An Extensive 2500+ Word Guide to Freck Beauty Makeup

As someone who‘s tried and tested thousands of beauty items over the past 15 years, color cosmetics that enable easy self-expression hold a special place in my heart.

Freck Beauty first caught my eye on TikTok in early 2021 thanks to their faux freckle pens that give such a realistically natural effect. I‘ll admit I wondered if they were just another social media-hyped brand relying on influencer partnerships for sales.

But I‘m happy to say Freck impressed me with the quality and uniqueness of their entire lineup beyond the OG viral pen. Read on for my full guide to this buzzy brand.

Overview of Freck Beauty Makeup

Freck stands out from an oversaturated industry by celebrating self-love and diversity. The brand empowers those who feel constricted by cookie-cutter beauty ideals. Their messaging resonates with Gen Z and anyone pursuing unapologetic self-expression.

Freck Beauty began in 2015 when founder Remi Brixton grew frustrated by the lack of creative makeup options for faux freckles. Despite an initially failed Kickstarter attempt, she rebranded and saw immense viral success by 2017.

Today the brand offers 30+ products spanning eye, lip and face color along with skin prep and treatment items. While best known for faux freckle pens, their lineup has grown more versatile while retaining its bold DNA.

Here is a snapshot view of Freck‘s key brand strengths and potential limitations:


  • Vegan, cruelty-free formulas free of 2,700+ questionable ingredients
  • Shades made for versatile, universal flattery across skin tones
  • Buildable pigments allow customizable looks from natural to dramatic
  • Smart, inclusive messaging celebrates self-love and creativity


  • Concentrated formulas mean smaller product sizes
  • Component packaging is no-frills and delicate
  • Price points skew above drugstore and toward prestige

Now let‘s get into the details on must-have products from this buzzy brand!

10+ Freck Bestsellers Reviewed

As both a beauty editor and everyday makeup fan, I‘ve tested the complete Freck lineup firsthand. Here I share reviews of 10+ top items across categories, starting with their hero faux freckle franchise.

Freck OG

This finding started the Freck phenomena for good reason – it makes faux freckles so believable! The slim brush makes it easy to dot on clusters. I love watching them develop on my skin within minutes. The brown pigment looks surprisingly realistic on my light-medium face.

For $22 it seems steep until you consider a tube lasts 6 months with proper use. Just remember to apply lightly and build up intensity. Those with hundreds of real freckles may blast through it quicker.

Pricing: $22
Shades: Universal brown adapts to skintone
Size: 0.045 oz

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five stars for concept, shade inclusiveness and value

Freck Rich B*tch

This aptly named moisturizer proves you don‘t need fancy packaging or a triple digit price tag for glowing skin. The whipped texture feels ultra luxe and nourishing. My dry cheeks drink it right up for a dewy, smoothed effect without greasiness.

Vitamin C, plant oils and antioxidants make for an effective yet gentle formula suitable for all skin types. For $32 you get a generous 1.7 oz jar promising many months of use. Those struggling with winter dryness need this in their routine!

Pricing: $32
Suitable for: All skin types
Size: 1.7 oz

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five stars for hydration, soothing ingredients and value

Lid Lick Paint Pens

I‘ll be honest – my initial skepticism made me nearly overlook these paint eyeliners. How innovative could they be? Well turns out very! These give me vibrant matte color that actually stays put without fading or transfer.

The paint pen tips make application easier than traditional liquid liners. There‘s no skipping or having to dip back into a pot. At $16 each I do wish more shades were available. But the formula quality makes these a standout. They elevate any liner look.

Pricing: $16 Each
Shades: 4 Matte Brights – Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple
Size: 0.095 oz

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Four stars for long wear, easy application and formula

Freckle Slime Luminizer

This oil gel hybrid adds the most mesmerizing glow to cheeks, lips and collarbones without emphasizing texture or pores. The lightweight formula melts right into skin, leaving behind smooth shimmer minus glitter chunks.

As a liquid highlighter skeptic, I‘m so impressed by the refined, lit-from-within sheen. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to tap and blend just where you want luminosity. Of all Freck‘s shimmer offerings, this steals the show.

Pricing: $24
Shades: Universal translucent with pink/gold pearl
Size: 0.51 oz

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five stars for refined shimmer payoff without glitter

Cactus Water Toner

My sensitive skin winces at most exfoliating toners – but not this one! The 5% lactic acid helps smooth skin texture and improve tone without causing redness or stinging. Hydrating cactus flower extract prevents dryness.

After first use, my skin looked plumper and more radiant. With continued use 2x daily, the appearance of old marks and pores minimized. Those new to chemical exfoliation should slowly work up to daily use. But it‘s incredibly gentle by acid standards.

