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DMX Technologies Group Ltd well known as “DMX Technologies” provider Digital Media Solutions, ICT Solutions and Mobile SaaS Solutions, was founded in 1999.


About the DMX Group

DMX Technologies Group Limited (the “Company”) is a leading information technology enabler and provider of a wide range of ICT solutions.

The Group specializes in providing integrated IT solutions to enable telecom operators, cable TV operators, mobile operators, media corporations and enterprises to deliver enhanced services to their end-users. Its solutions range from providing service operators and enterprises with network security, network management, and optimization.

The Group's dedication in research and development translates into innovative tailor-made solutions that empower our customers to deliver feature-rich and effective multimedia services through Internet, cable TV, terrestrial broadcast, satellite, and mobile networks.

The Group owns a suite of proprietary multimedia software, which provides a platform for the delivery of enhanced TV and interactive value added services over broadband, cable, mobile, or other network media. Our professional services team works side by side with customers to forge enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.

Digital Media Solutions

content-delivery-networkDMX Technologies' cross-platform video content delivery network is a proven-reliable approach to delivering greater customer satisfaction and increasing sales. The user's proximity to your web server has an impact on response times. Deploying your content across multiple, geographically dispersed servers will make your content load from the user's perspective.

But where should you start?

logo-left-bee-mediasoftA content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to its users. The server selected for delivering content to a specific user is typically based on a measure of network proximity. CDN facilitates and optimizes the management and delivery of static or streaming content over IP networks, corporate intranets, extranets, and the Internet. It is especially well suited to streaming audio, video, and IPTV programming.


  • Automatic server availability sensing with instant user redirection.
  • Enhanced data backup, archiving and storage capacity
  • Less jitter, fewer network peaks and surges, and improved stream quality
  • Allows CDN operators to deliver HD quality content with high QoS (Quality of Service), low costs and low network load
  • Increases content availability and protects against server overload through load balancing, caching and routing optimization

  • Convergence Enabling

Convergence Enabling

A fresh take on digital consumption. An advanced breed of convergence service operator to embrace the myriad consumer devices available to the modern user.

Based on Fixed Mobile Broadcast Convergence (FMBC) technology developed logo-left-bee-mediasoftby KDDI’s R&D labs, the new service is a fresh take on digital consumption that employs converged access portals, a web-assisted recommendations engine, ambient adaptive viewing, and location-aware preferences. The platform allows an advanced breed of convergence service operator to embrace the myriad consumer devices available to the modern user.

diagram cep


  • Multi-source Content Portals

Better utilizes the strengths and assets of a converged operator, ensuring maximized returns on expensive infrastructure. Targets the mobility and diversity of subscriber devices.

  • Web-Assisted Recommendation Engine

Accesses a dynamic gold mine of always-fresh social buzz that’s transparently associated with other content being served. Increasingly important in the FMBC arena, this engine leverages an operator’s asset library alongside the borderless database of social networks, blogs, news feeds and online media.

  • Ambient Adaptive Viewing

Enjoying a complete video whilst travelling might not be convenient nor attractive. Adaptive viewing presents users with a new way to view video on the move, with high quality, comic-style renditions of full programs. Mobilized video is not just about squeezing content onto a small screen, or condensing a high-quality version over a lower bandwidth. Ambient viewing automatically packages video in a format that provides for fast and silent viewing, whilst adapting to the strengths of the mobile device.

  • Digital TV Solutions

Digital tv solutions headerComprehensive and tightly integrated end-to-end Digital TV solutions. Highly flexible and adaptive infrastructure allows a smooth digitalisation process and helps broadcasters to expand their logo-left-bee-mediasoftbusiness and roll out new services without hassles.

DMX Digital TV Solution offers broadcasters a comprehensive and tightly integrated end-to-end DTV solution; from content aggregation, management, and protection at the integrated headend; to user interface and content presentation at the viewer's end. The highly flexible and adaptive Stable Service Support Infrastructure allows a smooth digitisation process and allows the broadcasters to expand their business and roll out new services hassle-free.

Future-proof investment

DMX Digital TV Solution adapts smoothly to the changing business environment and various industry standards from Cablelab, SARFT & IPTV forum.


