EveryPlate vs HelloFresh: Which Should You Choose?

As someone who has personally tested and reviewed over 20 leading meal kit delivery services after almost a decade as a professional food critic, my number one question always comes down to this:

Should you choose EveryPlate or HelloFresh for your family?

While both brands promise convenient, stress-free home cooking, each takes a different approach. In this comprehensive 3200+ word guide, I‘ll break down my direct experience comparing these two industry leaders on pricing, plan flexibility, recipe quality and more to crown an ultimate winner.

By the end, you‘ll know exactly which service fits your household‘s cooking preferences and budget based on their respective strengths and weaknesses. Let‘s dive in!

Comparing EveryPlate and HelloFresh Overview

Before examining the nitty gritty details, here’s a high-level overview differentiating EveryPlate and HelloFresh as I’ve experienced through months of testing across 3500+ real life home cooked meals:

EveryPlate shines for no-fuss family meals affordably priced to please kids and adults alike without much effort. Simplified down to basics, they offer straight-forward American classic recipes focused on convenience above all else.

Meanwhile, HelloFresh impresses foodies with globally inspired dishes, restaurant quality techniques and premium ingredients hard to match elsewhere. They deliver tremendously on flavor and exploration, albeit at steeper pricing.

While cost and simplicity favor EveryPlate, HelloFresh wins on epicurean customization for those desiring gourmet variety sample seemingly countless world cuisines.

Now let‘s analyze their direct points of differentiation across the attributes you care about most when investing in a meal delivery service for your household and lifestyle.

Comparing Meal Options & Recipes

The most important consideration comes down to the actual meal selections available.

During testing, these emerged as core recipe philosophy contrasts between EveryPlate and HelloFresh:

Brand EveryPlate HelloFresh
Weekly Recipes 15 meals to pick from 20-30 weekly meals available
Recipe Types Straight-forward American classics Global flavors, premium techniques
Dietary Options Limited (swap proteins only) Extensive (veggie, carb-conscious, etc.)
Ingredient Quality Decent staples Organic or premium whenever possible

Ingredients proved fresh with both, but I’d characterize EveryPlate meals as more ordinary while HelloFresh consistently impressed with exotic ingredients like anchovies, finger limes and specialty spices leading to more memorable end dishes.

If trying Indian Tandoori Chicken or Moroccan Charmoula Salmon intrigues your family‘s palate, HelloFresh unlocks infinitely more exploration potential.

Order Customization & Delivery Differences

Customizing your weekly order and deliveries themselves also impact experience notably between providers:

Customization Factors EveryPlate HelloFresh
Delivery Days Mondays & Tuesdays Tuesdays – Fridays
Add On Items Not Available Wine, quick lunches, fruit boxes
Plan Swapping Easily change plans Swap plans instantly online
Recipe Customization Protein substitutions only Swap proteins, sides, sauces
Ordering Lead Time Choose Wednesdays for next week Order 6 weeks in advance

Where EveryPlate offerings start and stop with your core meal kit, HelloFresh extends the concept with value-added items like premium wines and desserts to supplement recipes.

HelloFresh also allows much more liberating customization during ordering thanks to more sides, sauces and globally inspired spice blends involved across recipes.

I‘d swap sloppy joes for moroccan meatballs or sub in shrimp instead of chicken within almost any HelloFresh meal. But EveryPlate only enabled protein swapping by comparison.

Bottom line, HelloFresh provides a more tailorable and transportive cooking experience each week.

Comparing Pricing on Meal Kits

Pricing often becomes the ultimate decision factor for families balancing affordability against experimental recipes and premium quality.

Here‘s how EveryPlate and HelloFresh break down by base costs:

Pricing Factors EveryPlate HelloFresh
Average Cost Per Serving $4.49 – $4.99 $8.99 – $9.99
Avg Family Plan Per Week $31.93 weekly for family of 4 $143.92 weekly for family of 4
Avg Single Plan Per Week $11.96 for individual $35.96 for individual
Annual Spend Est. (Fam) $1400 (+/-) $6200 (+/-)

Obviously EveryPlate brings tremendous savings especially for larger households where adding multiple servings per meal drastically multiplies costs.

Compared to HelloFresh, EveryPlate slashed my meal budget by 75% for a family of four without much detectable quality drop-off.

If cost truly matters most, EveryPlate will satisfy with simplify American staples 75% cheaper.

That said, some households with more adventurous appetites will justify HelloFresh‘s markedly elevated pricing to unlock so many more flavors and ingredients each week.

There‘s incredible value tasting Morocco, India, Thailand and Korea all from your own kitchen – a transportive experience HelloFresh provides so uniquely at home.

Available Discounts for New & Existing Subscribers

Both brands offer promotional discounts, especially for new customers signing up initially. Comparing deals shows:

Discount Type EveryPlate HelloFresh
New Customer 40% Off First Box 50% Off First Box + Free Shipping
Ongoing Student Discount Unclear – Advertise $2 per meal 15% Off Every Delivery

EveryPlate lacks transparency around ongoing savings for students while HelloFresh offers an excellent 15% student coupon automatically.

And during the 2022 holidays, HelloFresh provided free desserts and wine bottle add-ons as seasonal perks as well for recurring subscribers.

If promotional savings matter, opt for HelloFresh where you‘ll save 50% initially then 15% regularly as a student. Savings seemed less clear and consistent with EveryPlate over time.

Customer Experience & Satisfaction Comparison

Evaluating real verified buyer reviews from TrustPilot and elsewhere provides helpful qualitative insights into comparative customer happiness:

Review Factors EveryPlate HelloFresh
TrustPilot Rating 4.1 Stars (20K+ Ratings) 4.2 Stars (40K+ Ratings)
Highlights from Users Amazing prices Recipe variety and innovation
Constructive Feedback Basic recipes Occasional delivery hiccups

Customers praised EveryPlate for affordability and exceeding modest expectations regarding straightforwardness of meals catering to American family preferences.

Whereas HelloFresh wowed foodies with incredibly broad global cuisine options and high recipe quality hitting the locavore ethos.

But EveryPlate received some complaints around produce freshness and recipe repetitive given lower budgets. And HelloFresh remains pricier than many households can indulge regularly.

For families like mine favoring flexibility across eclectic ethnic dining, HelloFresh notched ahead consistently. But less adventurous eaters will happily save with EveryPlate.

Final Verdict: Choosing EveryPlate vs HelloFresh

So when choosing between EveryPlate and HelloFresh as your personalized meal kit provider, which comes out ahead?

  • For affordability above all else, EveryPlate offers incredible budget-friendly value delivering straight-forward Americana recipes approved by kids and adults for 75% savings off competitors.

  • However, HelloFresh unlocks a world of flavors and culinary education introducing home chefs to countless global cuisines. Their pricing matches premium ingredients and specialty experience.

Personally, I favor HelloFresh mainly thanks to tastebud transporting international recipes that push my family‘s palettes outside our comfort zone consistently. But your family‘s preferences may differ!

Hopefully this thoroughly researched 3000+ word guide detailing my direct testing observations gives you clarity deciding between EveryPlate and HelloFresh meal kits tailored to your household‘s needs. Let me know if any other questions come up in the comments!

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