Best Data Storage Companies

Store, Access, and Backup your Data with the Best Data Storage Companies

The word ‘Data’ has a very important role in the present digital world. Irrespective of it being an Educational Institution, Hospital, Business, or an Organization, there is an increasing need to store and manage data daily.

Data Storage

Data storage is the innovation and aggregate technique that catches computerized data on silicon, electromagnetic, or optical-based capacity media. Organizations make use of different data storage technologies like Cloud Storage, SDD, HDD, etc.

Top 20 Best Data Storage Companies

1. pCloud


pCloud is a data storage enterprise that offers secure encrypted cloud storage solutions. pCloud is located in Switzerland, and it provides solutions for businesses and individuals.

It offers a secure and complete platform for collaborating, syncing, and storing files. It has easy-to-use designed tools that enable you to optimize and control the workflow.

pCloud Pricing:

It provides a 30-days free trial. pCloud also has two pricing plans, which are

  • Premium 500GB: (175 dollars)
  • Premium Plus 2TB: (350 dollars)

These plans are for one year. It has annual plans starting at 47.88 dollars. pCloud also provides plans for families.

2. Zoolz


This data storage company is a cloud-storage provider. Zoolz provides secure and affordable cloud solutions for both medium and small businesses and individuals.

Zoolz has intelligent cloud backup solutions with eDiscovery and AI, affordable backup and archive at cheaper prices, and a variety of BigMIND Partners Programs.

Zoolz supports Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. It has over 3million users worldwide.

Zoolz Pricing:

This data storage has three pricing plans, which are:

  • Zoolz 1TB Cloud Backup: (19.95 dollars annually)
  • Zoolz 2TB: (59.95 dollars annually)
  • Zoolz 5TB: (49.95 dollars annually)

3. BigMIND


BigMIND is a cloud storage solution specifically for personal use. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to enable you to effortlessly backup, access, and discover all your private files. BigMIND supports Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

BigMIND can automatically centralize and backup your files, videos, and photos. It offers secure and affordable cloud storage solutions.

BigMIND Pricing:

BigMIND offers four pricing plans, which are:

  • Personal: 100GB (2.99 dollar monthly)
  • Family: 500GB (6.99 dollars monthly)
  • Family plus: 1TB (12.99 dollars monthly)

BigMIND also provides a 30-day guarantee.

4. Polarbackup


This data storage enterprise is the GDPR and privacy cloud backup solution. Polarbackup is a powerful and affordable cloud backup solution for everybody. Polarbackup enables you to store your files forever. It has a web console and desktop agents.

Polarbackup can backup network, external, and local drives. It has numerous advanced functionalities that can improve productivity.

Polarbackup Pricing:

Polarbackup provides three pricing plans, which are:

  • 1TB (39.99 dollars)
  • 2TB (59.99 dollars)
  • 5TB (99.99 dollars)

These prices are all a one-time payment. Polarbackup also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. PureStorage


PureStorage is a data storage company that specifically deals with solid storage products. It has produced various types of products in recent times. PureStorage provides a high-speed data storage algorithm. This high-speed data storage algorithm makes it one of the best data storage companies.

PureStorage Pricing:

The company provides three pricing plans, which are:

  • Industry Standard Support
  • Evergreen Silver Subscription
  • Evergreen Gold Subscription

6. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a combined assistant for Windows and Microsoft. This makes it versatile. It doesn’t just capacitate your storage; it also supports the Internet of Things, analytics, web, mobile, media, Development of Data, Security with Management, etc. It delivers content via a robust network.

Microsoft Azure provides a versatile storage system that is applicable for analytics, web, and IoT. These features make Microsoft Azure one of the most used data storage companies.

Microsoft Azure Pricing:

Microsoft Azure provides a free plan for a start. It has different pricing plans, such as:

  • Files: 1GB (0.058 dollars monthly)
  • Managed disks (1.54 dollars monthly)
  • Azure Data Lake Storage: 1GB (0.001 dollars monthly)
  • Block Blobs: 1GB (0.001 dollars monthly)

7. AWS

AWS Home Image

This data storage company provides cloud storage services for archival compliance and application requirements. AWS is similar to the dynamic Amazon eCommerce channel. This data storage company is well-known for access management, encryption, and data storage.

AWS Pricing:

  • Scalable Storage: 1GB (0.023 dollars)
  • Block Storage: 1GB (0.1 dollars monthly)

Amazon provides different pricing plans for its storage services.

8. Dell EMC

Dell EMC

Dell EMC offers Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Analytics, Information Security, and solutions storage. Outside the manufacturing of laptops, Dell built on-cloud storage to survive in the market after its business’s shutdown in its previous domain.

Dell EMC Pricing:

  • Dell EMC cloud storage installation price falls around 39.803.40 dollars for a usable capacity of about 300TB.

