The Difference Between Foam Mattress Vs Spring Mattress Vs Latex Mattress

We have prepared this comparison between three of the most renowned brands for your convenience so you get a clear view which of them has what to offer.

One of the most important and most ignored aspects of human life and routine is sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause a variety of diseases because it weakens the immune system of the body. One of the many ways to ensure good quality sleep is to get a mattress that matches your needs and your environment.


It must also match your sleeping posture and body type as well. Most people confuse the quality of sleep with its quantity. Mattresses significantly contribute to providing you a high quality sleep. According to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in 2011, over 92% of people think that mattress significantly contributes to providing good night’s sleep.

Waking Pain

As per another study related to sleep duration, having quality sleep enables you to reduce weight, live long and boost your memory. About this study, BBC has also reported that people who sleep less than 6 hours on daily basis are 12% more likely to die in next 25 years as compared to people who slept for 6 to 8 hours daily. Hence you need to focus on having good quality sleep and hence, buying a mattress that provides you with it.

There are three primary types of mattresses including latex, spring, and foam. In this article, we will discuss various features of each of these types and which one of them is best suited for you.

1. Foam Mattress

Foams are also called polyurethane mattresses and it is a chemical reaction of isocyanates and polyols with other compounds that are mixed. For increasing the density of a mattress, different types of blowing agents are used. Due to high density, foam mattresses become highly durable because their compression is reduced. Foams come at reasonable prices and some of them are of very low quality. In most spring mattresses polyfoam is used because it is highly durable and dense.


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Foams do provide plenty of support to the sleeper but they also lack support on pressure points. Instead of contouring, foams tend to sink; therefore, they are most effective for sleepers who sleep on their sides or are overweight. Memory foam is considered to be the best foam out of many polyfoams.

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Things we liked about foam mattresses

Weight distribution

Foam mattresses are good at providing excellent weight distribution. It is due to this reason many spring mattresses are equipped with a top layer made of foam mattresses.  

Durability & longevity

Foam mattresses are highly durable products especially if they have high density. It is one of the reasons why foam mattresses are very popular. They come at a very reasonable price and are extremely durable. It significantly increases the lifespan and enables the user to extract plenty of value.


In most cases, foam mattresses don’t have any issue of off-gassing. In some cases, the odor will go away after a couple of days as soon as they come out of the box. The smell of foam mattresses doesn’t stay for that long.


One of the top features of foam mattresses is that even if a mattress is made of the best quality in the category, it will have a very reasonable price tag. Affordability is one of the primary reasons why foam mattresses are still dominating the market.


Foam mattresses are very light in weight and even the thickest of these foams are not very heavy and you can conveniently maneuver it on your bed as per your requirements.


The thick versions or highly-dense foam mattresses are best suited for overweight people because foam mattresses provide excellent support to heavyweight people as they don’t get that sinking feeling.


There are different firmness levels that you can get opt for when it comes to foam mattresses because foam mattresses come with different levels of density and you can pick one according to your preferences and requirements.

Things we didn’t like about foam mattresses

Motion isolation

Foam mattresses are not good at motion isolation which means that it is not good for couples. Therefore, if you sleep with your partner then don’t opt for any type of foam mattresses because they tend to transfer motion from one end to another.

Resistance to dust, mold, and bacteria

As foam mattresses are made with a reaction of different compounds, none of them have any tendency to keep mold, bacteria or dust away. On the contrary, bacteria and mites fid foam mattresses ideal to take shelter.

Temperature retention

The tightly fitted molecules and highly dense molecules that are tightly fitted with one another don’t allow passage of air for ventilation through the mattress and for this reason, it remains heated throughout the night collecting heat from the body and not being able to disperse it elsewhere.

Bed activities

Foam mattresses are not ideal for bedtime activities because they are not very bouncy and they also tend to compress and stay that way for a long time. Lacking the capability of bouncing back limits the lifespan if it is frequently used for bedtime activities such as sex.

2. Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses have a series of springs that provide excellent support to the sleeper. The top layer which is also known as the comfort layer is made of different types of foams but most commonly used type is memory foam. These mattresses are slightly low on cost when it is compared with other mattress types.


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However, springs are a better option for most of the sleepers because they provide excellent support when it comes to handling pressure points as well. If the top layer of the mattress is made of high-quality material then it can increase their durability. In addition to that, springs can also come back to their original position and they don’t remain compressed.

Apart from all that, the spring mattresses are naturally ventilated because they don’t have any density and air passes through the spring construction very conveniently. For this reason, spring mattresses are best for warm regions or people who sleep hot. Moreover, spring mattresses don’t have any smells or odor associated with the chemical substances used in their construction.

Things we liked about spring mattresses

Motion isolation

It is one of the best features of a spring mattress and you can use it if you sleep with your partner. If one of you moves around a lot during sleep, the other one won’t get disturbed because spring mattresses don’t transfer motion from one end to the other. For this reason, spring mattresses are best suited for couples.

Sleeps cool

Due to the spring construction, these mattresses have an excellent attribute to retain heat from your body and disperse it elsewhere. They remain properly ventilated because they don’t have compact cells and have plenty of room for the passage of air, which increases their breathability.


