Best Crossfit Shoes

Do you think you can use your running shoe for CrossFit training? Well, except the shoe is made with cross-training in mind, they cannot withstand the rigorous workouts done by CrossFit trainers. If you try using a running shoe for cross-training, they will not provide you with the needed comfort, support, and stability required for weightlifting, squatting, and other forms of cross-training exercise.

Not only that, the running shoe will definitely breakdown after a few sessions because they aren’t as durable and strong as CrossFit shoes need to be. That is why I have written this buying guide to help you choose the best cross trainer by discussing the top 10 CrossFit shoes in the market. Before the listing, let take a look at the types of CrossFit shoes and things you need to consider before

Best CrossFit Shoe in the Market

The Adidas Powerlift 3.1 CrossFit Trainer is one of the top CrossFit shoes in the market. They are made of a synthetic sole and an upper made of leather. They have been made to be durable and provide ankle support. These shoes have been built for weightlifting and a lot of users have praised the shoe for the support and stability they enjoyed using this shoe for weightlifting. The highly dense midsole makes this stability possible. They are also very much popular among bodybuilders, squatters, deadlifters, and among people that engage in pressing.

The shoe toe box had been made width enough to allow the toe enough space to move freely. They also provide a lot of support for breathability through their air mesh collar and lining. They are true to size and perfectly fit the feet according to some users’ claims. A lot of users have also claimed the shoes provided them with the needed lateral support. To some users, the shoe is affordable considering its built quality and durability while others felt the design of the shoe is visually appealing and Stylish. The traction provided by this shoe’s outsole is also one of the major points the shoe hits.

However, even though many users stated that the shoes are wide enough for them, some users claimed the shoe was narrow for them. A few users also complained about the insoles being soft and flimsy. Aside these, the Adidas Powerlift 3.1 CrossFit Trainer is a very comfortable and durable CrossFit shoe that had been built for weightlifting and other CrossFit exercises.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Provide enough stability and support for weightlifting
  • Provide enough support for breathability
  • They are flexible
  • Visually appealing
  • Good traction and grip provided by outsole
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Some users claimed the shoe is a narrow fit
  • Insoles are soft and flimsy

Best CrossFit Shoe for Overpronators

Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweaver Sneaker is arguably one of the most popular CrossFit shoes in the market. Interestingly, this shoe is one of the best shoes for overpronators. Overpronators are people with flat feet. They need a Motion Control Shoe to control the movement of their feet and the Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweaver Sneakers is one of those shoes. These shoes have been built to be very comfortable on the feet, and according to many users of the shoe, it perfectly fits their feet.

Because of the intense activities of cross-training, they have been made to be lightweight to avoid adding more weight that will hinder your performance. The shoe had been made to support breathability which according to many users, is great. They have been built with quality materials and have been said to last long. One thing some users liked about this shoe is the removable sockliners which can be substituted with an orthotics.

The shoe is stylish and had been praised for coming in various color schemes that are pleasing to the eyes. The flexibility of the forefoot makes it easier for users to engage in running, plyometrics, and sprints among other workouts that require a shoe to be flexible. Not only is the shoe suitable for running and sprint, but they are also good for weightlifting and many other gymnastics, making them very versatile and a one-shoe-fit-all kind of shoe. Lastly, this shoe provides much support and stability needed to make weightlifting easier.

However, some users complained about the sizing as not conforming to the standard. Some users also think the shoe is expensive while others feel the cushioning provided by the shoe is spongy. Some users also complained about the shoes being slippery sometimes.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Perfect for overpronators
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Stylishly designed with many color schemes
  • Lightweight
  • Breathability support is great
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Some users feel the shoe is expensive
  • Sizing does not conform to standard
  • Some users claimed the shoe slips

Best CrossFit Shoe for Neutral Feet

adidas Men's Supernova M Blue


adidas Men's Supernova M Grey


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The Adidas Supernova Shoe is one of the top CrossFit shoes in the market. Initially made for running, the shoe had been adopted by a lot of CrossFit trainers because of its Torsion System that provides stability and support for the shoe. The shoe had been praised for having a roomy toe box that would provide your feet with the required space to flex freely. The shoe had been made to provide moderate cushioning since people with neutral feet aren’t in need of much cushioning like their supinating counterparts.

