Does Kohl’s Sell Amazon Gift Cards In 2023? (Full Guide)

Hi there! Are you looking to grab an Amazon gift card during your next shopping trip to Kohl‘s? I‘ve got you covered with all the details on whether Kohl‘s sells Amazon cards in 2024, the available denominations, store policies, and more gift card options Kohl‘s offers.

Let‘s dive right in!

Does Kohl‘s sell Amazon gift cards in 2024?

The short answer is yes, Kohl‘s does sell physical Amazon gift cards at all of their retail store locations nationwide as of 2023.

Amazon gift cards are one of over 40 different popular third-party gift card brands that Kohl‘s carries in-store. So it‘s easy to pick up an Amazon card when browsing the gift card racks at your local Kohl‘s.

However, it‘s important to note that Kohl‘s does not sell any Amazon gift cards online. You need to shop in-person to purchase them. The Kohl‘s website exclusively sells only Kohl‘s own branded gift cards.

But buying at a physical store has the advantage of securing cards right away instead of waiting for shipping. So hit up Kohl‘s if you need an Amazon card in a hurry!

Why Are Amazon Gift Cards So Popular?

Before we dig into the buying details, let‘s look at why Amazon gift cards make such a sought-after gift in the first place:

Versatility – Amazon has everything under the sun. Recipients can use the cards to buy virtually any product they want from Amazon‘s vast online selection.

Convenience – No need to make a special shopping trip. Recipients can browse and order from the comfort of home.

Instant delivery – Amazon offers ultra-fast shipping on millions of items with Prime delivery. Digital gift cards allow instant online purchasing.

Universal appeal – Amazon really does sell something for everyone, making cards a foolproof gift.

Flexibility – Gift cards never expire, so recipients can shop at their convenience and split up use over multiple purchases.

Brand recognition – Amazon is one of the most recognized and beloved retailers. Shoppers trust the brand and appreciate the selection.

With these benefits, it‘s no wonder Amazon gift cards are expected to be the most requested gift card this holiday season according to the National Retail Federation‘s annual survey.

And over 67% of consumers said they‘d prefer a gift card over a traditional gift. So Amazon cards are sure to spread joy!

What Denominations of Amazon Gift Cards Does Kohl‘s Offer?

Now, let‘s look at the specific gift card amounts and options available for Amazon cards at Kohl‘s stores.

Kohl‘s sells a range of denominations from $10 up to $100. The most commonly stocked amounts are $25 and $50 cards. But availability can vary.

Here are the potential Amazon gift card values you may find:

| Gift Card Value |
| $10 |
| $15 |
| $25 |
| $50 |
| $100 |

Based on the latest holiday surveys, the $25 and $50 amounts are what most shoppers are looking to purchase. Amazon even sells high volumes of their own $25 and $50 digital gift cards online.

So Kohl‘s aims to stock plenty of the most popular $25 and $50 denominations. But keep an eye out for other amounts that may come in handy too.

I suggest calling your local Kohl‘s ahead to get an idea of what‘s currently in stock. Inventory fluctuates, and holidays see faster sell outs. You want to make sure they have the denomination you need before making the trip.

How Does Kohl‘s Amazon Gift Card Selection Compare to Other Retailers?

To give you a better idea of how Kohl‘s Amazon gift card selection stacks up, here‘s a quick comparison to other major retailers:

Retailer Denominations Fees Online Availability
Kohl‘s $10-$100 No fees In-store only
Target $25-$500 No fees Online and in-store
Walmart $25-$500 No fees Online and in-store
Amazon Nearly any amount No fees Online only
CVS $25-$500 Purchase fees Online and in-store

As you can see, Kohl‘s offers a solid range of denominations from $10 up to $100. This covers the most commonly purchased amounts.

The advantage of Target and Walmart is that they sell Amazon cards both online and in physical stores. But Kohl‘s matches their in-store selection and doesn‘t charge any extra purchase fees.

Amazon itself offers the most flexibility for custom denominations when buying digital cards online. But for physical cards, Kohl‘s has you covered with $10 cards for small gifts or a $100 card for a bigger splurge.

The takeaway: Kohl‘s provides an excellent in-person selection of Amazon cards to conveniently purchase while out shopping without any add-on costs.