  • DMX Digital TV Solution is equipped with a highly scalable, integrated headend platform that allows a decreasing cost per channel as the number of subscribers increases
  • Soft client-based content protection approach allows services to be rolled out economically
  • The flexible configuration allows the system’s structure to be based on a subscriber/revenue basis


Enriched Experience
  • DMX Digital TV Solution offers viewers the ultimate control over what to pay for. In addition to conventional packaged services, its pricing engine allows flexible charging models such as channel-by-channel, etc
  • DMX Digital TV Solution offers viewers the greatest choice in how they view the program; be it as live broadcast, video on demand, time-shifted TV, pause live TV or as a PVR program
Unparalleled Flexibility and Scalability
  • A highly flexible, scalable, and integrated video headend platform. Video servers can be deployed centrally, distributed or in hybrid modes for efficient service delivery using a robust Content Delivery Networks (CDN) platform
Integrated Headend
  • An integrated, all-inclusive platform to digitise, encode and process incoming video signals
Interactive TV
  • Enables revenue-generating value-added interactive services such as quizzes, gaming, voting, and advertising
  • Opportunistic data insertion to increase bandwidth efficiency
Conditional Access
  • Protects the contents delivered to subscribers
  • Multi-service conditional access system, e.g. IP data, PPV & on-demand video
  • Proven and widely adopted
  • Wide selection of STB

  • IMS VoIP

imsvoip solutions headerA brilliantly simple, compact, and total solution line-up that minimizes the risks associated with complicated interoperability.

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a platform designed to deliver logo-left-bee-mediasoftrobust functionality, high availability and multimedia session support for tomorrow’s converged service networks. The IMS platform accommodates all-IP voice/multimedia networks that support distributed intelligence, centralized routing, border security controls, and multi-vendor interoperability.

IMS VoIP is the IP voice solution based on unified communication that integrates voice, data, and video. IMS VoIP combines various hardware communication tools (e.g. PC, Fax, IP phone, WiFi phone, dual-mode/BT handset, etc) together with office software (e.g. MS Office, Messenger, groupware, email, CRM, etc) to enhance work efficiency and labor productivity.

The IMS VoIP solution is applicable to any cable, telco or broadband IP service provider looking to offer residential and/or business voice services.

  • Interactive TV Back Office

interactive tv back office header

Offer enhanced Digital TV services and sophisticated interactive value-added services. Full-featured TV back office designed for an enhanced TV experience, delivering over multiple operating environments via cable, Internet, mobile, and any other media.

The Vision TV product suite provides a unified, end to end interactivelogo-left-bee-mediasoftTV back office that helps TV service operators to offer interactive TV (ITV) services over heterogeneous networks such as terrestrial, broadband, cable, and satellite infrastructures.

In compliance with Next Generation on Demand (NGOD) and Interactive Service Architecture (ISA), Vision TV offers a portable and flexible platform that supports the integration of world-class third party components.

The adoption of open standards – essential in a best of breed solution – means that new interactive services are integrated and delivered to the subscriber with less delay and, more importantly, operators enjoy an optimized total cost of ownership.

screenshot interactive tv back office 1 thumb

screenshot interactive tv back office 2 thumb

screenshot interactive tv back office 3 thumb

Features of the Vision TV platform

  • Time to Service

The Vision TV platform allows new services or applications to be ‘plugged’ into the operator’s environment more easily.

  • Maximum Manageability

Through the standard service management framework, all services – whether Vision TV or a third party’s – can be easily monitored and managed.

  • Unified Platform

Vision TV is network agnostic, where services can be deployed over different physical networks including broadband IPTV, cable TV, satellite, terrestrial and mobile networks.

  • Configuration Flexibility

Modules of Vision TV can be deployed independently, with different configurations including HA/non-HA, cluster/non-cluster etc. This greatly enhances the feasibility, through adopting a ‘best of breed’ approach to services.

  • Scalable and Resilient

All Vision TV modules can be deployed with a high availability configuration, facilitating the delivery of a 99%+ available system.

  • Standards Compliant

NGOD and ISA are open development specifications. Vision TV extends horizontally to interface with third party server products for video streaming, CA (Conditional Access), DRM (Digital Rights Management), IP-QAM, QoS control and legacy billing. It extends vertically to interface with other TV application platforms.