This shoe is also good in terms of performance and since it had been built initially for running, it provides great speed and made to ease the lifting of the feet and dropping them on the ground. They have been made from engineered mesh and comes with a rubber sole that provides a lot of traction and grip. This shoe had also been claimed to provide good support as far as breathability is concerned. They are also comfortable and durable as many reviewers claimed they use it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

They had been built to perfectly fit the feet, and some users attest to the fact that they are true to size. Some users also stated that the shoes are visually appealing and they love the many color schemes provided by the maker of the shoe.

However, the shoe had also been condemned by some of its users. Even though the shoe had been made to be lightweight, some users claimed that the shoe felt heavy on their feet. Some claimed they felt some kind of pain under the heel after using the shoe.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Provide enough stability and traction
  • Last long
  • Breathability support is great
  • Visually appealing and good color schemes
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Some users complained of pains under their heels
  • Some users claimed the shoe is heavy

Best CrossFit Shoe Supinators

The Inov-8 F-Lite 250 Trainer is the latest edition of the F-Lite CrossFit shoes. This shoe had been specifically made for CrossFit workouts and as such, have been built to withstand the rigorous exercises CrossFit trainers undertake. They are perfect for weightlifting, ropework, box jump, and even running among other CrossFit exercises. The power heel is made to provide stability for weightlifting while the forefoot is made to provide cushioning to help absorb shock.

The Inov-8 F-Lite 250 Trainer is a high-performance shoe that’s made to be very flexible to support both horizontal and vertical movement of the feet. This shoe is made for supinators and as such, it provides a lot of cushioning to help support and pad the high arches nature of the foot and prevent it from injuries related to supination. This shoe is made from synthesized materials while the sole is made of rubber. The shoe is also lightweight and durable.

The outsole grips the surface effectively that slipping off while working out is discouraged. They are also said to perfectly fits as expected and available in different color schemes that some users find interesting. The shoe had been built with quality and durability in mind. They are stylish and beautifully designed with shoelaces.

If you intend buying this shoe, you need to be aware of a few things before making a buying decision. Some users of this shoe claimed they are uncomfortable when used for running while others claimed the shoes are not true to size and do not conform to standard sizing. Even with these downsides, the shoe remains one of the top CrossFit Shoes in the market.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Provide much stability and shock absorption capabilities
  • They are lightweight and flexible
  • Outsole grip is top-notch
  • Many color schemes available
  • Last long
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Not comfortable for running according to some users
  • The shoes are not true to size

Best CrossFit Trainer for Men

The Nike Men’s Metcon 4 CrossFit Shoe is a popular CrossFit trainer and in fact, one of the top best CrossFit trainers in the market. They have been made to fit perfectly and many users of the shoe attested to the fact that they fit perfectly as they expected and are true to size. The shoe is available in 26 color schemes that users find visually appealing. The shoe had also been made to be light in other to avoid adding additional weight that will weigh you down and stop you from moving at your maximum speed.

This shoe is very comfortable and has been tested and trusted for CrossFit workouts and I tell you what; Even though no shoe can comfortably be used for all CrossFit activities comfortably without compromise, the Nike Men’s Metcon 4 Cross Trainer had been found to perform wonderfully well in almost all the exercises involved in CrossFit. The sole provides enough stability to make weightlifting easier. The gripping of the surface by is effective even in wet environments.