Pricing: $28
Suitable for: All skin types including sensitive
Size: 6.5 oz

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Four stars for potency, soothing properties and value

Supernova Shadow Palette

Craving showstopping shimmer? This palette piles on the dazzling toppers, glitters and pearls. There‘s a mix of dreamy, duo-chromes along with glitter gel and liquid shadows. I appreciate the mix of textures.

While ultra glam, these amped up shadows need careful layering and waiting in between steps. This makes application trickier and limits versatility for travel or rushed mornings. But the galactic payoff is worth it for party looks.

Pricing: $36
Shades: 6 Intergalactic Shimmers
Size: 6 x 0.08 oz (total 0.48 oz)

⭐⭐⭐ Three stars for over-the-top payoff requiring effort

That covers the new and noteworthy. Now let‘s get into the full Freck lineup.

Full Lineup Breakdown

Category Items Covered Price Range Top Shades
Face Blush (3), Highlighter (3), Bronzer (1) $16-$28 Cheek Slime, Slime Stick
Eyes Shadow Palettes (3), Glitter Liners (3), Paint Pens (4) $14-$36 UFOMFG, Lid Lick
Lips Lip Slime (3), Lipstick (6) $18-$24 Juice, Bae-B
Freckle Pens OG (1), XL (1) $22-$28 OG
Skin Prep Cleansers (2), Toners (2), Serums (3), Oils (3), Moisturizers (4) $18-$46 Cactus Water, Rich B*tch
Tools Sponges (2), Brushes (8), Sharpener (1) $8-$22 Powder brush, liner brush

Analyzing the Freck Beauty Brand and Marketing

Now that we‘ve covered the bestselling makeup offerings, let‘s analyze the overarching Freck brand.

A key driver of Freck‘s success is their marketing. Freck fiercely backs inclusion, self-love and creativity. This branding resonates brilliantly with younger generations. Strategically, Freck forges close connections with influencers who echo these values.

Hashtag promotions gain incredible traction on TikTok and Instagram. User-generated content does heavy lifting in raising Freck‘s profile. Partnerships with creators like Bretman Rock introduce Freck to millions more potential buyers.

Let‘s look at some key stats showing the power of Freck‘s marketing approach:

  • 108,000 Instagram followers with engagement well above industry benchmarks
  • Google searches for "Freck OG" in 2021 grew over 5000% since 2019

Clearly this creative, inclusive positioning sets Freck apart while driving profits.

Competitively, brands like Milk Makeup and Glossier also appeal to artistic types craving self-expression. But Freck takes individuality and irreverence further. Their vibrant colors and cheeky naming nod more to Too Faced. Formulation and cruelty-free standards lean toward Ilia or The Detox Market.

Overall Freck fills a lucrative white space celebrating uniqueness over chasing "flawless" standards.

Additional Freck Beauty FAQs

Let‘s finish up this guide with answers to common Freck questions:

Is Freck makeup suitable for sensitive or acne-prone skin?

Yes! All Freck makeup skips harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens and phthalates. Their non-toxic formulas minimize irritation risk even among reactive skin types. Of course test any new makeup on a small patch first.

What‘s the best way to apply Freck products for longevity?

Always start by prepping skin with moisturizer and primer suited to your skin type. Allow each layer to dry before adding Freck makeup. Set creams and liquids with powder to lock in wear time. And make sure you adhere to usage tips for products like the faux freckle pens.

Where are good places to buy Freck at a discount?

Freck offers limited discounts on their own website. But you can often save 15-20% sitewide at retailers like Revolve and SkinStore. Ulta also includes Freck products as part of qualifying beauty brand discounts.

What are some drugstore dupes for popular Freck items?

The L‘Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion provides similar sheer, luminous cheek color to Freck‘s Slime Sticks for under $12. And for faux freckles, the $9 LA Girl Freckle Pen wins praise as an affordable alternative to the OG Freckle Pen.

Final Verdict: Who Should Buy Freck Makeup?

At the end of the day, Freck Beauty provides accessible artistry and self-love for the colorful soul. Their quality and ethics impress me as an ingredient-conscious pro reviewer. Yet the branding and shade ranges invite anyone craving fearless self-expression.

Freck suits best: Creative types, artistic personalities, those feeling constricted by bland beauty rules.

Freck suits least: Those wanting subtle no-makeup looks, products heavy on luxury frills, extensive shade ranges.

So embrace your one-of-a-kind beauty with Freck. May their vibrant, inclusive ethos give you the confidence to freckle on, shine on.

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