10 Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks for Your Cannabis Business

Despite the rapid expansion of the cannabis market, businesses are still unable to advertise on Google. Fortunately, the digital space offers quite a few legit alternatives. Search engine optimization, social media promotion, events, and other smart techniques will help you reach your target audience effectively. Discover 10 tips and tricks to use in 2022.

1. Create a Website and e-Store

Most consumers search for products and services online. The cannabis industry is no different. An attractive website is a must for any business, even if you have a brick-and-mortar dispensary. Your online catalog must be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and responsive.

Create a Website and e-Store

Successful companies begin optimizing their websites for SEO at the development stage. This requires maximizing the convenience and value for users. For example, they will leave your site if loading takes longer than three seconds or navigation from mobile screens is messed up.

Optimize your content by adding effective keywords and tags. A professional SEO agency will help you perfect your catalog so it will appear on the first page of Google search results. After creating a plan for SEO, go to website to find a trusted team.

2. Collaborate with Ad Networks

Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of promotional opportunities on specific platforms. By becoming a publisher or advertiser, you will boost brand awareness and grow traffic.

Search for industry-specific marketing networks. They will display your ads to users on several hundred websites. Both recreational dispensaries and medical cannabis providers are welcome. Here are a few examples:

  • MANTIS Ads
  • Traffic Roots
  • RevOffers

3. Write Guest Posts

Why do you need to post on other websites? This gives your marijuana business immediate exposure to its audience. You can boost brand awareness, credibility, and sales through high-quality educational content.

Choose popular niche websites with high domain authority, such as Marijuana Mommy and Marijuana Marketing Xperts. This will guarantee that the backlinks referring to your site will contribute to its SEO rankings. Search for platforms that allow posts on cannabis and related products. Check their contributor guidelines carefully.

5. Invite Influencers

Invite Influencers

Influencers are followed by massive audiences. By partnering up with social media stars, you will make your brand more recognizable, boost ROI, and get instant exposure to thousands of potential customers.

You could also create an affiliate scheme. Note that finding an appropriate influencer can be difficult.

6. Focus on Education

Cannabis businesses should not be too salesy. Instead of aggressively promoting your products, focus on building awareness about marijuana and CBD in general. This industry is still surrounded by a lot of misconceptions.

Provide overviews of research on the effects and properties of marijuana, the latest trends in growing, differences between strains, etc. Focus on making your site a credible source of information. Share links to new posts on social media, too.

7. Get Creative on Social Media

Like Google, networks like Facebook and Instagram do not allow dispensaries to publish any ads. However, they can still develop a solid presence to reach millions of users. The idea is the same — sharing valuable and eye-catching content focused on education. You could also implement a few creative tricks!

First, do not use boring stock images. Produce unique visual content, GIFs, infographics, and videos. Remember to include relevant hashtags, so users will find your posts more easily. Graphics with little text should be accompanied by informative write-ups.

Even Pinterest will let you post photographs of marijuana-themed products, such as mugs and t-shirts. The key is to show them, but not advertise or sell directly. Do not include links to your e-store, as they may get you banned. The same is true for Instagram. Share links to educational content and add a disclaimer.

8. Target Local Market

By narrowing down your SEO approach, you may get less traffic overall, but these visitors will be genuinely interested in your products. Focus on markets in states where cannabis is legal. You may even be allowed to advertise on local media, particularly non-mainstream channels.

Claim your page on Google My Business and make sure all the details are correct. Even small mistakes can affect your credibility. Include a summary of your business, attractive images of the interior, the products, and the staff. Encourage customers to leave reviews, so users who find you via Google Maps will be more likely to check your website.

9. Get Listed on Directories

Get Listed on Directories

A cannabis dispensary may get featured on popular industry-specific directories and social platforms. Users will see the name of your business, its address, phone number, and URL. What's more, this audience will be interested in cannabis. Make sure all citations are correct, and the directories are credible.

10. Event Marketing

Promoting cannabis at events may sound daunting, but it can be fun and extremely effective. Search for industry-specific events and spread the word about them on social media. You can connect with vendors, entrepreneurs, brands, and potential customers.

Do not limit your activity to booths. Mingle with enthusiasts, establish connections, and build partnerships.

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