Does Amazon Accept Klarna in 2024? The Complete Buy Now, Pay Later Guide

Wondering if you can use Klarna to split payments on Amazon purchases? The answer is yes – Amazon has fully integrated Klarna as a payment option on its marketplace.

With Klarna, you can divide order costs into 4 interest-free installments or take 30 days to complete the payment. This brings the flexibility and budget-friendly benefits of "buy now, pay later" financing to your Amazon shopping.

Below we will explore how to use Klarna on Amazon, what plans are available, how refunds work, and any limitations shoppers should know. Whether you want to split a major purchase into manageable chunks or simply delay payment by a month, read on to unlock BNPL on the everything store.

How Does Klarna Work on Amazon?

Integrating Klarna‘s flexible financing on Amazon only takes a few quick steps. Here is a walkthrough of how to get set up:

Download the Klarna App

Head to the iOS App Store or Android Play Store to download and install the Klarna app on your smartphone. It‘s free to use.

Klarna App Download

Create an Account

Open the Klarna app and enter your email address, phone number, and create a password to sign-up.

Klarna App Signup

Find Amazon

Once logged in, you can search for Amazon in Klarna‘s merchant directory. Tap on it to add it to your account.

Klarna Add Amazon

Shop on Amazon

Now you can start shopping on Amazon‘s website or mobile app as normal. Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout when ready.

Select Klarna

On the checkout page, you will see Klarna as a payment option. Choose it to split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments over 8 weeks.

Klarna Amazon Checkout

And that‘s it! Amazon will ship your order right away while Klarna handles collecting the payments in the background.

Alternatives: Using Afterpay on Amazon

Along with Klarna, Afterpay is another popular buy now, pay later service. Amazon also integrates with Afterpay as a payment method.

The key differences are:

  • Installments – Afterpay offers 6 payments over 6 weeks, while Klarna does 4 payments over 8 weeks
  • Order threshold – Afterpay minimum order is $50 vs $30 minimum for Klarna
  • App – Afterpay requires using the mobile app for purchases vs Klarna offering in-app and browser extension options
  • Fees – Afterpay charges fees if you miss an installment, while Klarna has no fees

So while very similar, Afterpay offers shorter installments at the cost of higher minimum orders and possible fees. Check out both apps to see which BNPL plan fits your shopping needs.

The Benefits of Paying with Klarna on Amazon

Why should Amazon shoppers link their accounts with Klarna? Here are some of the biggest perks:

Pay Over Time

The core benefit is splitting a large purchase into 4 smaller payments made every 2 weeks. Rather than paying $500 all at once, you‘d pay $125 four times. This makes costs more manageable.

0% Interest and No Fees

Unlike a credit card, Klarna‘s payment plans never charge interest or extra fees. You just pay the item cost divided into 4 installments.

Instant Shopping Power

You don‘t need to apply or wait for approval. Klarna gives you instant spending flexibility as soon as you sign-up and link Amazon.

Works on All Amazon Purchases

Klarna can be used on any item sold directly by Amazon, giving you more shopping options compared to Amazon‘s limited payment plans.

Seamless Experience

The Klarna app and browser extension provide a smooth financing experience right on Amazon‘s site. Payments happen in the background.

Smarter Budgeting

The predictable, evenly-split installments let you better plan spending and cash flow compared to lump purchases on credit.

Limited Impact

Klarna only does a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score. There are also no late fees.

As you can see, Klarna makes it painless to split costs on Amazon purchases to align better with your budget and cash flow.

Statistics on Buy Now, Pay Later Growth

To understand why services like Klarna are so popular with shoppers, take a look at some statistics on the explosive growth of buy now, pay later financing:

  • BNPL global sales expected to reach $995 billion by 2025, up from $120 billion in 2021.
  • 75% of BNPL users say it lets them buy more or higher quality items.
  • 67% of BNPL users made a repeat purchase within 3 months according to Klarna data.
  • Amazon currently ranks #2 on the list of top merchants for Klarna, behind only Walmart.

With popularity booming among younger shoppers, buy now, pay later apps are quickly entering the mainstream. Integrating financing options like Klarna can help Amazon stay competitive.

Can You Use Klarna With Amazon‘s Payment Plans?

When shopping on Amazon, you may notice some products are eligible for monthly payment plans at checkout – often big ticket items like furniture. However, Klarna cannot be combined with Amazon‘s existing payment plans.

For example, if you purchase a $1,200 mattress that qualifies for Amazon‘s plan of 5 monthly payments, you cannot additionally use Klarna to split the cost. The two financing offers do not stack.

However, Klarna still provides unique advantages:

  • Faster payments – 4 payments over 8 weeks rather than 5 payments over 5 months
  • Lower minimums – Klarna has a $30 order minimum compared to $800 for Amazon plans
  • Broader eligibility – Amazon limits payment plans to select items like mattresses and electronics
  • Easier process – No application or credit check needed to use Klarna

So while Klarna cannot be combined directly with an Amazon payment plan, it does give you more item eligibility and quicker payment terms on your purchases.

Using Klarna on Amazon Without the Mobile App

While the Klarna app provides the best experience, desktop shoppers can also finance their Amazon purchases using the Klarna browser extension.