  • New Media Content

new media content headerA 360° value chain of content offering across digital media, mobile and internet broadcast platforms.

The newest business segment of DMX, New Media Content's logo-left-bee-mediasoftobjective is to create a 360° value chain of content offering across Digital TV, Mobile and Internet broadcast platforms. Continuing media convergence and technology advancement are providing consumers with multiple access points to rich content, satisfying their needs anytime, anywhere and not just through their TV sets. From watching live TV on their mobile to catching up on news via video over the Internet, content is readily accessible 24/7.

Great content has always been “king” in the media food chain, with the latest technology meaning that consumers can now have more choice and access than ever before, coupled with an array of valued added interactive services. DMX is currently working with Cable operators in China to supply localised and fully approved international content. Categories include movies, drama, animation, history, education and general lifestyle programming.

  • Behavioural Ad Targeting

target behavioural advertising headerDefying the trend, DMX is working to redefine advertising, to allow operators to complement the use of behavioural patterns across the logo-left-bee-mediasoftspectrum of digital video, in a way that rides with consumers as they switch from service to service and device to device.

As potential buyers, advertisers get access to a service-neutral platform that saves on production costs whilst targeting a wider and more relevant audience. The service is particularly beneficial to larger operators that offer a mix of Mobile, Cable, and IPTV services, as well as interactive, time-shifted services; because these will supplement the behavioural learning, translating to increases in the value of their ad campaigns.

  • Precise audience targeting
  • Controllable ad effect at anytime
  • Flexible ad placement for advertisers
  • Flexible ad place settings
  • Openness
  • Enriched user experience which strengthen user loyalty
  • Revenues generating for operators and advertisers

ICT Solutions

  • Application Acceleration

application acceleration headerEnsure the availability, stability and performance in application networking. Accelerate web applications by load balancing incoming requests and utilizing server resources efficiently.

left column watermarkDMX Application Delivery Acceleration Solution is designed for the increasing demand on enterprise applications’ performance. The Solution consists of two components: WAN Optimisation Controller (WOC) and Application Front End (AFE). The two components complement each other and help optimise the application delivery in various situations.

The WOC component of the Application Delivery Acceleration Solution accelerates all TCP-based applications – including common applications – while adding incremental application-specific latency optimisations to minimize the impact of latency on key applications.

The AFE component of the Application Delivery Acceleration Solution accelerates web applications by load balancing incoming requests, so that server resources are efficiently utilized and application users are connected to the right server. It can also increase the scalability and availability of data centers.

  • Everest Infrastructure Management Suite

everest network management system headerEverest is a complete end-to-end network management system that efficiently and effectively manages heterogeneous IT environments. By proactively managing your IT infrastructure, Everest ensures your business agility, reduces operational costs, increases network resilience, and ultimately improves your ROI. Everest's enhanced features can easily scale to meet the needs of the largest enterprise and most advanced networks.

logo left everestEverest effectively monitors Networks, Applications, Servers and SLAs.  The product helps showcase network device capabilities using powerful management applications. It supports multiple operating systems, application servers, and databases using protocols such as SNMP, Syslog, Netflow, Proxy Ping, WMI/PDC, et al.

The primary benefits arising with the implementation of Everest are:

  • Business relevant views of IT infrastructure
  • Integration with other systems, products, scripts, applications and service management solutions
  • Improved communication with business line management through web-enabled reporting
  • More responsive infrastructure and rapid ability to roll out new applications

The solution can also interoperate with existing Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Network Management Systems (NMS) by providing northbound and southbound interfaces such as CORBA and XML.

  • ICT Security

ict security headerA full suite of premiere defense and internal security solutions. Engage in business transactions securely over the network, whilst protecting the network infrastructure from internal and external security threats and virus invasion.

left column watermarkDMX provides a full suite of premiere defence and internal security solutions that allow enterprises to engage in business transactions securely over the network. The solution minimizes customers' risks by providing several layers of security measures to protect the network infrastructure from internal and external security threats and virus invasion. It can also identify potential security loopholes for corrective action.

