30+ Best Free Movie Streaming Sites – No Signup Needed!

Movies are one of the greatest values of entertainment the world could ever gain. On nights when you’re alone and have no commitments, watching a movie is such a peaceful past time. Only, some movies don’t come free and the film you are looking for is no where to be found on any TV airings.

Here is a list of the best movie streaming sites that don’t need any sign-ups. It’s all free so you can enjoy your movies.

35 Sites to watch movies online for free

Popcorn flix

Popcorn flix

Popcornflix is considered to be one of the safest online movie platforms to stream full-length movies. There is even a movie streaming site for kids, too. There are tons of movies and genres to choose from on Popcorn Flix. New movies are added daily.

​No need to set up an account. Go to the site now, pick a movie, and start watching. Be aware that some videos have low quality and videos don’t contain any subtitles. Other than those setbacks Popcorn Flix is one of the best free online movie streaming site for movie lovers.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle belongs to Sony Pictures Entertainment, holding most of Sony’s original content. It is one of the oldest movie watching websites on the web. Viewers have full access to Sony Crackle and a huge selection of movies. You don’t have to pay anything to watch any quality movie here! That’s right, you can watch your movies on any viewing screen, like your mobile phone.

But, here’s the downfall. You have to sit through those boring commercials! Nevertheless, they’re short and will get right back to the movie watching experience. Hey, having a free movie watching website is one of the best things the world can offer.

​Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a popular video streaming site where you can find tons of quality movies. The difference with Pluto TV from other movie streaming sites is that it provides viewers with the option to watch movies and TV programs, too. You can watch web series, documentaries, movies (independent movies), news and so much more!

However, if you want to watch a film a second time, Pluto TV won’t let you watch a second viewing. Aside from that factor, give Pluto TV a chance. Find a movie you have not seen in a long time, sit down and watch it as you eat some popcorn.

The Roku Channel

​​The Roku Channel

Roku TV is another free movie streaming site that has high quality content and you can add the channel onto your smartphone and watch one of the latest free high-quality movie or watch TV shows right there on your screen. And you’re in luck! Subtitles are available to you and features to customize the background text.

​Only, if you are living in the United States, you cannot view The Roku Channel. The same goes to anyone living in the Canadian Regions. Another downfall to all who use the site is that annoying adds pop up while trying to enjoy your movie experience.Vudo


Want to watch movies on Vudo? You have to earn a token before you can watch a movie. Once that is done, choose from a list of the greatest quality movies noted by viewers. New movies are constantly added to the list. Search through the long lists of genres.

 Make sure the movie you choose is free. There is the option to rent or buy which comes up very quickly to viewers eyes. Don’t let all those ads disturb you. When you have a free movie streaming website, you should be lucky.Retrovision


The one downfall about using Retrovision is that there is no mobile app and new movies are not updated to the list. If you’re looking for movies of high quality, Retrovision only provides low-quality pictures. Also, you cannot watch your film all in one sitting as the stories are split up into different parts.Youtube


Youtube is one of the best online movie streaming websites across the whole Internet. It’s easy to say that we’d be lost without this amazing entertainment source. Youtube has everything from movies, TV shows, to all sorts of funny clips uploaded daily. Yes, you can join Youtube, creating your own channel of movies, or videos. And if you’re lucky your videos can make money!

​Shall we talk about the downside of Youtube? Sometimes, not all movies are free and unfortunately are taken down due to rights. Don’t let that default your time on Youtube! It’s a great streaming site.

​Internet Archive

​Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit American domain digital library filled to the brim with all sorts of good movies. Everything on Internet Archive is free to viewers. Find a movie, whether new or old or a TV show you have been endlessly searching for and download it with no extra charge.

Some films on Internet Archive have low quality and the audio isn’t so good. Aside from that enjoy a sci-fi, documentary, or good comedy for the evening.



Unlike the movie streaming sites that actually hold movies, Yidio is a different site which tells you where you can go to watch free movies. Yidio rates the movie in question based on Rotton Tomato scores before you download a free movie or television series from a movie streaming site.

​If you only came to find free movies, Yidio is more of a referral site to find free movies. Be aware that not every movie on Yideo is free or has good quality. Be careful what you click on as some sources contain unhealthy viruses.Hotstar


Hotstar is an Indian entertainment network that holds media files and legal content of all sorts. You have access to an entire network of free high-quality movies.

Here is the downside. While Hotstar is available to all users around the world, it is only free for the Indian community. You must pay to access Hotstar in order to download all sorts of Indian movies



GoMovies is the right source to find your favorite movies in various and endless collections. The streaming site has a wide variety of genres and is very popular among the Internet. You’ll be able to find your favorite movies, TV-series, and countless other entertainment bonuses. GoMovies is always updated. You’ll never miss a movie.



​Snagfilms may not have all the movies you are looking for, but it’s still a free movie streaming site with high quality resolution films. Snagfilms are not placed by genres but by similarities of the plot or actors. Go to Snagfilms and share movies with different users.



Afdah is a high traffic movie streaming website that holds a collection of movies and TV shows. Think you’re going to feel overwhelmed with the wide selection? No need to fear, movies are categorized by release year, movie quality, and various search tags. You can even search by actor or director!

​​Los Movies

​​Los Movies

Los Movies has a 2000 endless page-long library of your favorite TV shows and movies. Just make a search and you have found your movie. Want to see what’s new? Los Movies has a section where you can see what is trending among audiences.

​Unfortunately, Los Movies is known for its annoying pop-up ads while you’re trying to enjoy a good movie. It’s best to install an ad-block. Yes, they’re that bad.Niter Movies

​​Niter Movies

​Have you heard of Niter? Niter is a popular streaming alternative that allows you to navigate to different movie streaming websites. To search for a film, use to search bar to search for actors or different tags. No ads to distract you from your movie streaming experience. Give Niter a chance to navigate you through its pages.

