Furnace Filters 101

According to experts, breathing quality air can benefit your life in many ways.

First, it improves your mood. Second, it eliminates anxiety from your life. Third, it improves your respiratory health and kicks out allergies. In a nutshell, quality air will positively impact your life. One of the best ways to improve indoor quality is air is by investing in the right Ac filter. The following guide will delve into key things about furnace filters should know.

How They Work

How They Work

A furnace typically works by drawing air in through return ducts. The air is then warmed over a heat exchanger. The blower fan pushes the hot air through several ducts that branch into various rooms within your building. The furnace continues running until the desired thermostat setting is attained.


A furnace filter is specially designed to safeguard the blower fan. It eliminates dust and other particles. Its main function is to remove contaminants and keep the air fresh. A dirty filter can block airflow and eventually damage your furnace.

Filter Types

There are several types of furnace filters. However, disposable pleated filters are the most popular. They’re available in numerous sizes and ratings. Fabricated with paper and polyester, these filters are highly efficient and reliable.

They can effectively filter dust particles, as well as, allergens. Depending on the brand, the price of these filters usually ranges from $30 to $40. For optimal performance, consider replacing them every 90 days.


They’re some of the cheapest options available in today’s market. They feature a spider web appearance. Plus, they’re commonly blue. Although they’re available in different sizes, they usually offer lower ratings. Because of their quality, they should be frequently replaced.



They’re fabricated with solid aluminum and they’re more reliable than disposable filters. You can vacuum or clean them with water. They’re available in a wide range of sizes, as well as, ratings. While the initial cost is a bit high, these filters can last up to 5 years if properly maintained.


There are two common types of electronic filters: disposable and permanent. These filters get self-charged when air is passed through them. This allows them to capture tinier particles. That’s why they make an excellent choice for homeowners who smoke and have pets.

Read your furnace manual to make sure you’re safely utilizing your electrostatic filters.


After determining the size of the filter you need, go ahead and replace your old air filter. Turn off your furnace before carrying out the replacement. Open the compartment door and swap the filters.

If the existing filters are permanent, be sure to vacuum them off before rinsing them with hot water. Wait until the filters are completely dry before placing them back into your furnace.

The Bottom-Line

Breathing quality air will make you healthier. A furnace filter purifies indoor air, leaving you with high-quality air. It traps air particles from the air. Investing in a furnace filter is a noble idea. Thus, breathing quality air. Make your home comfortable with the right furnace filters. The above are key things about furnace filters you should know.

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