Does Lowe‘s Sell Glidden Paint in 2024? (The Surprising Answer)

If you‘re planning a painting project for your home‘s interior or exterior, you may be wondering: does Lowe‘s sell Glidden paint products?

Glidden is one of the most popular and well-known paint brands on the market. But surprisingly, if you head to your local Lowe‘s store or shop online at, you won‘t find Glidden paints available for purchase.

The short answer is no – Lowe‘s does not currently sell Glidden brand paints in its stores or online as of 2023.

This absence of one of the top paint manufacturers may seem odd for a huge home improvement retailer like Lowe‘s. Keep reading to understand why Lowe‘s doesn‘t sell Glidden paint, where you can buy it, the best alternate paint brands at Lowe‘s, and ultimately how to choose the right paint for your project.

Why Doesn‘t Lowe‘s Sell Glidden Paint?

Given Glidden‘s reputation as a leading paint label, why have they been left off the shelves at Lowe‘s? There are a few likely explanations.

Exclusive Home Depot Partnership

One of the main reasons is that Glidden paints are only sold through The Home Depot in the US, according to the Glidden website. Home Depot has an exclusive retail partnership to stock Glidden products in their stores nationwide.

And as one of Home Depot‘s biggest competitors in the home improvement industry, it makes sense why Lowe‘s chooses not to sell Glidden paints.

Focus on Private Label Brands

Lowe‘s devotes significant retail space and marketing efforts to promote its own private label paint brands, like HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams which is exclusive to Lowe‘s.

Pushing these private label paints helps drive foot traffic and sales for Lowe‘s, rather than promoting big national brands like Glidden that are available elsewhere.

Newer, Less Expensive Options

Lowe‘s also focuses shelf space on newer, more budget-friendly paint brands like Valspar and Kilz. For example, a gallon of Valspar Signature might retail between $25-$35 per gallon, while Glidden Premium runs $40-$50 per gallon at Home Depot.

Positioning itself as a value home improvement retailer, Lowe‘s markets more affordable paints as a strategy to compete against pricier brands carried at independent paint stores and by competitors.

Where Can You Buy Glidden Paint?

If your heart is set on Glidden for its reputation, performance, or color options, where are your best options for purchasing it locally?

The Home Depot

As mentioned earlier, The Home Depot is the exclusive retailer for the complete line of Glidden paints thanks to a special partnership. At any Home Depot location around the US, you can find Glidden interior and exterior paints in various sizes and sheens.

You‘ll also find helpful guidance on choosing Glidden products by speaking with knowledgeable store staff. Online, allows you to order Glidden paint for delivery or in-store pickup.


Many Walmart stores with home improvement departments also stock select interior and exterior paints from the Glidden line, primarily the lower-priced Essentials and Diamond offerings. However, color choices and availability may vary greatly by location.

Check with your local Walmart or on to see current Glidden paint inventory. Keep in mind you may not find the same breadth of products compared to Home Depot.

Independent Retailers

In some regions, you may be able to find Glidden paints stocked at smaller independent paint stores, hardware stores, or home improvement retailers. This availability tends to be sporadic based on local distributor relationships.

Your best bet is to call around to retailers in your area to check what Glidden products they have in stock. Going this route means forgoing the convenience and color selection of Home Depot.

Direct from Glidden

As a last resort, you can order paint directly from Glidden‘s website. However, you‘ll pay a premium for shipping and still have to arrange pickup or delivery yourself. Most consumers will save time and money buying Glidden paint from major local retailers instead.

Does Lowe‘s Have Its Own Brand of Paint?

While Lowe‘s doesn‘t have a complete proprietary brand of paint, it does have several exclusive paint lines you won‘t find anywhere else thanks to partnerships with major manufacturers:

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

This is one of Lowe‘s most heavily marketed paint lines – in fact, it‘s the #1-selling paint brand at Lowe‘s. It offers interior, exterior, primers, stains, and specialty finishes you won‘t find under the main Sherwin-Williams brand elsewhere.

As a trusted manufacturer paired with HGTV‘s style credibility, it‘s a paint line unique to Lowe‘s that drives brand loyalty and sales.

Valspar Reserve

Lowe‘s also has exclusive access to the top-tier Valspar Reserve line of paints. It competes with premium brands for quality and color options. You can only buy Valspar Reserve at Lowe‘s in stores and online.


This exterior stain product is also a Lowe‘s exclusive under the Valspar label. It offers maximum waterproofing and UV protection for decks, fences, and siding.

So while Lowe‘s doesn‘t have a true proprietary paint brand, these private label exclusives give consumers a reason to choose Lowe‘s for their paint needs over other retailers.

Paint Brands Sold at Lowe‘s

Glidden may not make the shelves, but Lowe‘s still stocks plenty of top national paint brands for all your interior and exterior painting projects:

  • Sherwin-Williams – A leading paint manufacturer, Lowe‘s offers the full line of interior and exterior Sherwin-Williams paints and primers. The HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams line is also exclusive to Lowe‘s.

  • Valspar – Lowe‘s has several tiers of this budget-friendly brand owned by Sherwin-Williams, from the entry-level Signature line to the high-end Reserve paints only at Lowe‘s.

  • Kilz – Known for its primers, Lowe‘s also stocks Kilz interior paints, mold-blocking primers, floor paints and more.