However, they do not provide much support and wouldn’t be good for running as those that tried using it for running complained of pains. The shoe had been discovered to start making squeaky sounds after sometimes. The shoelaces are too long and lose easily.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Provide great traction and grip
  • Very comfortable
  • Perfect for most CrossFit workouts
  • They are visually appealing
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Shoelaces too long and lose easily
  • Makes squeaky sounds after sometimes
  • Not good for running

Best CrossFit Shoe for Women

The Saucony Ride 10 GTX Running Shoe had been praised by many users as very comfortable, accommodating, and supportive. The shoe is one of the top waterproof shoes in the market and users claimed they are smooth and fits the leg perfectly. The upper of the shoe is made of textile and synthetic material with their Gore-Tex technology that makes it possible to remain waterproof and still provide enough breathability support to keep your feet dry. Their soles in turn, are made of rubber and provides cushioning to make the feet feel comfortable.

The shoe has been very handy in case of long runs and some runners have even used it for marathon runs. These shoes are so light that you wouldn’t feel them when you are lifting your feet – this makes moving at your maximum speed as effortless as possible. Heavy runners also praised the Saucony Ride 10 GTX Running Shoe for having a midsole that supports their weight. On a general note, they can be said to be responsive, high performers, and comfortable.

However, many users find the shoe to be narrower than they expected. They are not also as durable as one would expect based on the previous edition of Saucony Ride. The sizing of the shoe does not follow the standard rule and their outsole do not provide a strong grip over wet surfaces.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Very comfortable on the feet
  • Good for long runs
  • Breathability support is great
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Some users stated that the shoe does not last long
  • Sizing does not conform to standard
  • Outsole does not provide good grip over wet surfaces

Affordable Cross Trainer

Are you on a budget and looking for an affordable CrossFit Sneaker that get the job and still remain affordable? Then Adidas has an option for you – the Adidas Alphabounce Trainer, one of the best sneakers for CrossFit workouts out there. They are affordable yet comfortable, supportive, and provide enough stability to make weightlifting and the other rigorous activities as painless as possible. This shoe upper had been made with textile while the sole is made of rubber.

This shoe provides enough cushioning and bounce to make using them fun. They are also flexible and make for a good choice for short runs and box jump. This cross-training shoe has been complimented for its fit and decent design. They are very light and non-restrictive. The shoe is beautiful and constructed with durability in mind.

However, a lot of users complained that they are too tight for them. The shoe is also not true to size and does not conform to standard sizing systems. Some users claimed they struggled to wear them on.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Very affordable
  • Flexibility and lightweight
  • Provide enough stability and support
  • They are visually appealing
  • They are comfortable on the feet
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Shoe too tight for some users
  • They are not true to size

Perfect Flexibility for CrossFit Exercises

Reebok women's Crossfit Grrace Black

Reebok women's Crossfit Grrace White


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The Reebok CrossFit Grace Trainer is one of the top CrossFit shoes in the market. According to some user who has used this shoe, they are very flexible enough for most CrossFit exercises. Their flexibility and stability make them good for weightlifting, squatting, and other CrossFit exercises. You are sure to love this shoe because of the breathability they provide and their aesthetic appeal which many finds to be one of the selling points of the shoe. A lot of users of the shoe also stated that they felt very comfortable with the Reebok CrossFit Grace Trainer on their feet.

They are made from synthetic materials and rubber soles that are very effective in terms of gripping the surface and keeping you balance and stable. Users of this shoe also claimed that the shoes are very strong and last long regardless of the rigorous activities they are used for. Even though they are meant for lifting weight and squatting, some users find it effective for running because of it lightweight nature.

Even though it is a great CrossFit shoe that is loved by many, there are some things about this shoe that might turn you off. When it comes to arch support, this shoe is very poor and need you to add them yourself. Some users find the insoles slippery while others claimed that they are too wide. The shoe is also said to lack toe box protection.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Perfect for weightlifting, squatting, and running
  • Very flexible for CrossFit activities
  • Last long
  • Very comfortable
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Does not provide arch support
  • Some users find the shoe too wide
  • Insole of the shoe is slippery according to some users

Very Comfortable CrossFit Shoe

The Reebok Lifter Pr CrossFit Shoe is one of the popular choices among CrossFit trainers. Interestingly, our research finds it to be one of the top CrossFit shoes and a very comfortable one at that. They are Stylishly designed and appealing to the eyes. When it comes to performance, the Reebok Lifter Pr CrossFit Shoe is a high performer. In fact, many trainers claimed their performance increased when using this shoe. They are a good fit for weightlifting, squatting, snatches, and deadlifting among others.

