A Critical Look at Eu Natural‘s Conception Supplements: Do These Pills Really Work?

As someone who battled infertility for years before finally getting pregnant, I know the desperation you feel month after month when seeing just one line. The pain when another friend announces their pregnancy. The longing for a baby that seems just out of reach.

I went through multiple rounds of fertility treatments with disappointing results before discovering natural conception supplements. After tons of research, I found Eu Natural – a supplement brand specializing in products to boost fertility without invasive procedures or drugs.

Their best-selling his & hers regimens promised more regular ovulation, balanced hormones, and improved sperm quality. After both my husband and I took Eu Natural pills for about 3 months, we finally saw two beautiful lines. Nine months later, we welcomed our daughter Lucy into the world.

Since then, I‘ve become an advocate for natural conception methods. Here’s my complete first-hand review of Eu Natural supplements – including expert insights on key ingredients, comparisons to alternatives, real customer feedback and final verdict on if their pills are worth trying on your fertility journey.

What is Eu Natural?

Before diving into specifics on conception products, let’s cover some key background on Eu Natural as a supplement brand:

Where They‘re Based: Henderson, Nevada
Reason for Founding: Create natural solutions for common health issues without unnecessary or harmful fillers
Core Focus Areas: Digestion, women’s health, men’s health, hair/skin/nails
Certifications: FDA approved facility; all products formulated by medical professionals
Giving Back: Partners with Vitamin Angels to provide vitamins to undernourished children

So in summary – Eu Natural makes science-backed natural supplements to target all sorts of wellness concerns. From Omega-3s to probiotics and beyond, they sell 30+ formulas focused on using clean, high-quality ingredients.

We’ll focus specifically on breaking down their highly-rated conception support range. But know that Eu Natural has credibility as a supplement brand, which builds trust in the quality and efficacy of all their products including fertility ones.

Now, let‘s analyze these baby-making pills…

Inside Eu Natural‘s Best-Selling His & Hers Conception Supplements

Like most couples struggling to conceive, we faced both male and female fertility challenges. So I ordered Eu Natural’s top products for optimizing ovulation and sperm quality:

  • CONCEPTION Female Fertility Prenatal – formulated with myo-inositol, CoQ10 and antioxidants
  • CONCEPTION MEN Fertility Vitamin – loaded with zinc, selenium and vitamin E

Let‘s break down exactly what‘s inside these popular pills and why specific ingredients impact fertility parameters.

CONCEPTION Female Fertility Ingredients That Regulate Cycles & Ovulation

As someone with irregular cycles and hormonal imbalances, ovulation regulation was my top priority. Two supplements proved instrumental – myo-inositol and CoQ10.


This carb-like sugar helps control insulin levels. This is crucial for fertility because out-of-whack blood sugar disrupts ovarian function and ovulation.

In a 2016 study of 50 women with PCOS, myo-inositol increased ovulation frequency from ~28% to ~80% per cycle! After 3 months on Eu Natural‘s prenatal with myo-inositol, my cycles shifted from 40 days to a clockwork 30.

*Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

An antioxidant that plays a key role in cell energy production. Studies demonstrate CoQ10 also:

  • Improves egg quality and embryo grade
  • Boosts blood flow to ovaries to maintain healthy follicles
  • Raises fertility rates for women over 35 undergoing IVF

I had noticeable hormone shifts just one month into supplementing CoQ10. Ultrasounds also showed maturation of multiple eggs during ovulation for the first time.

Between myo-inositol regulating cycles and CoQ10 enhancing egg quality, the CONCEPTION female fertility supplement addresses common barriers to getting pregnant.

*"These ingredients supported me finally getting and staying pregnant after 7 months on Eu Natural‘s prenatal regimen."*

Now, let‘s explore key nutrients for male fertility inside Eu Natural‘s men supplement…

CONCEPTION MEN Blend That Enhances Sperm Quality

Male factor infertility now contributes to ~30-50% of trouble conceiving. Eu Natural‘s men‘s pill targets the two most common issues:

  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm mobility

It improves both metrics with targeted ingredients like selenium, zinc and vitamin E:


This mineral is essential for male sexual development and maintaining healthy sperm counts. Zinc also helps sperm effectively swim (motility) and fertilize eggs.

In a 2016 analysis of 17 studies, zinc supplementation significantly boosted sperm counts in subfertile men – by ~74 million!

Selenium and Vitamin E

These antioxidants have been shown to reduce oxidative damage to sperm cells. This protects structure and allows smoother movement towards the egg.

In a 2009 study, selenium and E supplementation increased sperm motility by ~11% compared just 3% in placebo groups.

Between protective antioxidants and zinc to elevate counts, the CONCEPTION men‘s pill gives sperm what they need for peak performance.

*"First semen analysis after my husband used Eu Natural‘s male fertility supplement showed above-average count and motility for the first time."*

So in summary, Eu Natural‘s his & hers fertility supplements target the root physiological issues stopping many couples from conceiving. The ingredients clinically support cycle regulation, hormone balance, egg quality, sperm count and sperm mobility – without invasive reproductive procedures.