Does Kohl‘s Charge Any Fees for Amazon Gift Cards?

As the table above showed, Kohl‘s does NOT charge any additional purchase fees, activation fees, or other hidden costs when buying Amazon gift cards in-store.

You pay only the face value amount printed directly on the gift card.

This makes Kohl‘s one of the most budget-friendly retailers to grab Amazon gift cards. You don‘t have to worry about tacking on service fees or surcharges on top of the gift card denomination like you would at some pharmacies or convenience stores.

Kohl‘s keeps it simple – a $25 Amazon card truly costs just $25. The same goes for a $50, $100 or any other amount card. No extra fees apply.

So you can feel good about getting the full value without spending more than the gift card amount itself. This allows your gift dollars to go further at Amazon without unnecessary fees chipping away at the balance.

What Payment Methods Does Kohl‘s Accept for Gift Card Purchases?

Kohl‘s accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, Kohl‘s store charge cards, Kohl‘s gift cards, and cash payments for gift card purchases.

This gives you maximum flexibility in how you want to pay. If you‘ll be shopping at Kohl‘s anyway, it‘s convenient to purchase a gift card using your Kohl‘s credit card or existing Kohl‘s gift card balance during the same transaction.

Or you can easily pay with a few dollars in cash if that‘s your preference. Top payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted too.

The only caveat is that Kohl‘s does not accept third-party gift cards like Amazon to purchase other gift cards. But all other standard payment methods are accepted.

Can You Redeem Kohl‘s Cash Towards Amazon Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Kohl‘s cash coupons and promotional rewards cannot be redeemed towards third-party gift card purchases, including Amazon.

Kohl‘s cash can only be applied to non-gift card Kohl‘s merchandise for sale on or at Kohl‘s stores.

So any Kohl‘s cash you have will need to go towards apparel, home goods, electronics, or other standard Kohl‘s products. You can‘t put that credit towards an Amazon gift card.

However, you can pay the full value of the Amazon card normally with another payment method and use Kohl‘s cash to buy other items in your cart. You just can‘t specifically apply Kohl‘s rewards to third-party gift cards.

While being able to stack savings would be nice, the fact that Kohl‘s doesn‘t charge added fees already makes their Amazon card pricing highly competitive.

Can You Return or Exchange Amazon Gift Cards Purchased at Kohl‘s?

Kohl‘s does have a general policy against allowing returns, refunds, or exchanges for any purchased gift cards – both their own Kohl‘s cards as well as third-party cards.

So if you purchase an Amazon gift card at a Kohl‘s store, you cannot return or exchange it later on if you change your mind or purchase the wrong amount.

The only exception is Kohl‘s will allow refunds or exchanges for their own Kohl‘s-branded gift cards within 30 days with the original receipt. But this excluded all third-parties.

For Amazon cards specifically, exchanges or refunds are not possible. However, if there is an issue with the activation or balance on the card at the time of purchase, you can contact Kohl‘s customer service with your receipt for assistance.

The takeaway is to select your Amazon gift card carefully during your initial Kohl‘s purchase. Changing your mind later on is not an option based on the no return policy.

Does Kohl‘s Allow Reloading of Amazon Gift Card Balances?

Unfortunately, Kohl‘s does not offer reloading or adding funds to any existing third-party gift cards – Amazon included.

Once an Amazon gift card purchased from Kohl‘s is fully redeemed and out of funds, Kohl‘s cannot add any more money to it.

Your only option is to buy an entirely new Amazon gift card for any additional funds you need. Kohl‘s system does not support reloads on previously purchased gift cards.

This is good incentive to buy a larger denomination Amazon card upfront if you anticipate the recipient wanting more funds later on. That way, they have a healthy starting balance to work with.

Alternatively, stock up on a few lower denomination cards to give as add-ons to future gifts when the time comes. But reloading one card isn‘t possible.

Does Kohl‘s Offer Any Discounts or Deals on Amazon Gift Cards?

While discounts on gift cards are rare at most major retailers, it never hurts to keep an eye out for any possible Kohl‘s coupons, promos, or sales that could offer a percentage or dollars off an Amazon gift card purchase.