The shoe is a good value for its price. The ankle is supported by a cushioned collar that many users of the shoe find important for their comfort. They are also very light and non-restrictive in design. A good number of users of the shoe stated that the shoe fits perfectly on their feet. This shoe is made from both mesh and synthetic materials while their sole is made of rubber. The sole grips the floor well, thanks to the shoe’s anti-friction technology. They provide enough support and stability to make your CrossFit training comfortable.

While many users stated that the shoes are true to size and fit perfectly, others claimed the shoes aren’t true to size. The wide toe box had also been criticized by many users of the shoe. The break-in time provided by the shoe was also not appreciated by some users.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Provide enough support and stability for CrossFit workouts
  • Price is good based on shoe features
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Some users claimed the shoes aren’t true to size
  • Toe box too wide

Perfect Traction for CrossFit

Looking for a shoe that provides perfect traction and stability for CrossFit workouts? Then the 5.11 Tactical Men’s Recon Trainer-M Cross Trainer is a great option for you; It provides good traction that grips the surface – thanks to its outsole. This shoe is one of the top CrossFit shoes in the market. They have been sturdily built to withstand the rigorous exercises CrossFit trainers undertake and as such, they are a good fit for weightlifting and other intensive workouts. This shoe had been praised by many for having a minimalistic design.

Their upper is made from leather and textiles while their soles are made from synthesized materials. They are comfortable on the feet when worn and provide enough support to help you carry out your activities without them coming on your way. They are perfect for everyday trainers looking for a pair to use all day. The soles had also been made to resist slipping and are true to size. This shoe is highly recommended because of its ruggedness and stability.

However, some users of the shoe had complained about the shoelaces saying that they are too tiny. Some users also had durable issues with the shoe. While a lot of users stated that the shoe is very comfortable, a few claimed that the shoe wasn’t as comfortable as they expected.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Provides good traction
  • Perfect for rigorous exercises
  • Minimalistic design
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Shoelaces are tiny
  • Shoe starts falling apart after some time
  • Some users felt uncomfortable using them

Types Of Crossfit Shoes

Shoes are made to fit and support different foot types. Based on the foot types, we have 3 types of CrossFit shoes. These include Motion Control Shoes, Cushioning Shoes, and Stability Shoes.

Motion Control Shoes

Motion Control Shoes are made for people with flat feet otherwise known as overpronators. Overpronation is the natural movement of the feet inward as it strikes the ground. This has health implications ranging from mild injuries and strains to shin splints. This phenomenon is common among people with flat feet. Motion Control Shoes help prevent the inward movement thereby preventing its side effects.

Motion Control Shoes comes with dual-density midsoles and usually not as flexible as the other types of shoes.

Cushioning Shoes

While some people overpronate and have their feet move inward as they strike the ground, some people’s feet move outward. This is known as underpronation or supination and the people experiencing this are known as supinators, underpronators, or people with high arches. Cushioning Shoes are meant to help control supination by providing a form of padding as support. They are the types of shoes recommended for people with high arches.

Stability Shoes

Stability Shoes are made for people that neither overpronate nor supinate. These types of shoes are for people that have neutral feet otherwise known as neutral pronators. They are made to provide motion control support as well as padding for the purpose of cushioning. Stability Shoes combine the features of both Cushioning Shoes and Motion Control Shoes to provide neutral feet with the required support and protection against injuries.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Crossfit Shoe

Except if you want to visit the store again to buy another pair of shoe for CrossFit after a session or two, there are some things you need to consider. There’s more to a shoe than just a pair you wear for walking, running, or any other physical exercise.

Durability, flexibility, price, intended use, your foot type, and other factors should be considered in other to buy a pair of shoe for CrossFit that will be suitable and last long. Avoid making your buying decision based on what looks good on your friends’ feet. Unless you have the same foot type and use it for the same purpose, what fits your friend might be unfit for you. Make your decision based on the factors discussed below.

