40 Best Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Do you enjoy relaxing in your yard and watching at your gorgeous exterior house décor? Do you like to make it more appealing with some extravagant window trim? Well, get ready to be amazed by these 40 attractive exterior window trim ideas.

Most people enjoy decorating their houses, and they incorporate multiple ideas for them to look stylish. And, that is not only for your home to look appealing but also to improve your mood and feel comfortable.

Outdoor décor is equally important as indoor décor. Many people pass by and admire different styles of exterior house decorations. An important part of the exterior of your house is the windows trim. From dark colors, historic colors, earthy colors to royal molding, Alexandria molding, and decorative frames, there are a ton of ideas on how to make the most attractive exterior windows trim.

That's why we have gathered 40 exterior window trim decorations to give you an idea of how to make it if you are planning to do so.

1. Old, but still gold

Old, but still gold

I don't know why but somehow when I see navy blue and yellow, I feel like no combination is that good like this one. Those two colors are like a match made in heaven, both different, but they create something special together. Even if this arched window is ancient, the yellow trim gives a modern look to it. Oh, and the wooden pot with the flowers is the piece of the missing puzzle.

2. Morrocan Architecture

Morrocan Architecture

I love these old architectures. There is something special in them with those gorgeous arched windows. The trim is very vintage-like, with the most interesting patterns and shapes. I don't know if you can see, but this is also a combination of blue and yellow; I can't help myself, I'm in love with that combination.

3. I Lovender you

I Lovender you

Exterior window trim is a very important part of a good-looking house so people can admire the beauty. But everything looks more vibrant and alive with a bunch of beautiful flowers. I love how these lavender beauties go so well with the exterior window doors. And the wooden window trim gives the most appealing contrast.

4. Window trim like in a dream

Window trim like in a dream

These types of windows are useful not only for brightening the space inside and for fresh air to come but also for adding uniqueness to the exterior design of the house. This window trim with a slightly darker beige color is just enough to bring a luxurious touch to this look. I don't need to repeat myself about the flowers; they make all the difference.

5. Stony trim

Stony trim

I love these historic architectures; they will always remain classics even in the 21-st century. Simple white arched window with stony trim and green window doors that breaks the monotony. If you are more into the vintage look, then this is the right idea for you. Just don't forget to add some floral beauties to make it even better.

6. Luxurious windows trim

Luxurious windows trim

These identical windows are such an incredible architecture with a luxurious touch. I especially like the stony trims and wooden window frames. The earthy colors dominate in this design, but the bloomed flowers in multiple colors give a lot of vibrance and are a lovely decoration. It is a breathtaking exterior look, don't you think?

7. “No trim” window trims

No trim window trims

There are different types of people when it comes to exterior decorations. This is a perfect idea for minimalists that like a modern touch to their windows on the outside. These simple windows have white window trims that are so thin that you almost think there are no trims. And, a black and white combination is always a good idea.

8. A cute exterior is always right

A cute exterior is always right

White painted bricks with white window trim and pastel blue window doors? Yes, yes, yes. It is so simple but so cute, gentle, and amazing. The greenery outside makes this picture alive and brings a lot of charm to the design. An Exquisite and remarkable idea for a pretty awesome outdoor.

9. Sophistication on the highest level

Sophistication on the highest level

A huge difference can be made only by renovation. No one can imagine that this house is from the 1930s and is incredibly designed with sophisticated elements to bring the modern style. Colors are carefully chosen to brighten up the exterior and refresh the overall design.

10. Attractive window trim

Attractive window trim

This design creates an amazing contrast with the blue bricks and white window trim. Casings are not always meant to be colored to have a beautiful exterior. Even in a plain white color, you can make it look attractive and pretty with just a little bit of imagination.

11. Colors add drama

Colors add drama

Windows are the eyes of your house. Anyone passing through can see them, so why not make them more dramatic? A green window trim on a beige Vinyl sliding is a perfect idea for a pop of color. And everything looks so clean and simple, which sometimes is the right choice to make if you don't have any idea.

12. Decorative trim

Decorative trim

Decorative trims always give definition and dimension as well as style to the exterior of the house. This simple window trim complements the rest of the clean white lines on the house. The color adds a contrast to the grey sliding, and that way, the house looks more exciting and beautiful.

13. Earthy color choices

Earthy color choices

This design is similar to the previous only in this case, we can see wooden-like decorations. I think that is so smart since both the white and blue colors have cold undertones, and the brown has a warm undertone. That way, you add more depth to the design and look a lot more interesting.

14. Black window trim

Black window trim

This is an interesting design when it comes to exterior looks. Black windows and window trim always pop out more and frame the view on the outside. It is so classy with a lot of character, and it brings a lot of drama to the overall picture. And also, the bricks go so perfectly together with dark colors.

15. It's classic and fabulous

It's classic and fabulous

Every color, every piece is made with inspiration and looks perfect. From the beige sliding to the wooden floor on the porch and the white trim on the windows. I think that this look is incredibly executed with a lot of inspiration. Perfect for relaxing on the porch with the morning coffee.

16. Wood for good

Wood for good

It's an incredible idea to make your window trim pop more and frame the whole look. Wood will always remain classic and be in style, so it is a fantastic idea to use it as a casing on your windows. This style is one of a kind, and it satisfies your eyes.

17. White and bright

White and bright

If you are a person that doesn't like to play with a lot of colors, then you should know that white is the right choice for everything. No matter the type of window trims in white color will look incredible anyway. This house with earthy tones has a distinctive exterior look.

18. Trim so slim

Trim so slim

This is an example of a pretty good job with the stonework on this house and no trim on that window. However, the green part of the house has beautiful gray and thin window trim that gives uniqueness to the overall design. Every part of this house tells a different story, and together they create the perfect fairytale.

