Does Walmart Have A Fax Machine in 2022?

The short answer is no, Walmart does not provide fax machines for customer use in its stores or membership clubs in 2022. Read on to learn why Walmart doesn‘t offer faxing services, where you can find other convenient fax options nearby, and how much using a fax machine typically costs today.

Why Can‘t I Fax at Walmart?

You may be wondering why a huge retail chain like Walmart doesn‘t have fax capability built into its thousands of stores. There are a few key reasons why Walmart does not offer fax machines for its customers:

Fax Usage Has Declined Dramatically

Walmart carefully analyzes shopper demand when deciding which products and services to provide. According to the market research firm The NPD Group, household ownership of fax machines in the US has dropped to an all-time low of less than 20% in 2020.

Fax use by businesses has also fallen significantly over the past decade as digital alternatives like email, scanning, and cloud sharing services prevail. Walmart has likely determined that the cost of installing and maintaining fax infrastructure cannot be justified by the small minority of customers needing access.

Security and Privacy Risks

Maintaining a public fax system also introduces potential security issues. Customers could accidentally or intentionally access private faxes sent to and from the company. Walmart aims to carefully safeguard customer data and avoid liability concerns. Providing open fax access would pose challenges in that area.

Physical Retail Space is Valuable

Every square foot in a Walmart store is precious real estate. Shelves must be stocked with thousands of products that customers demand. Providing secure, hassle-free access to a fax machine would require dedicating employee staffing and space that the company deems better utilized for merchandise sales.

Strategic Focus is on Popular Services

Walmart‘s retail strategy focuses on maximizing efficiency to offer customers everyday low prices. Services like pharmacy, tire installation, money transfers, and photo processing align with frequently needed purchases. Faxing caters to a smaller niche of customers compared to these other profit-driving areas that better support Walmart‘s strategic priorities.

Where You Can Fax Documents Near Walmart

Just because you can‘t use a fax machine inside Walmart doesn‘t mean there aren‘t plenty of convenient options nearby! Here are the top places to fax documents when you need to send or receive an important fax:

  • Office supply stores (Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax)
  • FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers
  • The UPS Store locations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Libraries
  • Colleges and university student centers
  • Coworking spaces
  • Local printing and business centers

Many of these providers have fax services available for less than $2 per page, some even offer free fax options. And there‘s likely at least one or two of these alternatives within driving distance of your local Walmart.

Fax Machine Use Continues to Decline

It‘s clear why Walmart decided not to install fax machines in its stores – the usage of fax technology has decreased rapidly over the past 10-15 years. But you may be wondering just how few people still depend on faxes:

  • 20% of US households owned a fax machine in 2020, down from over 50% in 2003 (The NPD Group)
  • 21 billion faxes were sent in the US in 2000, compared to just 2.8 billion faxes sent in 2015 (Forbes)
  • Fax use by businesses declined from 83% in 2004 to 49% in 2016 (Forrester)

While faxing still occupies a niche in some industries like healthcare and legal services, it is clear that the vast majority of individuals and businesses have switched to more modern communication methods. Walmart has adapted its services to align with current consumer demand.

What Are Average Fax Costs in 2022?

The specific cost to fax can vary depending on location, but faxing remains a budget-friendly option for sending important documents. Here‘s an overview of typical fax rates in 2022:

Fax Location Cost Per Page
Office Supply Stores $1.25 – $2.00
UPS Stores $1.99
FedEx Office $2.00 (send)
$0.99 (receive)
Hotels Around $5 per fax
Libraries Often $1 or less
Colleges $1 – $2
Business Centers $1 – $2

Other factors that can impact overall faxing cost include:

  • Number of pages – Most locations charge per page, so multiple pages equals higher cost
  • Domestic or international – International faxes may have an extra fee
  • Convenience fee – Some places add on an extra $5+ service charge
  • Toll-free number – Faxes to 1-800 numbers may incur long distance fees

To save money, try to bundle multiple pages into one fax when possible, use a local fax number rather than 1-800, and avoid peak hours that may have higher demand-based pricing.

Buying a Fax Machine for Home or Office

If you regularly exchange important documents by fax, purchasing your own fax machine may end up being cheaper and more convenient than continually visiting retail locations.

Walmart sells a variety of fax machines on their website and in most stores. You can choose from basic models starting around $40 up to sophisticated machines with faster speeds and networking for $200+.

Some top options sold at Walmart include:

  • Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Fax Machine – $199
  • HP M148fdw All-in-One Wireless Fax – $149
  • Canon ImageCLASS Laser Fax Machine D570 – $179
  • Xerox B205/DNI Compact Sheet-Fed Fax Machine – $299

Be sure to account for ongoing costs like fax paper, ink cartridges, and phone line fees in your budget if you decide to buy your own machine. But having fax capability at home or the office can provide great convenience.

Alternative Ways to Send Documents without Faxing

Beyond old-school fax machines, we‘re lucky to have various innovative technologies that provide alternate options for sending important documents:

  • Email documents as scanned attachments directly from your computer
  • Use a scanner app on your smartphone to fax from anywhere
  • Upload papers to online storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox and share access
  • Try eFax services that provide a fax number to send and receive faxes via email
  • Print documents and mail them via USPS or private couriers like FedEx

While fax fills some unique niches, going paperless can simplify your life! Choose the right alternative to match each situation.

The Bottom Line – No Faxing at Walmart in 2022

The declining use of outdated fax technology over the past decade has led Walmart to focus its resources on more popular retail services. Although you cannot send or receive faxes at Walmart stores, abundant options exist nearby including office supply shops, shipping stores, hotels, libraries, and colleges.

Typical fax costs range from $1 – $2 per page on average. If you regularly fax documents, purchasing your own machine can make sense too. But for occasional needs, visit a retail provider in proximity to Walmart when you need to get an important document sent or received via fax.

So while Walmart strives to offer customers great convenience and prices, fax machines won‘t be coming to their stores anytime soon. Thankfully better technologies exist today to help you easily digitize and send documents without waiting in line at the fax machine!

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