These mattresses do offer some support but they won sag with time. It means that spring mattresses don’t take a shape of a single sleeper for good and the spring can bounce back as well.


The durability of spring mattresses is very high but most of it depends upon the top layer. Springs of this mattress can last for an extended period but the durability of these mattresses will be very high if the top layer is made of high-quality materials.


Spring mattresses come at a very reasonable price. They are slightly expensive as compared to the foam mattresses but are also more durable as compared to them. Therefore, high longevity adds value to the price that you have paid for the mattress.

Bed activities

Spring mattresses are the best option for bedtime activities because they are far bouncier than a foam mattress. You and your partner can enjoy those intimate moments with spring mattress because it doesn’t compress and quickly retains its original shape.


Different spring mattresses feel different because of the construction and various top layers used. It means you have plenty of options at your disposal to get that customized feeling according to your preferences.

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Things we didn’t like about spring mattresses

Wight distribution

The weight distribution of a spring mattress is not appropriate, even though if people find it very comfortable to use. Spring mattresses don’t work according to the body type and weight and for this reason, spring mattresses are not a suitable option despite being comfortable.

Resistance to mold, bacteria, and dust

Due to their construction, spring mattresses have plenty of room in them and don’t resist the development of mold, bacteria and dust mites. If the top layer is not made of hypoallergenic materials then, this will also add to the disadvantage of having a spring mattress.

Firmness level

Spring mattresses come with any standard firmness level and you cannot change it, therefore, if you are looking for a mattress option with altering firmness level then springs won’t serve you well because this is the area where you must compromise.


These mattresses have springs in them which are made of metal. It means that your mattress will have plenty of weight and you can’t move it around too conveniently.

3. Latex Mattresses

These mattresses are made of natural latex and some of the versions also have a blend of synthetic latex with natural latex. Latex is very popular for being extremely comfortable to sleep on and for this reason it is expensive as well. Natural latex is best because it is hypoallergenic and is excellent for people with sensitive skins. On the other hand, synthetic latex also comes with hypoallergenic attributes but it is not as good as the natural latex. The synthetic version is also less expensive as compared to natural latex. You can also find mixed latex mattresses as well as they come with 30% natural latex blended with 70% synthetic latex.

Latex Mattresses and its hypoallergenic nature

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These mattresses are properly ventilated and are highly breathable. For this reason, they become an ideal choice for people who sleep hot and for warm regions. Latex mattresses also have the capability of contouring to the body shape and provide excellent support. It comes back to its original form due to its bouncing attributes. Latex mattresses are stable and highly dense and can handle overweight people as well.

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Things we liked about latex mattresses

Weight distribution

Weight distribution and support is the best feature of latex mattresses because it is one of their natural attributes. Latex mattress softly addresses each pressure point and provides plenty of edges to edge support.

Resistance to mold, dust, and bacteria

Natural latex has built-in hypoallergenic capabilities and doesn’t allow dust mites, bacteria or mold to develop within the mattress. In addition to that these mattresses are environmentally-friendly and are safe to use for anyone.

Sleeps cool

Another huge benefit of latex mattresses is that it has high breathability because of natural ventilation. It means that you won’t sleep hot on it. Latex can acquire the heat released by your body and disperse it elsewhere to enable you to sleep cool throughout the night.


A latex mattress provides support and contours the shape of your body. They also don’t sag with time if you keep flipping them after every few months and treat them properly. Flipping your latex mattress will also increase its durability.


As mentioned above, flipping your latex mattress will help in increasing its longevity. Moreover, latex’s natural ability to bounce limits any chances of compression and further extends its lifespan.


Latex mattresses come with different firmness levels because different options come with varying densities. You can opt for a firmness level according to your preferences and requirements.


Latex is made of natural materials and its development and construction do not include any harmful chemicals or hazardous substances. Therefore, there are no irritating smells or odors. However, the synthetic versions might emit a little smell but it also fades away after a few hours.

Bed activities

Latex has a natural tendency to bounce which makes it an ideal option for couples to enjoy their intimate moments. Latex doesn’t compress over time and retains its shape quickly to prevent any permanent damage.


These mattresses can be used by anyone without any issue. Nevertheless, people with bulky body structure can extract the most benefits out of latex mattress because of its high density and capability to focus on specific targeting options.

Things we didn’t like about latex mattresses

Motion isolation

A latex mattress is one huge piece of single material it means that it doesn’t provide much motion isolation. It means that the mattress is not best suited for couples especially if one of you tends to move a lot during sleep.


Both synthetic and natural latex are highly costly and for this reason, the mattresses made of them have a high price. Latex mattresses are also not available on every outlet conveniently.


Both natural and synthetic latex materials are very heavy components and for this reason, the mattresses made of them are heavy as well.

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Wrap up

Selecting the right type of mattress for your home can assist you in getting the wholesome sleep that you have craved for a long time. Bear in mind that the quantity of sleeping hours doesn’t matter much if you are not getting quality sleep. Many people are not able to enjoy a good night’s sleep primarily because they don’t sleep on the right kind of mattress that suits their body weight, shape and sleeping posture. Therefore, choosing the right mattress will enable you to sleep well and get up the next morning ready to take on anything.

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