Potlockers CZ

​​Potlockers CZ

Potlockers CZ is another movie streaming website loaded with different movies from various genre. In contrast from other Putlocker websites is that most of the movies on the website are of HD quality with little to no ads to bother you from your movie experience.

HD Movie Center

HD Movie Center

HD Movie Center is known as a passionate high-quality movie streaming site which holds a rich collection of movies. You can learn information about actors, directions, and even ratings on all the movies. Not sure about the movie before you watch it. The trailer is here to show you a preview. Enjoy your movie watching experience!

Video Keeper

​​​Video Keeper

​Video Keeper is a library of good movies to stream. Other than watching movies, which is a users main objective, Video Keeper also lets you download any movie you wish on any device. Your video can easily be converted on any download.



​Sounds like Netflix, doesn’t it? N3tfl1x is an alternative website for streaming online HD movies. You can search for any movie in the endless libraries of film genres. Just search for a specific title or the release date for the film. Enjoy amazing video quality on any device whether the TV, laptop or from your phone.



​Zona is a movie-streaming website that new releases, animated films, and blockbuster hits. Download a film at any time. Get back to your movie experience whenever you feel if you are too busy. Catch up on the latest TV series Big Bang or Santa Barbara. Just search for any movie and you will find what you are looking for.



Meet All123Movies! This website is new to the online movie streaming world. All123Movies has a huge library of movies and TV shows. Since it’s arrival, users have been complimenting on the stream sites well-organized library.

Just search for a movie based on genre, or with how recent the picture has been released. Is the movie worth it? Not to worry, All123Movies has a stats calculator to let you know if others have watched it and the films ratings.



Viewster is compact with can great movies and TV shows, but mostly Anime lovers! There is a full collection of anime shows that you don’t have to sign-up or register for. Everything is free! Just sit back, relax and enjoy a nice flick for the evening!



​Similar to Viewster, Waifu lets its users stream lots of anime torrent but in 720p! Waifu even has subtitles in various languages for users such are; Spanish, French, English, German, Latin, and Portuguese. Another advantage about Waifu is that it can stream from top streaming sites such as PopcornTime and Popcornflix.



Popcornflix has all the latest romance, action, and comedy movies that you’re looking for! Aside from being popular, Popcornflix has a rich collection of latest movies and the quality of its movies is spotless! It can’t get any better than that!

Don’t you hate when streaming sites take so long to stream or download? Not to worry, Popcornflix is super fast streaming and download speed. And you won’t need to worry about your favorite movies being in a different language rather than the language you want.

ZeroNet- Play

​​​ZeroNet: Play

ZeroNet: Play is an alternative Putlocker website. However, it is a little different from others. In order to stream content on ZeroNet: Play To access go through the ZeroNet URL and install the ZeroNet software on your device. There are a lot of requirements until you can finally set up your movie contents. It’s worth it since it is a free movie streaming site.

Watch Online Series

​​​Watch Online Series

​Watch Online Series is the right site for viewers who want to catch up on the latest HD TV shows with no annoying ads popping up to take your attention away. This movie streaming website lets viewers access endless TV shows and watch all the series of each show for hours on end until they have been completed.

Ololo .to

​​​Ololo .to

​Ololo .to is not a movie streaming website but it is a great search engine that lists movies streaming links to TV shows or the latest movies. The best thing to note about the site is that it’s consistency with its programs work, updating new links at all times. Take a look at the website to see what links it provide.



Yify is a popular free movie streaming website with no sign-ups that updates the latest movies and TV shows The site is easy to navigate you can stream without any interruption. Yify is the perfect place you need to be to enjoy a good film. However, let it be known that if you do sign-up, you could get a lot more out of your movie streaming experience.



Don’t judge Primewire before you get to know it. Although it doesn’t have the most attractive layout from other movie streaming sites, it has a library filled to the brim with movies from Indie to Hollywood blockbusters. Viewers have noted that Primewire has the best video quality and data consumption.



​DuckieTV is not about ducks. It’s a free movie streaming website that keeps track of your favorite movies and TV shows. It can also work as an independent app which searches for the latest TV show at an easier pace from other streaming sites and has a superior GUI.



Users are going to enjoy what Rainierland has to offer. Rainierland is a movie-streaming website that holds all the classic contents and the latest movies of different genres. You’ll be able to catch up on the movies that you’ve missed. Be careful, you may not want to leave your screen the moment you have invested into the movies.



​Hulu is one of the most popular movie streaming websites out there in the Internet world! Hulu is an outstanding movie streaming site with some of the best features you don’t see from other sites. Hulu is a safe site to stream all the latest movies, TV shows and other TV spots. If you are living outside the U.S, sadly you cannot use Hulu.

Popcorn Time

​​​Popcorn Time

​Popcorn Time is a multi-platform streaming website for all users who cannot stand paid movie streaming sites. Popcorn Time is home to all sorts of movies from different genres. It’s a very easy site to maneuver and catch up on all the latest shows.



Does this movie streaming site sound reminiscent of All123Movies? 123Movies has a large amounted collection of movies along with exciting TV shows, cartoons, drama, and even anime. Users can find everything they’re looking for. However, you are never going to want to get off this site as all the movies are so addicting.



​SolarMovie has one of the best designs out of any movie-streaming website on the Internet. As one of the most popular movie streaming sites (plus free) SolarMovie has a rich stock of endless HD movies that cuts across various genres. Don’t see the movie you’re looking for? No worries, you can make a request and you’ll have your movie or TV show.

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