DMX Cyber Defence Solution employs a multilayered approach to safeguard the network infrastructure. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN) system and Content Security System to guard the perimeter of the network. To defend against virus and worms outbreaks – as well as other anomalies in the internal part of the network – Network Access Control is employed. An encryption system at file, hard disk, and database levels is also deployed to strengthen data-level security. All the security devices are managed with the Security Event Management (SEM) systems so that security administrators can quickly identify the root cause of any security breach through various alarms triggered by the security devices. A Forensics system is also provided to log and record the activities in the network in order for enterprises to meet compliance requirements.

Content Security

Content security enables enterprises to keep up with the ever-evolving network infrastructure and to have complete control over their information assets’ and information systems’ costs. DMX Content Security Solutions provide a comprehensive protection to enterprises as it:

  • Monitors and scans different levels including the gateway, server, and workstation to eliminate improper messages being delivered through website, email or instant messaging (IM)
  • Provides multilevel antivirus & mobile code which enables content filtering for email, websites and IM
  • Improves defence capability for the entire network
  • Reduces the level of inconvenience to employees, while increasing employee and network efficiency.

Identity & Access Management

Information security threats have become one of the security issues that can severely disrupt business operations. It is essential for enterprises to set up a security policy that protects their important data and resources from potential security threats.

Identity and Access Management is a complete management framework that enables an enterprise to provide appropriate access to enterprise resources.

Identity Management
  • Enhances and automates internal user identity management
  • Automates user account controls
  • Customizes user access control
  • Manages and removes Ghost accounts
Access Management
  • Establishes a unified and consistent application security standard
  • Provides Unified Authentication Management, Authorization Management and single sign-on, access control, etc.
  • Allows simple setup procedures for new application security deployment.

Network Access Control

Network Admission Control (NAC) is the guardian of the corporate network. It is a loop process that evaluates each endpoint to reduce security issues. NAC allows the system to access the network, ensures enterprise security policy consistency, and enables real-time system monitoring.

  • Reduces network security threats
  • Protects various network connections
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Security Information & Event Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) helps systems administrators to detect security threats and application vulnerabilities centrally and to analyse information from different devices to achieve corporate compliance and effective management. DMX SIEM provides professional information security analysis, recommendations and corrective measures for systems administrators:

Filters malicious security alarm errors from different devices
Helps systems administrators to handle massive information systems and alarm system log Provides security event alarm and event response to minimize numerous event analysis by system administrators

Web Application Security

Web applications are now ubiquitous, spanning the spheres of e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and numerous other areas. More and more web-based enterprise applications deal with sensitive financial and medical data which, if compromised, in addition to downtime can mean millions of dollars in damages. It is crucial to protect these applications from malicious attacks.

  • Guarantees a safe & secure web place for users
  • Delivers application layer security availability
  • Streamlined deployment and configuration
  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • Networking

networking headerOptimize your network to provide guaranteed service quality. DMX Network Optimisation enables service providers to deliver guaranteed QoS, and facilitates dynamic policy provisioning.

left column watermarkTriple play service provision offers the telecommunications service provider endless opportunities by enabling enriched video, voice, and data services to be delivered on a single converged network. Hence, it allows the service provider to enjoy the benefits of increased revenue, expanded customer base, better differentiation, and lower operating costs. Alongside the obvious benefits of these new service offerings, triple play services also demand guaranteed supreme service quality, without which the returns of its rollout would be compromised.

DMX Network Optimisation Solution enables service providers to deliver guaranteed service quality by adding a control layer between applications and networks. Its Connection Admission Control (CAC) functions enable guaranteed QoS, and the Policy Decision Function (PDF) facilitates dynamic policy provisioning.

  • Server & Storage

data centre services headerEnhance your scalability and flexibility. With Virtualization Technology, enterprises can have the flexibility of increasing the left column watermarkcomputing power as well as storage space according to their business requirements.

Facing fast changes in the business environment, enterprises want to reduce cost and increase flexibility. Original inflexible hardware architecture cannot satisfy the current changing requirements of enterprises.

Server and storage are important components of the hardware architecture of an enterprise. With the help of virtualization technology, enterprises can have the flexibility of increasing the computing power as well as storage space according to their business requirements. Scalability and manageability can also be greatly enhanced.

