DynastyMattress Luxury Grand 15″ Memory Foam Mattress, Eastern King, Review

An exact mattress can be the best friend for a sleeper but is it really easier to get the desirable mattress? Perhaps not. The qualities, features and durability may help you to choose the best mattress.

If you are finding a Medium soft mattress along with better firmness level then you are here to get the best memory foam mattress by renowned brand DynastyMattress.

dynastymattress new luxury grand mattress

This DynastyMattress luxury grand memory foam mattress, eastern king is influenced by lots of variation. The memory foam, air flow technology, beautiful cover and overall gigantic period of warranty make the mattress different. Let’s explore the more essence of this beautiful mattress.

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Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is considered as the best comfortable foam for the mattresses. Study shows Memory foam mattresses are very popular among the best selling mattress. This foam does have lots of superb qualities. Memory foam mattresses are, quite allergen and anti dust mite.

This mattress is blessed with four layers of memory foam and this foam wraps up three layers of polyurethane foam. Ultimately the mattress is blessed with 15” thick memory foam which is made of 7.5″ 5lb visco elastic memory foam and 7.5″ super resilience polyurethane foam.

Highly Comfortable Foam Layer

This one is 15” thick memory foam mattress and certainly featured with multiple layers of foam. Made of 7.5″ 5lb visco elastic memory foam and 7.5″ high resilience polyurethane foam which helps controlling the temperature and ensure the firmness level.

To confirm durability, firmness level and overall luxurious sleeping surface, each layer of the foam is designed separately and respectively. To let you enjoy the optimum comfort the three layers of polyurethane foams are totally covered with multi layer of memory foam.

dynastymattress luxury grand king mattress

Pain Relieving Mattress

DynastyMattress New Luxury Grand 15-inch 7.5 Memory foam mattress does have the magical power to alleviate disorder in the body which usually caused by wrong posture of organ. By the way, this mattress is able to understand the body’s temperature.

It contours the body shape which let you be relieved from pressure points along with tossing and turning. This one is dust-mite resistant so who are badly suffering from allergenic disease may prefer this mattress.

Exclusivity of DynastyMattress New Luxury Grand Mattress

  • This one is 15″ thick memory foam mattress where is made of 7.5″ 5lb visco elastic memory foam and 7.5″ high resilience polyurethane foam.

dynastymattress luxury grand 15-inch memory foam mattress

  • The airflow system is integrated to the layer of the foam to control the heat and balance the temperature.
  • Three Layers of the polyurethane foam is covered by four layers of memory foam which ensure the ultimate comfort.
  • To read the body temperature, it contours the body shape just because of alleviating pressure points.
  • The exclusive and dashing cover integrates a brown suede side fabric along with a stretch knit on the top.
  • This one is anti-dust mite mattress so anyone who does have the problem with allergy, may enjoy this DynastyMattress new luxury grand 15-inch memory foam mattress.
  • Smartly shipping procedures; it is rolled and later compressed for shipping in a beautiful plastic box.

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Frequently Asked Question [F.A.Q]

How does this mattress control the temperature?

Sleepers raise a question that usually memory foam mattress emit heat then how does it do? Because this is 15” memory foam mattress and each layer is designed respectively to ensure the desired temperature.

Moreover, this mattress is featured with airflow integration with the foam layer which ensures the beautiful sleep surface for sleeping. Even if you turn the AC off, would notice that the bed is not warm at all.

Will it be sagged with Long time?

Don’t be hesitant to think about whether this mattress becomes sagged or not. Be quite sure that it would not be sagged but consuming years after years; it can get into a little bit softer. So except changed a bit of firmness level, this mattress would never be sagged.

The potential customers who consumed it for a many years bear the testimony in favor of its durability and firmness.

Product Specification



Item Weight

140 Pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 76 x 15 inches


Dynasty Mattress

Item model number


Shipping Weight

140 Pounds

Key Factors of DynastyMattress Luxury Grand King

  • Four way zipper cover system.
  • It reduces tossing and turning.
  • Dust-mite resistant mattress
  • Air flow system to control the temperature.
  • Quilted 2” Euro-Top for sound sleep
  • CertiPUR-US certified mattress
  • Offer 20 year of warranty.

dynastymattress luxury grand


If you already have gone through the details about DynastyMattress luxury grand 15-inch memory foam mattress eastern king, then certainly fall in love in this beautiful mattress. DynastyMattress is the best manufacturer of mattress so doesn’t be hesitant about the brand. This mattress is made with thick memory foam and to control the temperature there has been best air flow technology whereas it works nicely despite turned off the AC.

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