Do IKEA Lamps Need IKEA Bulbs? (All You Need To Know)

If you‘ve invested in some stylish and affordable lamp fixtures from IKEA, you may be wondering down the road – do IKEA lamps require IKEA bulbs specifically? Or can you swap in bulbs from other brands when your IKEA bulbs burn out?

The good news is that while IKEA lamps are optimized for IKEA LED bulbs, you absolutely can use replacement LED bulbs from Home Depot, Target, Amazon, and others with IKEA lamp fixtures.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about finding the right non-IKEA LED bulbs for IKEA lamps. We‘ll look at:

  • The common IKEA lamp base types and bulb sizes
  • Detailed LED bulb recommendations for each IKEA base
  • How IKEA LEDs compare to other brands in terms of quality and value
  • What impacts LED lifespan and how to maximize it
  • An overview of IKEA‘s smart bulb options

And plenty more tips to help you choose the perfect bulbs for your IKEA lamps! Let‘s shine some light on your IKEA bulb options.

IKEA Lamp Bases and Bulb Sizes

The key to finding compatible replacement bulbs for your IKEA lamps is matching the proper light bulb base and bulb shape.

Most IKEA lamp fixtures use standard, widely available bulb base types. This makes it easy to find affordable LED bulbs from brands like Philips, GE, Sylvania, and more to use in IKEA lamps.

Here are the most common IKEA lamp bulb base types and sizes you’ll see:


The E26 (in the US) and E27 (in Europe) screw-in base is the most widely used for light bulbs. It‘s the standard medium base you‘ll recognize in most table and floor lamps.

Some examples of popular IKEA lamps that use E26/E27 bulbs:

  • RANARP floor/clamp lamps
  • FORSÅ table/floor lamps
  • GRÖNÖ floor lamps
  • SKURUP table lamps

You’ll have no shortage of E26/E27 LED bulb options from other retailers to choose from.


The E12 or candelabra base is a smaller screw-in base commonly used in chandeliers, sconces, and desk lamps.

IKEA lamps with E12 bases include:

  • FORSÅ table lamps
  • ROLLSBO glass pendant lamps
  • SOCKER table/floor lamps

You can easily find candelabra-based LEDs from Philips, GE, Sylvania, AmazonBasics, and more.


The E17 is an intermediate screw-in base. It‘s not as widely available as E26/E27 and E12, but is seen in some popular IKEA lamps like the PVOLT ceiling/pendant fixtures.

Your options for E17 LED bulbs are more limited than the other sizes, but brands like Philips do offer them.


E14 is a smaller screw-in base used in lamps like the FORSÅ table lamps and KANSELE floor reading lamps. It‘s common in chandeliers as well.

While not as ubiquitous as E26/E27 bulbs, you can still find E14 LED options from Philips, GE, and other major brands.

Now that you know the common IKEA lamp base types, let’s look at LED bulb options that will work beautifully in your IKEA lamps.

Non-IKEA LED Bulb Recommendations for IKEA Lamps

Here are great LED bulb options from brands like Philips, GE, and Sylvania that you can use in IKEA lamps with confidence:

E26/E27 LED Bulb Options

Bulb Brand/Model Lumens Estimated Yearly Energy Cost Color Temperature Lifespan Price
Philips 800-Lumen 800 lm $1.14 Soft White 2700K 15 years $3.97
GE Relax 800-Lumen 800 lm $1.12 Soft White 2700K 15 years $6.97
Sylvania 715-Lumen 715 lm $1.02 Soft White 2700K 15 years $2.97
Cree 450-Lumen 450 lm $0.72 Daylight 5000K 22 years $5.84
AmazonBasics 600-Lumen 600 lm $0.87 Daylight 5000K 15 years $6.99

As you can see, there are higher end options like GE and Philips, very affordable options from AmazonBasics, and everything in between.

Match the color temperature (warm white to daylight) and brightness (lumens) to your needs. Cost ranges from about $2-$7 per bulb. All will provide years of energy efficient illumination in E26/E27 IKEA lamps.

I recommend checking for Energy Star certified options to ensure quality and efficiency. Enclosed fixture rated bulbs are the best choice for covered lamps.

E12 LED Options

E12 candelabra-based LED bulbs are available from:

  • Philips – 4.5W (450 lumen), 6W (600 lumen)
  • GE – 5W (450 lumen), 7W (600 lumen)
  • Sylvania – 7W (550 lumen)

Prices range from about $5-$9 for a standard 40W equivalent. Like with E26 bulbs, compare lumens, estimated yearly energy use, color temperature, and warranty when deciding on an E12 LED for your IKEA lamps.

Dimmable and enclosed fixture rated bulbs are available for those specific needs as well.

E17 LED Bulbs

Since E17 is not as common, LED options in that size are far more limited. Philips makes a 5.5W (500 lumen) E17 LED bulb that‘s a direct replacement for IKEA‘s E17 bulbs. It costs around $12.

E14 LED Bulbs

E14 LED bulbs can be found from:

  • Philips – 4.5W (350 lumen), 5.5W (470 lumen)
  • GE – 5W (400 lumen)

Prices range from about $5-$9 for standard E14 LED bulbs depending on lumens and features. Dimmable and enclosed fixture rated versions are also available.