Enterprises’ IT departments are also building new data centres with the vision of a cohesive and integrated system. Through the tighter integration of servers, networks, and storage systems, it can help to deliver new improvements in performance and cost-efficiency.

Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile POS

mobile pos headerD-Smart POS is a cloud based mobile POS services designed for retail shops' inventory management. The SaaS model can help enterprises to reduce costs and time as well as operation and maintenance load.

logo left posD-Smart POS is a cloud-based mobile POS services designed for retail shops' inventory management. Users can easily use their smartphones to access the sales and inventory information collected by assigned wireless devices e.g. barcode scanner, printers, POS machines, etc. At the backend, the management can also access various shops' information through the cloud server in real-time.

  • Real-time information
  • Holistic view of sales and inventory
  • Inventory management
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enahnce data analysis
  • Cost saving

  • Location-Based Services

mobile lbs headerD-Smart LBS is a location-based services that can provide location information of high accuracy using mobile devices. This service is applicable to various industry especially logistics, transportation, Telcos, sales forces and government.

logo left lbsD-Smart LBS is a location based services that can provide location information of high accuracy using mobile devices. Administrator can manage multiple vehicles and field service staff easily.

  • Based on CDMA, GPSOne, 3G, 4G, and 5G technology
  • High accuracy, low radiation
  • Remote wiretapping under emergency
  • Electric zone settings
  • Send and receive phone calls
  • SOS button for emergency

diagram mobile lbs

  • Intelligent File Sharing

mobile ifs headerD-smart IFS is a secure contents distribution service for smart devices including tablets e.g. iPad; and smartphones, e.g. iPhone/ Android phones.

logo left ifsD-Smart IFS is a secure and convenient information sharing platform. The user-friendly management console enables administrators to upload and manage information easily according to different security levels.

  • Easy & flexible management platform
  • Various file format support e.g. Photos, Videos, Audios, Office, PDF, Apple iWorks, etc.
  • Intelligent Reading (Online / Offine)
  • Security Management

diagram mobile ifs

  • Mobile Device Management

mobile mdm headerD-smart MDM is a robust mobile device management solution that delivers device-based management, security, and support for enterprises and employee-owned mobile devices. Provided as a SaaS service, enterprises need not to invest expensive servers and network. The service can facilitate simple and intuitive management of mobile devices.

logo left mdmD-Smart MDM provides a variety of functions including Terminal Management, Application Management, Security Management, Device Management, Internet Management, Message Notification and etc.


Provided as a SaaS service, extra investment in network and other hardware facilities
are eliminated for companies as the service can facilitate simple and intuitive management of mobile devices.

It provides advanced capabilities such as unauthorized application prohibition, web filtering, device remote lock, remote wipe and etc.

  • Workforce Management

mobile wfm headerWorkforce Management helps the enterprise to manage their workforce effectively. This service is applicable to retail industry, maintenance services, insurance, logistics industry, etc.

logo left wfmD-Smart WFM is a workforce management that enable enterprise to manage their workforce easily and enhance efficiency.

  • Support tablet and smartphones e.g. Andriod mobiles, iPhone and iPad
  • Location-based services
  • Photo Reporting
  • Time Recording
  • Customized Reports

diagram mobile wfm

Mission Statement

With the rapid development of the Internet and digital technologies, the boundary between traditional industries has been dissolved by the flourishing concept of ‘Convergence'. With advanced IP networks, consumers can enjoy seamless, enriched video and various multimedia value-added services, unified voice, and data communications via the Internet, fixed-line, cable TV, and mobile networks.

Alongside the rapid advancement of digital technology is the dissolving boundary between communications and entertainment. Companies are not only competing within the same industry but also across diverse realms of business.

With the aid of advanced IP technologies, operators can offer bundled video, voice, broadband Internet, and mobile services to capture the benefits of increased lifetime customer value and, in the long run, establish a dominant position in the high-margin market segments.

As one of the key proponents behind this phenomenal trend of services/networks convergence, DMX strives to create value for operators and enterprises with inspiring innovations and cutting edge technologies.

Always with our customers' needs in mind, we deliver premier solutions and services to put you in the best position to embrace and benefit from the convergence revolution.