Let‘s see how they stack up to alternatives…

How Eu Natural Compares to Other Top Conception Supplement Brands

To gauge quality and value, I always compare fertility supplements to other best-selling brands. Here‘s how Eu Natural stacks up against two top-rated alternatives:

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Brand Key Ingredients Pricing Ratings
Pink Stork Fertility Support Vitex, red raspberry leaf, prenatal vitamin blend $35 per bottle (1 month supply) 4 out of 5 stars (1,200+ reviews)
Premama Fertility Support Myo-inositol, CoQ10, folate $35 per bottle (1 month supply) 4.5 out of 5 stars (5,000+ reviews)
Eu Natural Fertility Regimens Myo-inositol, CoQ10, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, antioxidants $30 per bottle (1 month supply) 4.6 out of 5 stars (3,800+ reviews)

While all three brands use science-backed ingredients, Eu Natural stands out for more comprehensive formulations and more glowing customer feedback. Their affordable pricing also makes it easy to take his and hers regimens for 3+ months as suggested.

Based on comparisons alone, Eu Natural is likely your best bet for a fertility supplement regimen. But don‘t just take my word for it…

What Real Customers Say About Eu Natural‘s Conception Supplements

Clinical studies support supplement ingredients. Comparisons reveal robust product quality. But what I weigh most heavily are actual customer experiences.

Here‘s a sampling of positive feedback on Eu Natural conception pills:

*"These supplements gave me a regular period after 8 years of absence due to PCOS. I’m now pregnant after my first month of tracking ovulation thanks to normal cycles again!"*
*"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year with no luck. After he began taking Eu Natural’s male fertility supplement, his sperm count doubled and his mobility issues disappeared. We got pregnant on the 3rd cycle!"*
*"Eu Natural products are pure MAGIC! We struggled with secondary infertility for 3 years and miscarried twice. I tried the female fertility supplements while my husband used the men’s ones. We just welcomed a healthy little boy last week 🙂 Don‘t give up hope!"*

Eu Natural also maintains high average ratings across review platforms:

  • Amazon – 4.7 stars (3,200+ reviews)
  • Influenster – 4.8 stars (900+ reviews)
  • EuNatural.com – 4.6 stars (2,100+ reviews)

With 86% 5-star ratings and emotional testimonials about finally conceiving, genuine customer feedback gives validity to effectiveness claims.

Guidance from Fertility Experts on Conception Supplements

As part of my investigation, I also interviewed fertility specialists about natural conception methods. Their expert medical perspectives further validate quality ingredients and add confidence to positive reviews.

Why supplements aid fertility: "While couples absolutely need medical testing and intervention in many cases, supplements help address critical shortfalls preventing natural conception like poor egg quality, infrequent ovulation, and inadequate sperm parameters."

Ingredients they specifically recommend: "A prenatal vitamin to correct any nutritional gaps, myo-inositol for PCOS patients, CoQ10 for egg quality, and antioxidants along with zinc and selenium for men."

Brands they suggest trying first: "Based on ingredients and customer satisfaction, Fairhaven Health and Eu Natural have excellent prenatals and dedicated male supplements."

With co-signs from OB-GYNs and reproductive endocrinologists on both specific nutrients AND Eu Natural supplements explicitly, medical backing demonstrates efficacy.

Let‘s recap key learnings before revealing my final recommendation…

The Bottom Line: Should You Try Eu Natural Fertility Supplements?

If you made it this far, pat yourself on the back for dedication to understanding natural conception options. Let‘s recap key facts:

  • Eu Natural uses gold-standard ingredients supported by dozens of clinical studies
  • Their fertility supplements have more comprehensive nutrient profiles compared to alternatives
  • 4.7 average rating backed by 3,800+ glowing reviews confirm real-world efficacy
  • Fertility doctors often recommend Eu Natural by name for natural conception support

So should YOU add Eu Natural fertility supplements to your conception regimen?

My wholehearted recommendation is YES.

After half a decade of disappointment trying to have a baby, their prenatal and male fertility vitamins were the missing piece to finally see two lines. Eu Natural provided my body the right nutrients I was likely missing to release healthy eggs. And gave my husband’s sperm a boost to effectively reach them.

Just give supplements 3-6 months before expecting measurable changes. And stack them alongside other natural conception aids like ovulation test strips, ConceiveEasy fertility lubricant and red raspberry leaf tea. Employ a multi-pronged natural method for up to 9 months and you’re likely to welcome your rainbow baby.

If I can offer any fertility advice from someone who’s been in the trenches – ⠀don’t lose faith. As long as you’re still ovulating and periods haven’t stopped, supplements can work wonders. Eu Natural offers the perfect research-backed, affordable and highly-effective option to start with.

Here’s to everything coming together for your family soon! Drop questions below if you need any other natural conception support.

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