The extension is currently available for Google Chrome users. Here‘s how it works:

  1. Download the Klarna browser extension from the Chrome Web Store and add it to your browser.

  2. The extension will display a "Pay with Klarna" box on checkout pages of supported merchants.

  3. Shop on as normal and proceed to checkout when ready.

  4. At checkout, click the "Pay with Klarna" box and select your financing plan.

  5. Complete your purchase using Klarna‘s payment installments directly on Amazon‘s site.

The browser extension makes it just as easy to use Klarna without needing the mobile app downloaded. Support for other browsers coming soon.

How Amazon Returns & Refunds Work with Klarna

If you request a return on an item purchased through Klarna, here is the refund process:

  • Initiate return request directly via Amazon as usual
  • Once the return is approved by Amazon, they notify Klarna
  • Klarna will process the refund within 14 days of being notified
  • The refunded amount is credited back to your original payment method
  • You should receive the refund typically within 3-5 business days

So Amazon handles approving and receiving returns. Klarna simply refunds your account based on the approved return amount. Contact their customer support if your refund takes longer than 14 days.

Partial refunds – If you receive a partial refund from Amazon (for example, on a damaged item), Klarna will refund the appropriate prorated amount from your remaining payments.

Using One-Time Klarna Cards on Amazon

Along with financing, Klarna offers virtual one-time use cards. This generates a card number you can use for a single purchase, adding an extra layer of security.

You can absolutely use these one-time cards on Amazon purchases. Here‘s how it works:

  1. Open the Klarna app and select + next to Virtual Card
  2. Choose Create One-Time Card
  3. Enter your actual payment card details that will be charged
  4. Use the newly generated one-time card details at Amazon checkout
  5. Your real card will be billed in the background for enhanced security

The virtual card still triggers financing from your connected bank account or card. But the one-time details keep your payment info safer at checkout.

Paying for Your Amazon Prime Membership with Klarna

Yes, Klarna can be used to split up the $139 annual cost for Amazon Prime membership renewal.

Rather than one lump sum each year, you can choose Klarna at checkout to divide into 4 payments or take 30 days to pay.

To do this:

  1. Click "Renew Membership" on your Amazon Prime account page
  2. Proceed to checkout and select Klarna as the payment method
  3. Choose either the 30 day option or the 4 payment installment plan
  4. Your Prime renewal will be processed using Klarna‘s flexible terms

It‘s a simple way to reduce the sting of each annual Prime renewal by budgeting the cost over time.

Klarna Payment Plans and Terms

When using Klarna at Amazon checkout, you can choose between two financing options:

Pay in 4 Installments

  • Purchase price is split into 4 equal payments
  • First payment is due at checkout
  • Remaining 3 payments are made every 2 weeks
  • 0% APR and no fees

For example, a $400 order would be split into 4 payments of $100. This allows you to budget the cost over 8 weeks.

Payment Schedule Amount
Initial payment upon checkout $100
2 weeks after purchase $100
4 weeks after purchase $100
6 weeks after purchase $100

Pay in 30 Days

  • Full purchase amount due 30 days after order
  • 0% interest and no fees
  • Great for delaying a large payment by a month

This option gives you a 30 day grace period to complete the payment. Helpful if you‘re waiting for funds to arrive before paying.

Which Items Are Eligible for Klarna on Amazon?

Klarna can be used on any product sold and shipped directly by Amazon – which covers millions of items across their catalog.

However, Klarna cannot be used on items fulfilled by third-party sellers. Purchases must be sold and shipped by Amazon to qualify for financing.

Some examples of popular eligible categories include:

  • Amazon Devices like Echo, Fire tablet, and Ring
  • Electronics such as laptops, TVs, headphones
  • Kitchen appliances like Instant Pot, coffee maker
  • Home items including furniture, decor, smart lights
  • Beauty products, cosmetics, skincare
  • Toys, games, arts & crafts
  • Pet supplies, pet food
  • Groceries from Whole Foods (with Prime)

Basically, if Amazon sells and ships the product directly, Klarna can be applied at checkout. Just look for items labeled "Ships from and sold by".

Tips for First Time Klarna Users on Amazon

If you‘re new to using buy now, pay later apps, here are some tips to get started with Klarna on Amazon:

  • Carefully review payment dates so you don‘t miss an installment
  • Add payment due dates to your calendar for reminder notifications
  • Make sure your payment method has sufficient funds when payments process
  • Contact Klarna support if you need to reschedule a payment date
  • Use Klarna‘s iOS or Android app for the best experience
  • Only use Klarna financing you can comfortably afford to repay
  • Monitor account activity and statements to catch any errors
  • Take advantage of 0% APR by paying within the promotional period

The Bottom Line on Klarna and Amazon

Klarna brings the flexibility and convenience of buy now, pay later financing fully to the Amazon marketplace. With just a few clicks, shoppers can split costs into 4 interest-free installments or take 30 days to pay.

This makes managing large purchases easier on your monthly budget. And with no hidden fees or gotchas, it‘s a straightforward way to align spending on Amazon with your cash flow.

Before checkout, be sure to compare Klarna against alternatives like Afterpay. Look at installment periods, minimums, and potential fees to pick the BNPL provider that best fits your needs and budget.

But overall, applying Klarna at Amazon checkout is a breeze and provides shoppers with a simple new way to budget their spending over time. Just tap into financing and enjoy getting your items now while paying later.

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