The Most Popular Essential Oil of 2021: Nature’s Answer

Essential oils are becoming quite the talk and have been used in everything from medicine to fragrances for thousands of years in history.

Plant extracts are produced by steaming, distilling, or pressing various parts of a plant, including the flowers, bark, seeds, leaves, or fruit, to capture the compounds. Exquisitely crafted for specific purposes, essential oils contain the therapeutic and medicinal properties necessary.

The University of Minnesota acknowledges there have been clinical studies in Europe, Australia, Japan, India, the United States, and Canada that describe various oils' remarkable healing properties. One recent poll found that a third of Americans believe in the health benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy. Oils have grown into a vast market, with numerous companies offering many unique choices. Each individual should look for essential oil blends that appeal to their scent palate and specific health needs.

Popular Selections

Essential oils are absorbed by the skin. A massage therapist might add a drop to help relax tight muscles. Skincare companies like Laneige, may add it to lotion or bath salts to create a soothing experience with a subtle fragrance. While choosing oils must be a personal choice, here are a few crowd favorites that smell amazing and have numerous health benefits. With roughly 400 different essential oils from around the globe, and numerous blends, there is no lack of options.

Essential oils

  • Peppermint can promote healing, reduce inflammation, boost athletic performance, ease IBS symptoms, and alleviate headaches. IBS is one of those illnesses that is particularly challenging because it is hard to diagnose and even harder to treat. Besides digestive issues, it can deliver crippling pain to the sufferer. Peppermint extract is not a cure. But it can provide temporary relief to sufferers who have had no luck with more traditional medications.
  • Lavender’s relaxing scent can ease stress, decrease headaches, and combat pain. Tea tree oil is used in wound care, eliminating head lice, easing fungus, and controlling dandruff.
  • Bergamot helps reduce stress, alleviate pain, and inflammation.
  • Rosemary not only promotes circulation, it is one of the top essential oils for dealing with arthritis. Many people find themselves in a no man's land when it comes to treatment. The arthritis is bad enough to cause debilitating pain, but not bad enough to warrant a hip or knee replacement. The sufferer is left to try to manage the pain the best they can with insufficient tools. Essential oils like rosemary is the key to relief for many sufferers.
  • Chamomile assists in anxiety reduction. Ylang-ylang reduces tension, stress, and insomnia.
  • Eucalyptus calms coughs and relieves nasal congestion, headaches, joint and muscle pain.
  • Rose geranium users find that it helps repel insects. Orange oil reduces inflammation and also has natural antioxidants.
  • Patchouli is appreciated for its antibacterial properties. Lemon oil can help brighten and rejuvenate dull skin and has detoxifying properties that eliminate blemishes.

Ensure Proper Use

Essential oils are safe but potent, so use caution when starting. Never put it directly on skin or hair unless it’s diluted with a carrier oil. Always use essential oils according to label directions. Healthline advises for adults, around 15 drops of essential oil to 6 or 7 teaspoons of carrier oil is a good ratio. For children, use less essential oil, approximately 3 to 5 drops to 6 teaspoons of carrier oil. Always consult your child’s pediatrician before use.

Also, keep in mind, every person’s skin is different. Before using an essential oil on your skin, it’s vital to do a patch test. This test allows you to see how your skin will react. Never ingest any essential oil. Essential oils can sometimes help calm down pets but always check with your pet’s veterinarian before using them.

To retain your oil’s freshness, store it in a cool, dark place. It isn’t necessary to refrigerate essential oils. If you wish to refrigerate the oil, enclose the bottle in an airtight bag so that the oil scent doesn’t affect your food. Don’t pour essential oils directly into the bathwater, as they’ll bead up and not blend with the water. Mix your essential oils of choice with a carrier oil first, then combine.

Purity Matters

Do your research on selecting a trusted manufacturer that’s transparent about oil extraction methods and plant sources. When possible, look for organic oils and make sure oils are pure in the source, choosing manufacturers open about countries of origin.

Essential oils packaged in dark-colored glass bottles tend to last longer. As with any new product, make sure you consult a trained professional. Don’t believe everything you read, explore, and learn.

Be sure to see your doctor to make sure your symptoms are not a sign of something more serious than you thought. Essential oils genuinely have so many benefits at any age. They are excellent for those looking to help them with numerous issues and can be a better option than traditional medicine. With a bit of education, time, and exploration, you’ll be able to use nature to your benefit and tap into their power. It’s incredible to use products from nature as a way to heal, grow, and learn. Enjoy your new essential oil adventure; your body will thank you for it.

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