The Ultimate Crowd Cow Review: Is This Premium Meat Delivery Worth It?

As someone who loves good food and cares deeply about sustainability, I‘ve been curious to try Crowd Cow‘s meat delivery for some time. I dove into extensive research on their sourcing, cuts of meat, ordering process, and real customer reviews to provide the most comprehensive Crowd Cow review out there. Keep reading for the inside scoop on whether this industry-disrupting company lives up to its stellar reputation.

How Crowd Cow Sources Top-Notch Meat from Small Farms

Crowd Cow partners with over 100 small, family-owned farms across the U.S. to deliver the highest quality, ethically raised meat right to your door. Every farm they work with shares an unwavering commitment to sustainability, animal welfare, and producing delicious meat the right way.

The company thoroughly vets each farm to ensure they meet stringent standards on everything from regenerative grazing practices to never using antibiotics or hormones. Crowd Cow even visits every partner farm in person and provides ongoing coaching to support their success.

This direct relationship allows complete transparency and traceability from farm to fork. When you order Crowd Cow meat, you’ll know exactly which farm your food came from and can even read that farmer‘s story.

From mundane details like USDA certifications to beautiful photos of cattle roaming green pastures, Crowd Cow offers a level of insight you’d never get at the grocery store meat counter.

Ordering Made Simple, Arrives Still Cold and Fresh

Ordering sustainably raised meat from small farms across America is surprisingly easy with Crowd Cow. Every box is customizable, so you can opt for all beef, some pork and chicken, even add-on seafood or Wagyu.

Building your box is simple with so many curated collections and individual cuts to browse online, from classic steaks and roasts to short ribs, burgers, and beyond.

I particularly appreciate how Crowd Cow suggests wine pairings and provides easy recipes for cooking each cut of meat. Once your order is placed, your box ships direct from partner farms in 1-3 days via FedEx and arrives well-packaged with dry ice to keep everything chilled.

Pricing Ranges Based on Premium Quality

As a disclaimer, Crowd Cow meat costs more than what you’ll typically find at the grocery store. However, the exceptional quality from small farms who raise livestock sustainably does come at a premium.

That said, Crowd Cow offers a range of selections at different price points. Here‘s a quick pricing overview:

  • Beef ranges from $14/lb for ground beef up to $140/lb for American Wagyu striploin
  • Pork ranges from $12/lb for bacon to $30/lb for Ibérico pork collar
  • Chicken breast or thighs average $6-8/lb
  • Seafood like wild sockeye salmon or scallops averages $35-$60/lb

You can save more per pound by ordering bundles or buying a share of a whole cow. Monthly members get 5% off plus free shipping over $99. Compared to other high-end meat delivery companies, Crowd Cow represents an excellent value.

Rave Reviews on Quality, Packaging, and Taste

Across online reviews, unboxings on YouTube, and various Reddit threads, Crowd Cow earns consistent praise for delivering extremely high-caliber meat. Customers rave about generous marbling, superb texture, and succulent flavor.

Many reviews explicitly compare Crowd Cow’s meat to what you’d find at a Michelin star restaurant in terms of tenderness and taste. Their unique butcher paper lining each box and chill pack gel ice sheets keep meat fresh as can be.

Some Criticisms on Price and Shipping Timeframes

The most common complaints relate to the higher costs or occasionally late shipments. While their premium quality does warrant Crowd Cow’s higher pricing, some customers hoped for more budget-friendly options.

Others noted receiving boxes 1-2 days later than estimated, possibly from winter weather delays. However, the vast majority of reviews celebrate phenomenal customer service, with the Crowd Cow team quick to respond and offer credits for any issues.

How Crowd Cow Compares to Other Butcher Boxes

As the leader reimagining modern meat delivery, Crowd Cow sets themselves apart from competitors like ButcherBox or Omaha Steaks in a few key ways:

Hyper-Local Sourcing from Single Farms

Instead of meat pooled across industrial suppliers, Crowd Cow allows you to pick individual farms. This traceability and direct farmer connection is totally unique.

Range of Custom Cuts and Types of Meat

Beyond just chicken, beef, and pork, Crowd Cow offers exotic meats like bison or elk plus sustainable seafood. You’ll also find cuts like short ribs, oxtail, and Denver steak other services don’t.

Convenience Without Commitment

While ButcherBox requires a subscription, Crowd Cow has no order minimums or commitments. You can customize every delivery or just buy a share of meat as a one-off purchase.

Is Crowd Cow Worth Trying Out?

For conscientious carnivores like me who care about quality and sustainability, Crowd Cow is absolutely worth trying. The unbeatable flavor and transparency around sourcing small family farms makes it a no brainer.

While expensive compared to factory farmed meat, Crowd Cow offers reasonable value for humanely raised, premium cuts shipped right to your door. Go give them a shot – your tastebuds will thank you!

I recommend the Steak Lover‘s Box to sample some all-star hits like skirt steak, flat iron steak, and bone-in ribeye. Pair it with a nice California Cabernet Sauvignon and sautéed asparagus for a restaurant-caliber meal from the comfort of home.

Want to save money on your first order? New members get 1lb of bacon free with any box over $99.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions after reading my comprehensive Crowd Cow review, here are answers to some common FAQs:

Does Crowd Cow deliver nationwide?

Crowd Cow offers free shipping to the lower 48 states only. Sadly no Hawaii or Alaska delivery yet.

Can I customize or cancel my subscription?

Yes, complete control! Tweak your box items each shipment or skip months entirely with no penalties.

How long does Crowd Cow meat last?

Their dry aged beef lasts 2-3 weeks and other meat keeps fresh for 7-10 days. Seafood is best consumed within 1-2 days.

I hope this in-depth Crowd Cow review helped explain their fantastic service advocating for small meat producers. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!

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