Does Hummus Go Bad?

Before you consider buying hummus, it is an excellent step to find out if it gets bad. This article wants to check out how to tell when hummus gets spoiled and prevent it from getting spoiled fast.

How to Tell If Hummus Goes Bad?

Hummus is a type of staple you will notice when it has begun to get spoiled. If the smell and look are still perfect, then you are safe to eat it.


The first way to know if your hummus is spoiled is by thoroughly observing it. Hummus has begun to get spoiled once you discover that it has started growing mold or started fermenting.

Let’s check out the different ways to tell when hummus goes bad:

  • Smell Change: Spoiled hummus will exhibit an offensive strong sour smell like that of a lemon. It could sometimes smell like sewage or soap. The rotten smell indicates that the hummus has begun to ferment. Usually, hummus that contains preservatives will stay fresh beyond 5 (five) days, but it will start to smell sour after the 5 (five) days.
  • Color Change: If you notice a change of color on your hummus, it is better not to eat it, the color may become darken, or the surface layer may turn yellowish.
  • Surface Change: Hummus, whose surface has become hardened, has started to get spoiled. You may also notice a separation of oil or fungal and mold growth. You can give it a good stir to get the fats and water to recombine if there is oil separation.
  • Mold Spots: This is a significant visible sign that your hummus is spoiled. If you notice mold on the hummus, I will tell you to throw it away. The mold will be in the form of green or black dots. Do not try to scoop out the affected part and eat the remaining portion. That is too much risk to take.
  • Strong Taste: You should take this step if you’ve done the others and you are not sure if your hummus has gotten spoiled. Hummus typically has a neutral taste unless the store has added cilantro or garlic to it as flavors. Once you taste it and it seems unusual, throw it away.

How to Store Hummus and Prevent it From Going Bad?

Store Hummu

If you don’t want your hummus to become spoiled quickly, you may need to store it properly. Check below for the different methods to keep it:

  • Take care of the temperature: The ideal temperature safe for hummus is to keep it below 40°F. You can only achieve this by storing it inside the fridge. Always ensure that you seal the container tightly when you put it in the refrigerator.
  • Add olive oil: If you don’t want your hummus to spoil prematurely, consider adding one or two drops of olive oil. Don’t forget to stir it altogether to ensure you keep it moist.
  • Cleaned scoop: One of the things that allow hummus to go bad quickly is contamination from other materials. Avoid contamination of hummus with materials such as scoops. Use cleaned scoops, and don’t dip your food directly into the container. What you should do is to place a dollop on the serving dish or plate.
  • Sealed container: Always ensure you store your hummus inside a well-sealed container irrespective of the storage method you are using. It will prevent air and microbes from contaminating it. It will also ensure that it does not pick up the smell of the surrounding foods. It is either you seal it inside its original package or an airtight container.
  • Store-Bought: If you bought your hummus from the store, always try to eat it within the best-before date. You can still eat it after the stipulated date on the package. But ensure it is not longer than three to five days.

Can You Eat Bad Hummus?

Naturally, nothing serious will happen to you if you eat spoiled hummus. Eating bad hummus will not get you seriously ill. It could first turn your stomach, but you will be fine.

Most times, food poisoning from taking hummus is due to cross-contamination with other foods. Naturally, food poisoning is not because the hummus is spoiled.

Listeria bacteria cause food poisoning from eating spoiled hummus. It could result in nausea, vomiting, and some other upsets of digestion.

Does Hummus Need To Be Refrigerated?

Putting hummus inside the fridge depends on whether the hummus is bought from the store’s refrigerated section or not from its refrigerated section.

  • Bought from the refrigerated section: Hummus purchased from the refrigerated section in a store should be kept refrigerated at all times. Even after you open it, keep the leftovers inside an airtight, resealable container or their original packaging.
  • Not bought from the refrigerated section: If you purchased unrefrigerated hummus, you don’t need to put it inside the fridge if you’ve not opened it. You can store it at room temperature, away from heat and sunlight. Don’t forget that the condition is “if you are yet to open it.” Once you’ve opened it, put the leftovers inside the fridge. Don’t forget to place it in an airtight container or its original packaging.
  • Use the following tips whenever you want to refrigerate hummus: Refrigerate it inside a well-sealed container to ensure it is safe from air and moisture. Usually, some of the components will separate. All you need to do is to stir it to recombine the parts. Ensure you eat it within three days of defrosting it. It would be best if you did not thaw it inside a microwave because you might end up overheating it. Moreover, the consistency and taste will likely be affected.

Does Homemade Hummus Need To Be Refrigerated?

Eat Hummus

If you make a large batch of hummus at home, it is advisable to refrigerate it if you will not finish eating it immediately after you prepare it.

Your homemade hummus is likely not to contain any preservatives. It means that it might not last up to store-bought hummus. Yet, you still have to keep it inside the refrigerator in an airtight container that is well sealed.

Ensure you eat it within 4 to 5 days.

How Long Does Opened Hummus Last?

Once you have opened your original hummus package, you should eat it within one week. You will expose it to the risk of contamination the longer you leave it inside the fridge without finishing it after you have opened it.

An opened hummus package tends to become dry or watery. You can stir it to recombine it to get a perfect consistency again.

Ensure you eat everything you mixed because it is not ideal placing it back inside the fridge. It means you should only mix the part you can eat at once.

How Long Does Unopened Hummus Last?

If placed inside the fridge without opening the package, hummus bought from the store can last up to at least one week. Some will remain fresh for about ten days, but you will need to watch out for any spoilage sign.

Unopened hummus can last a few days after the best-before date, but you have to be careful about what you eat. Always check for signs to find out if it has gotten spoiled or not. Your health is more paramount than any other thing.


One of the critical aspects of nutrition is to understand when your food will get spoiled. It is also essential to know how you can store your food to extend its shelf life- preventing it from going bad quickly.

In hummus- a versatile staple that contains many nutrients, it is always common to have leftovers. You will most times not finish that batch you bought at once, and you might need to keep it for the future.

However, it will be wise for you to be able to tell when it is spoiled. It will also help when you understand how you can prevent it from getting spoiled quickly.

As discussed above, hummus gets spoiled quickly, and it can only last between 4 and 5 days before it begins to show signs of being spoiled (sour smell, mold growth, color change, and foul taste). What you need to do is to eat it before this stipulated time.

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