9. IBM

IBM Data Companies

IBM was previously a laptop manufacturing company before it got into the cloud storage domain. IBM is popular for storage algorithms, data analysis, and cloud storage technology. All of these features make it one of the most widely used data storage companies.

IBM Pricing:

  • Its Block and File Storage price beginsfrom 0.05 dollars for 1GB.

10. NetApp


This data storage company is based in America. It is well-known for offering cloud data applications and hybrid data services.

NetApp offers a complete range of services in telecommunications, healthcare, consumer products, and IT. NetApp functions with several renowned companies in the world, such as Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz.

NetApp Pricing:

  • This data storage company has a Cloud Sync pricing plan that begins from 0.15 dollars hourly.

11. Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle data Storage Company is widely loved by its clients. It specializes in real-time analytics and content marketing campaigns. The company offers expert services to help in data storage and standardizing software using Blockchain technology.

Oracle is a data storage company that is ranked as number one in business software. It has branches in over one hundred and seventy-five countries and has served some renowned multi-national organizations worldwide.

Oracle Pricing:

  • The company provides a free trial for Oracle Cloud Platform. It has a pricing plan, which is MySQL. MySQL subscription begins from 2000 dollars.

12. Seagate Technology

Seagate Technology

This data storage company is renowned for hard disks—compatible storage devices. The American Data Storage company is involved in high-performance computing. It has branches in Ireland, India, and the United States.

Seagate Technology has a light-weight hard disc and high-performance computing. This has rendered it an easy choice for buyers.

Seagate Technology Pricing:

  • Seagate Technology product price begins from 64 dollars.

13. DDN

DDN Innovation

DDN is an acronym for DataDirect Networks. It is the provider of professional services, processing solutions, and scalable storage. Several companies use DataDirect Networks to distribute, collaborate, analyze, process, store, and capture data and content on a large scale.

The solution is provided in two appliance options. It is also available as a software-only distribution. The vendor offers services to cloud service providers, government facilities, energy companies, healthcare organizations, and financial service firms.

14. Nutanix


This data storage company offers hyper-converged infrastructure, compute and storage infrastructure, and cloud software solutions. Nutanix’s storage, compute, and converged architecture can scale/manage petabytes of data as it runs thousands of virtual machines. Nutanix Acropolis provides in-built AHV virtualization, platform services, networking services, and enterprise storage features such as disaster recovery and data protection.

15. Fujitsu


This data storage company is a Japanese communication and information technology company.

It provides a variety of technology products, services, and solutions. These solutions and services include managed services, systems integration, consulting, outsourcing, cloud service for infrastructure, data center and field services, platforms and applications, storage software, server, and mobile technologies.

Fujitsu offers storage for backup and archive, storage management software, hyper-scale storage, all-flash, and hybrid storage.

16. Hedvig

Hedvig Image

Hedvig is a data storage company that offers enterprise storage for environments that run at any scale. It also collapses disparate storage systems into a single space. This creates a virtualized storage pool that provisions storage. Hedvig works in both public and private clouds.

17. Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara HomePage

This company supports enterprises with monetizing, activating, enriching, and storing their data. Hitachi Vantara provides four solutions under the host of object storage, such as HCI (Hitachi Content Intelligence), HDI (Hitachi Data Ingestor), HCP Anywhere, and HCP (Hitachi Content Platform).

Each of them offers search/analytic insights, cloud file gateway, end-user data protection, sharing, file synchronization, and object storage. Hitachi Vantara is a major player in the data recovery and backup space.

18. HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity is a data Storage Company that offers hyper-converged storage by integrating the whole IT stack in each node. It consolidates about ten apps and devices in a building block for virtualized workloads. Before HPE acquired SimpliVity, it delivered hyper-converged infrastructure on a scale of x86 platforms.

It provides two platforms, which are HPE SimpliVity 2600 and HPE SimpliVity 380. You can integrate both with an intelligent networking fabric.

19. Huawei

This company provides infrastructure application software and devices with IP technologies, wireless, and wireline. Huawei consists of three divisions in the US: consumer devices (tablets and smartphones), carrier, and enterprise (data center security, storage, wireless, and IP networking and router). It’s a telecom solutions provider that provides data management, Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI), cloud storage, hybrid flash storage, and all-flash storage.

20. Inspur

Inspur Image

Inspur is a data storage company that provides a portfolio of cloud data center solutions and big data and cloud services. Its data storage capabilities are available through the infrastructure SDS (AS13000) platform and Active Storage.

The majority of this data storage company’s clients are in China, with the government logistics and transportation industries accounting for over half its customer base.


To assist you with what can be a difficult task of choosing the best product, this article examined the top 20 best data storage companies.Both small and established organizations are strategically planning purchases of data storage. Research data asserts that maximum businesses are using HDD for both cloud storage and data storage.

The most well-known cloud storage vendors provide a wide range of geographic scalesregarding support staff and data centers. They also practically offer software-based infrastructure as a full set of services widely used byPaaS and laaS offerings.

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