  • Rust-Oleum – Find specialty Rust-Oleum products at Lowe‘s like spray paints, concrete stains, deck resurfacing products, and wood finishes.

  • Thompson‘s WaterSeal – Get exterior wood stains and waterproofing sealants under this trusted brand name at Lowe‘s.

Paint Brands at Lowe‘s Description
Sherwin-Williams Top-selling premium brand, including HGTV Home exclusive line
Valspar Budget to high-end paints, plus exclusive Reserve line
Kilz Broad range of primers, mold-blockers, and interior paint
Rust-Oleum Specialty paints and finishes for outdoor surfaces
Thompson‘s WaterSeal Exterior wood stains and sealants

Lowe‘s also stocks high-quality applicators and accessories from brands like Purdy and Wooster to tackle any paint job.

Types of Paint Sold at Lowe‘s

In addition to trusted brands, Lowe‘s offers virtually every type of paint product you might need for home projects:

  • Interior paint – Ceiling, wall, trim, door, furniture, and specialty paint for indoor use. Sold in various sheens and finishes.

  • Exterior paint – House paints for siding, shutters, stucco, fences, and outdoor furniture. Durable against weathering.

  • Primers – Essential prep undercoats like stain-blocking, bonding, sealing, and mold-resistant primers.

  • Stains – Interior and exterior wipe and spray stains for wood, concrete, and masonry. Offer protection and color.

  • Specialty paints – Unique textures and finishes like chalk paint, pearl finishes, textured paint with sand or glitter, and more.

  • Spray paint – Convenient aerosol-based paints for quick indoor and outdoor touch ups.

Lowe‘s stocks virtually any sheen you might need for walls, trim, cabinets, doors, and more:

  • Flat or matte finish for ceilings and low-traffic walls
  • Eggshell or satin for bedrooms, family rooms, and hallways
  • Semi-gloss for kitchens, baths, doors, and window trim
  • Gloss or high gloss for high-moisture areas and easy cleaning

Here are some top-rated paint bestsellers at Lowe‘s that offer quality comparable to Glidden:

Help Choosing the Perfect Lowe‘s Paint

With so many quality paint options at Lowe‘s, how do you choose? Here are some handy tips:

Compare paint types and finishes – Match the right paint sheen to each surface. Eggshell or satin works for most walls and ceilings. Use semi-gloss on moldings and trim. Exterior paint should have maximum UV protection.

Read reviews – Check the Lowe‘s website for customer ratings and feedback on specific paint products before you buy. This can reveal potential application issues or which paints provide the best hide and durability.

Compare warranties – Lowe‘s house brand paints like HGTV Home often come with lifetime warranties, while name brands may only guarantee 2-5 years of performance. This gives peace of mind if the paint fails prematurely.

Ask for help – Have paint associates at Lowe‘s tint testers so you can try different shades before committing. Get advice on formulas for different surfaces.

Use quality supplies – Invest in good brushes, rollers, trays, tarps, and prep supplies. Take advantage of paint sales to get top brands at a discount.

Start with primer – Use the right primer as a basecoat to help paint adhere properly. For example, Kilz Restoration Primer feeds and seals damaged siding.

Buy more than you think – It‘s always better to have leftover paint than come up short halfway through a paint job, so overestimate the quantity you‘ll need.

Lowe‘s Paint Services

Beyond a wide selection of paints and supplies, Lowe‘s also offers handy services to get your paint project done right:

Custom color matching – The store can scan a swatch of any color and have paint mixed to match in the brand of your choice.

Color consultations – Paint experts can suggest colors that work well together and direct you to paints that will achieve a desired look.

Paint mixing – Don‘t see a color or finish you want? Lowe‘s staffers can combine paints or adjust sheens to create custom paints.

Delivery – You can order paint online for delivery to your home so you don‘t have to lug it yourself.

How-to clinics – Free in-store classes teach DIY skills like proper painting techniques, faux finishes, deck staining, and more.

Taking advantage of these paint services at Lowe‘s can save you time, money, and headaches on your next painting project.

Should You Buy Paint at Lowe‘s or a Paint Store?

When it comes time to purchase paint for your home project, where should you buy – big box stores like Lowe‘s or smaller independent paint retailers?

Paint specialty stores offer some advantages:

  • Wider selection of premium or specialty paint brands not found at home improvement stores
  • Staff are often highly knowledgeable paint experts
  • Custom color matching and mixing services
  • May offer contractor discounts

However, Lowe‘s paint department has perks like:

  • One-stop shopping for paint, brushes, rollers, tarps, and more painting supplies
  • Ability to purchase online and utilize delivery
  • Onsite paint experts for product and color recommendations
  • Price matching guarantee against local retailers
  • Sales and promotions to get top brands for less

Ultimately, where you buy paint comes down to personal preference. Try getting quotes from both Lowe‘s or independent paint stores in your area to find the best deal on the specific paint products you want to use.

The Bottom Line

While Glidden paints aren‘t sold at Lowe‘s currently, you can still find endless high-quality paint options for every project. Browse top brands like Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Kilz, and Rust-Oleum that offer performance on par with Glidden.

And take advantage of Lowe‘s paint experts and color matching services to pick the perfect hues for your space. Visit your local store or to get started on your next interior or exterior paint project!

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