Hopefully this gives you plenty of ideas for quality non-IKEA LED bulbs that will give you the perfect light for your IKEA lamps!

How Do IKEA LED Bulbs Compare to Other Brand Bulbs?

Since you have lots of LED bulb options for IKEA lamps, you may be wondering – how do IKEA‘s own LED bulbs stack up against the big lighting brands?

Overall, IKEA‘s lineup of affordable LED bulbs offers impressive quality and performance considering the low prices.

Some benefits that make IKEA LEDs a great choice include:

Energy savings – IKEA claims their LEDs use up to 85% less energy than incandescents. So over 15 years, just one IKEA LED could save about $125 in electricity costs over an old-school incandescent.

Long lifespans – Rated to last over 22 years (25,000 hours) of average use. You could save on replacement bulb costs over time.

Low prices – Starting around $3.99, IKEA LEDs are inexpensive compared to big name brands.

Brightness options – Lumens from warm white to daylight to suit your needs.

Quality and value – Reviewers generally agree IKEA LEDs shine bright and feel well-made for the low prices.

However, there are a few potential drawbacks to weigh:

  • Selection is limited compared to major lighting brands with large product catalogs. If you need something very specific like a smart bulb or globe shape, IKEA may not offer it.

  • Popular IKEA LED bulbs often sell out and go through periods of low stock. Non-IKEA LEDs can be a reliable backup option if your local store is out of your preferred IKEA bulb.

  • No color-changing or app/voice-controlled smart bulbs like Philips Hue offers. IKEA‘s smart bulbs just include white spectrum tuning and remote dimming.

So while IKEA LEDs can cover most basic lighting needs with impressive quality given the bargain pricing, you may need to look beyond IKEA if you want more specialty bulb options.

Maximizing LED Lifespan – Up to 22+ Years!

One of the major benefits of LED lighting is the long lifespan – IKEA rates their LEDs to last 15 years on average. Some can last over 22!

But several factors impact how long your IKEA LED (or any LED) will actually last:

Daily Use

Frequent use reduces lifespan. Bulbs in lamps turned on 3 hours a day will need to be replaced sooner than those in fixtures used only occasionally.

For example, an IKEA LED rated for 15 years/22,000 hours when used 3 hours a day would last:

22,000 hours / 3 hours per day = 7,333 days of use

7,333 days / 365 days per year = 20 years

Whereas used 12 hours a day, that same bulb would last about 5.5 years.

So turn off lights when not needed to maximize LED lifespan. Use timers or occupancy sensors to automate this for even greater savings.

Electrical Issues

Power surges, frequent power outages/flickers, and improper wiring can stress LED bulbs, wearing them out faster.

Using a surge protector for lamps and addressing any wiring problems in your home will ensure electrical current is clean and consistent for your LEDs.

Heat Exposure

Excess heat can damage delicate LED chips and components over time. Ensure lamps have proper ventilation space above bulbs.

Keep bulbs away from other heat sources like halogen lamps or heating vents which could shorten the lifespan substantially if directly exposed.

Always follow enclosed fixture ratings when using LEDs in covered lights.

Taking these simple steps will help your IKEA LED bulbs (or any brand LEDs) last for years to come.

IKEA‘s Smart Lighting Options

In addition to affordable LED bulbs, IKEA also offers some smart lighting options that you can control from smartphones or with voice assistants.


IKEA‘s main smart lighting lineup includes color-changing and white spectrum LED bulbs, wireless dimmers and remotes, motion sensors, and smart switches.

The TRÅDFRI gateway connects everything to an app for scheduling, automation, groups, and voice control via Alexa, Google Home, etc.

It‘s a solid basic smart lighting system, but color options are limited compared to Philips Hue and bulbs must be wired to a central gateway.


IKEA also collaborated with Sonos on the SYMFONISK table lamps with built-in WiFi speaker compatibility with the Sonos app for streaming music services.

The major downside is no smart lighting features – they are just accent lamps paired with a Sonos speaker.

So while suitable for basic smart lighting scenes, IKEA‘s options lag behind leaders for expansive color choices and wireless control. Systems like Philips Hue are often a better choice for advanced smart lighting integration.

Additional Resources

To learn more about using IKEA lighting, check out these guides:

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The Bottom Line

While designed for IKEA‘s LED bulbs, most IKEA lamp fixtures will work beautifully with comparable LED light bulbs from Philips, GE, Sylvania, AmazonBasics, and other major lighting brands.

Just match the IKEA lamp base type and bulb shape. Choose equivalent lumens and color temperature to the IKEA bulb models for the most similar light quality. Consider enclosed fixture and dimmable versions where needed.

IKEA‘s LED bulbs offer impressive brightness and longevity at wallet-friendly price points. But if you need more specialty bulbs, exploring reliable options from top lighting retailers will give you more choices.

No matter which LED bulbs you install, minimizing electrical problems and heat exposure will help maximize the long lifespan of your LEDs. With the right bulbs and care, you‘ll light up your IKEA lamps beautifully for years of energy efficient illumination.

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