be installed by a professional. The professional should have a good understanding of how to support the garden window. If garden windows are not supported correctly, structural problems are bound to arise.

Also, this type of windows can’t be installed just anywhere. They should be installed in a place from the back of the house, preferably facing the garden.

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