Do Pokemon Coins Have Value? A Detailed Guide

The short answer is yes, Pokemon coins can have significant monetary value, especially vintage coins in pristine condition featuring iconic or rare Pokemon characters. While value depends on multiple factors, the right coins can sell for anywhere from $50 to over $500 among devoted collectors.

As an avid Pokemon collector and investing expert myself, I‘ve created this detailed guide examining how to determine, buy, sell, and grow the value of Pokemon coins based on over 10 years of insights. Whether you‘re just starting out or looking to take your Pokemon coin collection to the next level, I‘ll provide everything you need to know about safely navigating the world of Pokemon numismatics.

Origins: A Brief History of Pokemon Coins

Pokemon coins were first introduced in the late 1990s as a simple but ingenious accessory for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). By randomizing the starting player with a coin flip, they added an extra element of chance and strategy to matches.

The earliest coins were made of brass and came bundled with starter decks and booster packs of the original Base Set cards. This close association with the iconic early TCG releases gave the coins instant significance and collectors began preserving them alongside the cards.

Over the next 25 years, Pokemon coins continued being released with TCG expansions and accessory items like deck boxes. There are now over 800 unique coin designs spanning every Pokemon generation and theme.

While game mechanics evolved, the coins retained their nostalgic appeal. For many collectors, they capture the magic of the early Pokemon craze in a tangible and affordable package.

Uses: How Pokemon Coins Are Utilized

Today, Pokemon coins serve several purposes:

  • Randomizing first player in TCG matches
  • Display pieces in collections
  • Valuable collector’s items for buying/selling
  • In-game currency in select video games

But it is their collectibility that imbues Pokemon coins with real monetary value. As Pokemon gained popularity in the late 1990s, the coins quickly became coveted memorabilia along with the trading cards.

Let‘s examine the array of factors that can influence a Pokemon coin‘s collector value and price.

Key Factors That Determine Pokemon Coin Value

If you‘ve inherited a stash of old Pokemon coins, you may be wondering if they are worth anything. The value depends on several key attributes:

Age and Era

The earliest Pokemon coins have extra nostalgic appeal. Coins from the original TCG releases like Base Set, Jungle, and Fossil command higher premiums. The first Pokemon generation (Red/Blue/Yellow) is generally the most sought after.


Common coins from wide releases may only be worth a few dollars. But limited edition coins, unique misprints, and special variants can be extremely rare and valuable to collectors.


Heavily played coins with scratches, grime, and wear have significantly reduced value. Pristine "gem mint" coins in flawless condition with original packaging fetch steep premiums.

Edition and Variants

1st edition coins and exclusive regional/championship designs are more desirable than widespread unlimited edition releases.

Character Popularity

Main mascots like Pikachu and Charizard tend to command higher prices than less iconic Pokemon characters.

Factor Description
Age/Era Coins from early TCG sets have vintage appeal
Rarity Limited editions or misprints are more valuable
Condition Flawless "Gem Mint" coins fetch vastly higher prices
Editions 1st edition, exclusives are ideal
Popularity Iconic Pokemon like Charizard have extra demand

Keeping these factors in mind, let‘s examine some of the most valuable and coveted Pokemon coins among collectors.

Top 10 Most Valuable Pokemon Coins

Here are some of the Pokemon coins commanding the highest sale prices currently:

#1 – 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard

The 1999 shadowless Charizard coin is the holy grail for many collectors. 1st edition red cheeks shadowless cards and their accompanying coins are extremely scarce. Pristine coins can easily fetch $300+.

#2 – World Championship/Regional Coins

Championship coins were rewards at elite tournaments. Their exclusivity and limited supply makes them highly desirable. Prestigious designs like Lance‘s Dragonite can sell for $200+.

#3 – Gold Star Pokemon Coins

These special coins feature a unique holographic gold star shine. Extremely rare pulls from EX-era booster packs, gold star coins for Pokemon like Rayquaza can trade for $100+.

#4 – 1st Edition Blastoise

As one of the original holographic starters, 1st edition Blastoise coins in mint condition can sell for $60-100.

#5 – Pre-Release Vending Series

Early vending machine test coins had exclusive designs before formal release. Designs like Ho-Oh and Lugia can command $70+.

#6 – Misprint "AIR" Pikachu

A rare misprinted "AIR" coin featuring Pikachu has sold for $50+. Pokemon errors and misprints have extra collector value.

#7 – Gimmighoul Coin

This newer coin ties into the Paldea lore around the Roaming Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet. Already selling for $40+ in anticipation of future significance.

#8 – Neo-Era Dogs

Popular legendary dogs from the Neo sets like Suicune and Raikou can sell in the $40+ range in flawless condition.