19. Bold and beautiful

Bold and beautiful

I love how the window trims on this house look like they are one with the façade. Incredible play of colors since beige goes so well with brown and stony colors. Windows are wooden, which adds another vintage dimension to the design of the house.

20. Decorated window trim

Decorated window trim

It is such a lovely idea to decorate your exterior window trim since it will give your outside look a nice touch of style. Bricks and white color create a great contrast of colors that I think are outstanding. We have a lot of varieties to choose today that will make your outside look appealing and good-looking.

21. Candy cane decoration

Candy cane decoration

This gorgeous window trim gives you such a festive vibe with that decoration, and on top of that, it almost looks like a candy cane but with beige and white. It is an exquisite and one-of-a-kind look for people who like a different and unique approach to exterior decoration.

22. From the dawn of time

From the dawn of time

Many people love vintage-like decorations and architecture. This old house in Barcelona dates from 1901, and it has the most luxurious arched windows I have seen with amazing decorative stone trim. The decorative leaves made of stone are such an incredible addition to the already good-looking window case.

23. 3D window trim

3D window trim

It's one of the most amazing and unique looks I have ever seen. It takes a lot of courage to make this kind of window trim, but at the end of the day, everyone will stare at your exterior with eyes wide open. To me, this is one distinctive piece of work that looks outstanding.

24. I heart your window trim

I heart your window trim

In order to make an upside-down heart shape window trim, you will also need to have the window in the same shape. Now, I am not saying that this is for everyone, but I'm sure that many people will be amazed by this masterpiece.

25. Exterior paint color

Exterior paint color

We have seen a lot of simple ideas before with more neutral color choices. But we need to have some balance by adding an idea with some pop of colors. This amazing red-colored window trim with a gorgeous pattern looks so appealing. It will definitely catch the eyes of the passerby.

26. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Okay, it's not really a mirror, it's just a window, but that lovely trim reminds me of a vintage mirror wooden frame. I don't know why, but I like this even if I'm more on the minimalistic side of exterior decoration.

27. Black window, white trim

Black window, white trim

Let's change things up a bit, considering the least few ideas that were really brave and brave. This idea is more on the simple and minimalistic side, and I think that is beautiful. Simple black windows with white trim that gives your exterior a clean and chic look.

28. Black magic exterior

Black magic exterior

You can never go wrong with black color but with gray undertones to make it more gentle to the eye. With just the simple trim on the window and the door, you can create such a nice-looking contrast to your exterior. And, by adding colored elements like the chair and table, you break the monotony.

29. Arched window trim

Arched window trim

I have a special relationship with arched windows. I think they look gorgeous from the inside but a lot more from the outside. And, by making this type of vintage-y trim with a beautiful rich pattern, you make it look even more attractive. A lot of lovely ideas come from the past.

30. Calming space

Calming space

You may not think that is right, but windows can be a huge design element to your house's interior and exterior. You just need to make the right choice that will satisfy your decorative and practical needs. These huge windows with white trims add something special to the exterior design of this house.

31. Window trim with decorative elements

Window trim with decorative elements

You can always add a different pattern to your window trim to make it more interesting and stylish. For example, look how the tiniest decoration can make a huge difference in any design. You just need to use your imagination and realize your ideas.

32. Craftsman style window trim

Craftsman style window trim

Craftsman style is a type of architecture that comes from the Arts and Crafts movement in the 19th century. This window almost resembles a bay window with craftsman-style trim that looks so appealing from the outside. The colors have earthy undertones, and they go so well with the design of this house.

33. Window trim design so fine

Window trim design so fine

As I said before, we have multiple options available to choose from for window trim. I really love the brown window with the brown plant pots. They create such a lovely design, and the stony trim just gives closure to this beautiful exterior story.

34. Crown molding window trim

Crown molding window trim

This is a beautiful and outstanding piece of art that looks so breathtaking from the outside. That gorgeous crown molding window trim gives such a luxurious touch to the design, and it frames the windows nicely. Don't forget to add some greenery since it will make a huge difference.

35. Gold touch for a bit of richness

Gold touch for a bit of richness

You can always add a touch of gold to make your exterior a bit more on the luxurious side. Besides that, leave everything else plain and simpler since you don't want to make your beautiful design a big mess. Sometimes less is more, and that is definitely the truth.

36. Dark colors actually look good

Dark colors actually look good

Another craftsman-style idea, but this one is more on the darker side in terms of colors. But it actually looks so good because of the perfect color match. And, I really like wooden windows; I don't know why but somehow, they remind me of my childhood.

37. Stony façade, stunning exterior

Stony façade, stunning exterior

As I said before, sometimes you don't need much to make your exterior look stunning and perfect. The stony façade with the wooden window trim is a match made in heaven. Such a lovely combination of style and colors, but at the same time so gentle and simple.

38. Wood, wood, and everything is good

Wood, wood, and everything is good

Now, I would consider this if I decide to build a house, wood on wood; you can never go wrong with that. Looks so stunning and lovely. The gorgeous façade is a slightly lighter wood than the wooden trim on the windows, and that Is what makes it look so perfect.

39. Happy forest house

Happy forest house

This house reminds me of the houses that people have in the forests, and they are so cute. Earthy pop of colors in different shades, including the windows trim in the darkest shade of brown, and stand out the most. If you can, always add some floral touch to make your windows trim stand out even more.

40. One color window and trim

One color window and trim

Yes, you can always choose to use the same color shade of your windows on the trim. I like how they blend perfectly together and add a lot of vibrance to the white and plain façade. Similar colored flowers will only make the design more alive and outstanding.

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