Simple Strategies to Build an Effective Business Sales Deck

Do you know the secret to sales success? A sales deck or a presentation! It is indeed an essential instrument for generating deals and sales. And just like any other instrument, you want to make sure your sales deck or sales pitch powerpoint is in tune with what will resonate with your audience and generate the most excitement.

This article will walk you through simple strategies on how to create an effective business sales deck so that you can start making more deals! Plus, we’ll show some sales deck examples to get you started!

Start Building an Effective Sales Deck

Without a doubt, an effective sales deck translates into sales. Defining the sales deck goals and objectives will help you understand how it should be used, which in turn helps determine its content.


Determine the Purpose

Before you begin creating a sales deck, it's important to define the purpose of your sales deck. Having a clear idea of why you are creating a sales deck will help you determine what it should contain. Once you have defined the purpose of your sales deck, then define some SMART-specific business outcomes that can be accomplished by achieving this goal.

For example, if one of your intentions is to create more interest amongst prospects, then having specific metrics in place would ensure that you can achieve this outcome efficiently. As the business outcomes are defined before going any further, you will have direction throughout each stage of building business sales decks.

Start with Your Executive Summary

The executive summary at the beginning of your sales pitch deck is your first impression. It signals to the reader whether they should continue reading or not. If you are doing a sales pitch, then this section becomes even more important as it will determine if the prospect continues for further information.

The sales deck executive summary should be a short paragraph or a bulleted list that gives an overview of your business, the value you provide, and how it will benefit the prospect.

Build out Content That Supports Key Business Objectives

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As soon as you define your goals and objectives, you can figure out what type of content will serve you best in achieving them. This is where sales decks typically go wrong. Many presenters want all their information in one place, which makes the deck longer than it needs to be, and clutters each slide with too much text.

To avoid this mistake, start by getting rid of any slides that are not essential for achieving your business objectives or supporting key messages. Identify who your audience is and then write out a list of questions they might have after reading through your sales deck. Through this, you can structure each section around addressing their potential issues or questions upfront.

Use the Right Formatting

Once you have defined why you need a sales deck in a product pitch presentation, how it supports specific business outcomes and what content will best serve to achieve these goals, you can start thinking about the right format for your sales deck.

A sales deck should follow a simple grid layout with each slide containing three main elements:

  • Title – Bold and in charge! Don’t forget to provide an overview of why this information is relevant/important.
  • Image or Video – Add visuals so that the reader doesn't get bored.
  • Bullet Points – Break up the text by including bullets points when needed to support key business messages.

Don't Forget About Design!

After you've defined the goals and format for the sales deck, you can begin to think about its design. You want your sales deck to be visually appealing because this is what will initially attract attention to your information. Using a simple template with lots of negative space around each slide allows for images/videos to stand out while providing enough room in between sections so that there isn't too much text on one page–this makes reading easier! And remember: less is more when creating an effective sales deck!

Start by removing content that doesn't contribute towards achieving specific business outcomes, then use strong visual elements throughout your sales deck such as colorful graphs. If you are struggling to find assets online, Venngage does offer sales decks as a premium template option to help you start on the right foot!

Include Any Other Applicable Information

You may have some additional information that is not included in your sales deck executive summary but would be helpful for the reader. For example, if your sales team uses a CRM system such as Salesforce, including screenshots of how certain contacts are set up within this tool can give prospects an idea of what their account might look like.

Not only will this increase trust and credibility, but it could also potentially reduce sales time spent explaining these types of details after receiving interest from customers.

Another excellent place to include extra content is at the end—this gives readers something else they can refer to if they want to explore the topic more.

Build Your Sales Deck With Venngage

Use a sales deck template that is easy for your team members to update and send out each week. You must be able to adapt quickly when developing new slides, so be sure it doesn't require too many resources or time on your end! This way, salespeople can spend their time selling instead of worrying about creating and sending decks every single day.

Venngage offers several premium templates with different layouts and colors, which allows salespeople to customize what will work best for them while also reducing the amount of time spent on presentation creation. Below is a sample template so you can get a feel for what we have in store:

Blue Uber Pitch Deck Template

Key Takeaway

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Typically, a sales presentation begins with an introduction and an eye-catching story that demonstrates how you can solve their problem, followed by a background study of the company's needs, followed by product positioning that explains how your solution would benefit them.

With these simple strategies, get ready to create the best sales deck ever! Remember that Venngage offers several premium sales decks for inspiration and guidance on how to create stunning presentations with ease. This way, you can create a sales deck that can increase your chances of closing more deals!

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