Kohl‘s does run storewide sales events a few times per year that will occasionally include gift cards as an eligible category for discounts when purchased in-store. So be sure to check the fine print on any coupons during major sales.

Another spot to watch is the monthly Kohl‘s flyers that highlight special savings offers and product deals. Sometimes gift cards will be featured. Or you may find offers like a $10 Kohl‘s coupon with a $50 gift card purchase.

If there are any current gift card savings available, you can typically find them listed on the Kohl‘s website gift card page or on weekly ad flyers for upcoming sales.

Outside of limited-time promotions, the everyday price you‘ll pay for Amazon cards is the full face value with no Kohl‘s discounts. Still, it‘s worth keeping an eye out around peak gifting holidays like Christmas in case coupons emerge. Even 10-15% off an Amazon gift card would add up!

Do Kohl‘s Gift Card Purchases Earn Kohl‘s Rewards?

Yes, when you buy Amazon or other gift cards at Kohl‘s, the purchase amount applies towards earning Kohl‘s Rewards points just like other purchases.

For every dollar spent at Kohl‘s, you earn Kohl‘s Cash reward value that can be redeemed on future non-gift card Kohl‘s merchandise (remember, Kohl‘s Cash isn‘t valid on gift card purchases).

So gift card purchases essentially give you a rebate through Kohl‘s Cash to use later on non-gift items. Plus, you keep working towards upgraded Kohl‘s Rewards status levels by spending more annually.

This is a nice bonus perk on top of already getting Amazon gift cards at face value with no extra fees. It‘s a rewarding way to shop compared to buying gift cards at grocery stores or gas stations where you wouldn‘t earn any loyalty perks.

Does Kohl‘s Sell Any Other Popular Gift Cards Besides Amazon?

In addition to Amazon, Kohl‘s sells over 40 top third-party gift card brands covering categories like dining, entertainment, home improvement, and more.

Here‘s a sampling of some other big-name gift cards you can find at Kohl‘s:

  • Starbucks – For the coffee lover
  • AMC Theaters – Movies, popcorn, and more
  • Xbox – Gaming action
  • The Home Depot – Tools and home improvement projects
  • Target – One-stop gifting
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – Wings, beer, and sports
  • Barnes & Noble – Books, magazines, music and games
  • Fandango – Movie tickets and entertainment
  • Olive Garden – Italian fare and family celebrations

Kohl‘s aims to offer an all-inclusive lineup of the most popular gift cards to cover any gifting occasion. No matter if you need a romantic dinner, gaming marathon, home upgrade, or chill coffee hour gift – they‘ve got you covered!

Next time you‘re browsing for gift cards, spend some time exploring rows since you‘re sure to discover crowd-pleasing options beyond just Amazon. There‘s a little something for everyone‘s tastes.

5 Tips for Buying Amazon Gift Cards at Kohl‘s

Now that you know what to expect when it comes to purchasing Amazon gift cards at Kohl‘s, here are my top 5 tips for making the most of the experience:

1. Know the policies – Familiarize yourself with the gift card policies like no returns, no Kohl‘s Cash, and no reloads. This avoids surprises at purchase time.

2. Check availability first – Give your local Kohl‘s a quick call or visit to see what denominations they have in stock before making a special trip.

3. Inspect gift cards – When buying in-store, thoroughly check both the front and back of gift cards to verify they are undamaged and clearly legible.

4. Hold onto receipts – While you can‘t return Amazon cards, receipts provide purchase proof if any activation issues occur.

5. Buy early for best selection – Shop for gift cards in advance of holidays and birthdays when inventory is fullest. Popular picks sell out closer to gifting occasions.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Kohl‘s offers a quick, convenient, and budget-friendly way to purchase Amazon gift cards in-store without paying any extra fees.

While online ordering isn‘t available, Kohl‘s physical retail locations provide reliable access to a solid range of Amazon gift card denominations from $10 to $100. You can easily get cards for all your gifting needs.

Now that you know Kohl‘s has you covered for go-to Amazon gift cards, head to your nearest location and grab a few today! With the holidays right around the corner, Amazon cards make the perfect gift that anyone will appreciate.

I hope this detailed overview gave you all the tips and info you need to shop Amazon gift cards at Kohl‘s like a pro this gifting season! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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