Main CrossFit Exercise

While I stated above that CrossFit is targeted at keeping the full-body fit and comprises many rigorous workouts such as gymnastics, running, and weightlifting among others, there’s something I did not tell you; There’s still one of the exercises that you will do more of it based on what you intend to achieve and your instructor’s instruction.

The truth is this; No pair of CrossFit Shoes will perform best for all the CrossFit training exercise. A CrossFit shoe will be good at some training exercises and flop at others. In this case, you need to buy a CrossFit shoe based on which exercise you will do more. Doing so will ensure you got a pair that suit the activities you do the most and is still fit for other activities. Therefore, you need to inquire from your CrossFit trainer or instructor what activities you will be engaged in the most.

Your Foot Type

Our feet move naturally as they strike the ground. This movement of the shoe is known as pronation. It is either you have an overpronating foot, a supinating foot, or a neutral foot. To know your kind of foot, get one of your feet wet, place it on a cardboard paper, and remove it. if you can see most part of your foot, you are an overpronator. If you can see about 70 percent, you have neutral feet, and if you cannot see most part of the foot, then you are a supinator and have high arches.

It is advisable to buy shoes only for your type of foot. If you are an overpronator, you should only buy Motion Control Shoes made for cross-training as only them will provide you with the required foot control. Likewise, if you are a supinator, only buy CrossFit shoes that provide you enough support and cushioning to make them feel comfortable on your feet.

Heel Thickness

Otherwise known as Shoe Drop, the thickness of shoe heels is a factor to consider. For running shoes, you need a shoe that keeps you high to facilitate easy movement and help you move at your maximum. However, this is not the case in a CrossFit shoe where you need to be closer to your heels to keep the required posture and have the required support for weightlifting and gymnastic activities.


Have you worn a shoe for a long time only for you to remove them and your feet are somehow damp or even wet? Such shoes are not made to provide your feet space to breathe and shouldn’t be used for CrossFit training. When putting on a shoe, your feet release energy in the form of sweat. Sweating becomes more intense when you engage in CrossFit exercises and as such, you need shoes that provide your feet with a lot of ventilation to keep them dry and comfortable.


There are no two ways about it, CrossFit as a group of exercise is a rigorous training that only shoes made with quality materials, best practices, and made to withstand them can last long. There is nothing wrong in buying just shoe without considering the durability for CrossFit exercise only that you will have to buy another after a few sessions.

When a shoe is subjected to the intensive workouts of cross-training, unless it is very durable, it will start to break down. So, if you intend to buy a shoe specifically for CrossFit, you need to buy a pair that can withstand the intense workouts in other for it to last longer and save you from buying another pair.

Shoe Weight

The weight of a shoe is equally important and should be considered when buying a shoe. For CrossFit training, the last thing you will like is to wear a pair that will weigh you down and hinder you from moving your feet with little effort. Usually, bulky and heavy shoes aren’t a good fit for CrossFit exercise. You’ll need a lightweight shoe that will be very light for the rigorous activities you will take part in.

Shoe Size

This factor is obvious, that is why it came last. Interestingly, it is not as obvious as many thinks. Some people order shoes from online stores using their previous feet measurement. However, our feet grow as we age. Not even that, some people’s feet aren’t of the same length. One of the feet is longer than the other. In such a case, to be on the safer side, the longer measurement should be used. Also, avoid buying shoes that are too tight and go for shoes that allow your feet small space to flex.

10 Best Crossfit Shoes

Below is a review of the top 10 CrossFit shoes in the market. You will find one that will suit your need regardless of your foot type, gender, and budget. Make sure you make a pick based on the factors discussed above.

Make A Purchase

Now you’ve read all the reviews. You can tell where each shoe excels and where it flops and need improvement – it is now time for buying the best one for yourself. With the guide on what to consider before buying a cross-training shoe discussed in the article, you shouldn’t find it difficult choosing the best CrossFit shoe for your CrossFit training session out of the top 10 CrossFit shoes discuss above.

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