Does Worcestershire Sauce Go Bad?

Making a steak without Worcestershire sauce is incomplete. Like any sauce, Worcestershire is mostly used to enhance recipes, although most individuals are not familiar with it. This condiment is composed of molasses, distilled water, and other spices; hence, it should be kept away from sunlight. The same way as other sodium sauces stored.

Does Worcestershire go bad? Yes, it does. The article will tell you more about it. Read on!

How to tell if Worcestershire sauce is spoiled?

The chemical composition of various condiments was explained in this paper. The review explained that most sodium-based sauces like soy sauce need to be stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. Here are ways to tell if your sauce is spoilt;

  • A layer of sediment at the bottom of the bottle

You should note that Worcestershire is not likely to go bad because of its composition. If there's a layer of sediment at the bottom of the bottle, it's normal and you just need to shake the bottle to dissolve it. However, the sediment also means the jar’s lid has been opened. It will attract the influence of bacteria; although vinegar is present, bacteria’s action will slowly reduce the quality.

  • Unpleasant smell

The smell of Worcestershire doesn’t change easily but can weaken, and the sauce can air out and degrade. Once it smells strange, no matter sour or foul, just toss it. For unpleasant smell is also a pointer that your sauce is bad.

  • Mold growth

If you don't close tightly, there may appear mold spots around the bottle. Mold growth indicates the presence of fungus, which means you're supposed to discard the spoiled Worcestershire. The main ingredients of Worcestershire are natural preservatives, tough, it's not common.

  • Strange taste

A strange taste is also another pointer. In this case, you can dip your finger in the sauce and have a taste. If it tastes anything different from the initial fresh taste, it should be discarded.

  • Gas accumulation

If the container is plastic and it appears puffy, it means there’s a pressure build-up. No matter plastic or glass containers, once the lid is opened and it makes a pop sound, the sauce is likely to be contaminated and should be discarded.

How long can Worcestershire last?

Understand that the main ingredients in the Worcestershire sauce are preservative. They have a long shelf-life and tend to last longer than other sauces.  However, the shelf life may be affected by several facts, like how and where you store, how often you open, etc. Almost, the best-by date is 18 months to 3 years. But the date is not an expiration date, but a time frame of how long that the product should retain quality.

  • Unopened

Irrespective of the container, it can last for 5 years if being stored in the pantry and being unopened. And it will be perfect in almost all cases. All you need to do is keep it in a cool and dry place. As its primary ingredients, vinegar and molasses can almost last forever. Besides those, salt and sugar also known as natural preservatives.

  • Opened

The moment you open the container, the liquid starts to access fresh air, thus the degradation process begins and the quality begins to drop slowly.
It becomes apparent when you leave the container opened for a long period. You can store the opened Worcestershire sauce in the refrigerator to preserve the taste and quality. This can last for more than three years if it’s adequately stored after each use.

Is Worcestershire sauce safe to use after the “expiration” date?

Worcestershire sauce

You can make use of the sauce even after the expiry date printed on the container, for it's just an estimated date which indicates the Worcestershire sauce remains its best quality during the date. Although it is advisable that you taste and smell before using. Since it still has a good smell and retains its taste, it’s okay to use.

How to store Worcestershire sauce?

Storing depends on whether or not the sauce is opened. It should, however, be noted that the unopened sauce would last longer than the opened. You can store them in the fridge or pantry.

  • Unopened

For the Unopened Worcestershire sauce, you can easily store them in any temperature constant, cool, dark place, the pantry or your cupboard is recommended. It's important to avoid direct sunlight. As long as it remains unopened, it can last indefinitely.

  • Opened

This is better stored in the fridge in other to keep out the activity of fungus. Keep in mind that always sealed tightly if not use. Storing in the refrigerator will also help to increase its shelf-life by 3-4 years. You can store it in the pantry as well, on the condition you won't place it from one place to another.

Can Worcestershire sauce be frozen?

All recipes or sauces can be frozen. If you do not finish the whole bottle at a go, you should keep the rest in the fridge to help preserve the quality. Worcestershire sauce is not an exception. If you’d be making use of the sauce within the next six months, you might not need to freeze. If you use the sauce occasionally, keeping it frozen is your best option.

Making use of the sauce from time to time might not necessarily warrant freezing, you could keep them in the pantry in case you’ll be needing it again in a couple of days.

It depends: Depending on the mode of storage and where it's being stored, you can decide to freeze or not. If you aren’t using the sauce and it's unopened, you might not want to bother about freezing. The sauce itself contains preservatives, which helps to sustain its quality.

Need to store in the fridge: If stored in the fridge, the shelflife of Worcestershire will be longer. If you can use up it within 6 to 12 months, it's no need to freeze it. The main ingredients of the sauce can keep well at room temperature.

You can freeze the Worcestershire sauce if you make use of it not so frequently. Once you opened it and had no idea when you can consume up, then freeze it. If you'll freeze it, make sure that there's enough space

What can Worcestershire sauce be used for before being bad?

The Worcestershire sauce can serve a lot of purposes, and it varies. Some chefs regard it as an essential condiment in making some recipes. Here are some of its uses;

  • An ingredient in a cocktail

Most individuals prefer cocktails with Worcestershire sauce because of the vinegar taste. Examples of these cocktails are the Virgin Mary, Red snapper, and Caesar.

  • Marinade

Making great marinade steak is incomplete without the Worcestershire sauce.

  • Cooking

For those who spend quality time cooking, a sumptuous recipe requires great ingredients. The Worcestershire sauce is also used in cooking delights and other delicacies, even in the home.

  • Making barbecue sauces

This is very common. If you hold a regular weekend family and friend barbecue dinner, this is not new. Worcestershire sauce is an essential condiment when making barbecues.

  • A sauce powder

The Worcestershire sauce is also used to make sauce powders. Most chefs are familiar with the usage.


If you're still in doubt that if you should consume it after using the above ways to tell, just toss it.
Worcestershire sauce, like every other condiment, can go bad.

Though it takes longer than most sauces, Worcestershire sauce may go bad finally as other condiments once being opened. If you're still in doubt that if you should consume it after using the above ways to tell, just toss it, for your safety.

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