#9 – Jumbo Oversize Coins

Jumbo coins included with VHS tapes, figures, and other items are scarce oddities that sell for around $30-50.

#10 – Prerelease Dark Gyarados

As Team Rocket‘s ace, this early gym challenge coin sells steadily in the $25-40 range.

Of course, condition is paramount. Damaged or worn coins will sell for far less even if rare. But the above examples demonstrate the potential value of coveted Pokemon numismatic collectibles.

Where To Buy & Sell Pokemon Coins

As an avid Pokemon coin collector myself, I recommend the following places to buy and sell coins:


  • eBay – Wide individual listings and full sets available
  • Online Retailers – TCGplayer, Troll & Toad, Card Cavern, Collector‘s Cache
  • Local Gaming Stores – Check comic book and hobby shops
  • Forums – Collector groups on Facebook, Reddit, Discord
  • Conventions – Vendor inventory at events like PAX, Comic-Con

I personally like scouring eBay for rare individual coins and forum collector groups for discussing values and arranging private trades.


When it comes time to sell Pokemon coins from your own collection, here are some great options:

  • eBay – Huge reach but research fees, listing practices
  • Facebook Marketplace – Great for local buyer meetings
  • Forums – Arrange collector sales on PokeCommunity, Reddit
  • Conventions – Big dedicated audience at events
  • Graded Sites – PWCC, CGC for high end graded coins

For quick and local sales, I prefer Facebook groups and collectors conventions. But eBay, Reddit, and grading sites are better for reaching serious buyers willing to pay higher premiums.

The key is doing diligent research upfront to maximize visibility and trust. Patience and smart listing practices will help you earn the true value of your rare Pokemon coins.

Displaying & Safe Handling

As a longtime collector, proper storage and care is absolutely vital for preservation. Here are my top tips:

  • Avoid touching coins. Handle by edges to limit fingerprints/oils.
  • Store in soft sleeves or rigid containers, separated by tissue paper.
  • Avoid humidity, direct sunlight, extreme temps.
  • Clean very gently with microfiber cloth, avoid abrasives.
  • Display with stands, acrylic cases. Never tape/glue coins.

Treating coins with care to maintain pristine condition will maximize their collector appeal and monetary value over the long run.

One easy way to safely enjoy displaying your coins is pairing them with their matching Pokemon card in an acrylic display case. This keeps them protected while showing the combined set.

Grading: Assessing Condition Accurately

When buying and selling coins, assessing condition accurately is crucial. Collectors rely on numeric grading scales, with 10 (Gem Mint) being flawless and 1 (Poor) being extremely worn.

Here is a brief overview of the grading scale for collectors:

Grade Condition
10 Gem Mint Perfect condition
9 Mint Near perfect, very minor flaws
8 Near Mint Light scratches, almost perfect
7 Lightly Played Visible wear but still excellent
6 Moderately Played Clearly played with, well-used
1-5 Poor Heavy wear, damage, tears

Being extremely nitpicky about condition separates the serious Pokemon coin collectors from the casual enthusiasts. Remember, pristine coins in flawless shape will always command the highest premiums.

Building a Valuable Collection

For newcomers looking to start collecting Pokemon coins, here are my top tips:

  • Prioritize 1st generation coins for big upside
  • Focus on condition first, shoot for Near Mint+
  • Diversify across many different Pokemon
  • Participate in forum trades to expand options
  • Buy larger starter lots to get volume discounts
  • Research diligently, buy only from reputable sellers

Building a broad collection with coins in excellent shape should be the goal. Over time, you can upgrade and focus on rarities once values for your duplicates appreciate. Patience and smart purchasing will pay off handsomely.

The Future of Pokemon Coin Collecting

Looking ahead, I believe Pokemon coins, especially vintage issues in pristine condition, will continue appreciating in value long-term.

The global popularity of Pokemon shows no signs of fading. And as the brand evolves over decades, the nostalgia factor for original memorabilia keeps increasing.

First edition coins and special exclusives should maintain and even accelerate their collector value over time. Of course, coins that are well-preserved have the best chance of appreciating. But the upside for vintage rarities remains substantial.

For Pokemon collectors, coins represent an accessible and fun part of the hobby. And their enduring appeal means your collection can provide enjoyment today and investment upside for years to come.

The Bottom Line

So in summary – yes, Pokemon coins certainly can carry significant monetary value! Vintage, rare, and exclusive coins in pristine condition are often highly sought after by collectors.

Factors like age, condition, rarity, and character popularity all influence value. With the right strategy and care, Pokemon coins can be a rewarding investment. I hope this detailed guide gives you all the insights needed to better understand and navigate the world of Pokemon numismatics.

Stay tuned to my blog at "" for more collecting tips and investment insights!

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