7 Facts About Cold Shower Before Bed That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you having a hard time going into sleep at night? Understanding how cold shower before bed could facilitate your sleep is definitely your way out. Learn more!

Are you wondering how a cold shower before bed could benefit your sleep and health in general? Stay calm while you learn the facts about a cold shower before bed that will definitely blow your mind.

According to an article by the American Sleep Association, shows that 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. The above statistics are similar to what is obtainable among populations in other countries of the world.

Insomnia, a common sleeping disorder was reported in an Insomnia Statistics research to affect about 40 million Americans who suffer from the chronic form of the disorder. With this demographic affected, it can be regarded as one of the major health problems affecting the human population, hence, the need to regard it as a problem.

Cold Shower benifits

Therefore, the need to find a health-wise remedy is a necessity that brings up the issue of how a cold shower before bed could help our sleep and our health at large.  Knowing the facts behind a cold shower before bed is important especially to those population who suffers from a particular sleeping disorder. Below are the hidden facts you should benefit from, concerning having a cold shower before bed.

What Are The Facts About Cold Shower Before Bed?

Cold Shower Before Bed Lowers Your Core Body Temperature

Taking a cold shower before bed is an important way to facilitate a faster lowering of core body temperature when your time of sleep approaches. Why? Because lowering of core body temperature is part of the process that aids the onset of sleep.

Lower Body Temperature with Cold Shower

Nature has made our circadian rhythm function as an internal clock that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. When night approaches and it is time to have some sleep, our circadian rhythm would signal the body for it to prepare to sleep.

One of the processes achieved by the internal clock is to lower the core body temperature. Therefore taking a cold shower some minutes before going to bed would naturally aid the process of lowering body temperature because a signal is also sent to the brain for preparation to sleep. Subsequently, you would get a quality sleep you envisaged.

Stimulates Your Immune System

It's a rule of thumb that when you are experiencing cold either as a result of weather condition or after taking a cold shower, your body when trying to achieve body balance generates more heat internally to balance what your environment temperature is, which make you feel warm.

enhance Immune System with cold shower

When this above scenario happened, your metabolic rate increases in generating more heat, stimulating the immune system to increase white blood cell production (Leukocyte).

The white blood cells play a critical role in fighting off foreign bodies or infections that may serve as a threat to the body. Therefore we can conclude that having a cold shower enhances the body's immune system to function effectively.

Furthermore, the increase in metabolic rate associated with taking a cold shower also helps in weight loss through the burning of the produced brown fat cells leading to loss of some body's calories which in turn enhances losing weight.

Enhances Your Alertness and Focus

Having a cold shower before going to bed ensures your alertness because it improves your body circulation. You may be wondering how alertness encourages your sleep, however, it helps you stay alert of any unfinished task before going to bed.

Enhances Your Alertness

By so doing, you would stay focused on completing these tasks, free your brain from worries, and subsequently, that gives you the ability to easily fall asleep and have a nice dream.

Improves Skin and Hair Quality

Many have wasted a lot of resources trying to make their skin and hair be of good quality. Probably, they are unaware of how cold water could benefit them.

Improves Skin and Hair Quality

Washing your hair with cold water helps to break down hair cuticles thereby making your hair look smoother and shinner. It is also known to prevent hair loss.

A cold shower also helps in breaking skin pores making your skin smoother and brighter. It gives your skin a healthy natural glow and freshness. Because of the constriction of skin blood vessels after the skin is washed with cold water, results in tighter skin pores which reduce skin redness and puffiness.

Stimulates Anti-Depression Hormones Release

When taking a cold shower, there is initial fright or flight response by your body which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to release anti-depressants such as beta-endorphins and noradrenaline.

Stimulates Anti-Depression Hormones Release

Depression is one of the major mental problems advocated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Therefore, the release of these antidepressants helping in wiping it off is required and definitely, that would help in getting a sound sleep.

According to research from the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Medicine suggests that taking a cold shower is a potential treatment for depression.

It is worthy to emphasize that, the hormones (antidepressants) released also serve as a natural pain killer or reliever to your body which is actually thought to be more effective than synthetic opioids.

Immunity Toward Subsequent Colds

One hiding truth behind taking a cold shower before bed routinely is that it prepares your body against unforeseen coldness that may be brought by environmental changes.

immunity against extreme coldness

Once you are used to taking a cold shower before bed, it is very psychological you will develop immunity against extreme coldness you may be subjected to in the future.

A Remedy To Treat Insomnia

An effective remedy in treating insomnia is taking a cold shower before bed. The reason is, the coolness derived from the cold shower helps to lower your body temperature allowing you to relax and prepare your body for sleep.

Treat Insomnia

Therefore, a cold shower before bed can stand as the right prescription to patient fighting insomnia and other sleeping related disorder.

Should You Take A Cold Or Hot Shower?

Cold Shower for sleep

Taking a cold or hot shower depends on what you want to achieve. Have clarity in your decision before deciding any of the options. Cold shower benefits your body as explained, so as hot water. Among the benefits of a hot shower is that it prevents inflammation, migraine, etc. That is why having clarity is an important factor you should consider but taking a cold shower benefits your sleep.


Taking a cold shower before bed would offer you a better sleep which in turn leads to sound health. It is so because a good sleep helps to improve your memory and cognitive function, free your heart from depression, prevent cancer and diabetes, reduce stress and inflammation, and also confer your immunity against extreme coldness.

Therefore you are encouraged to take a cold shower some minutes or hours before bed because it would benefit your health more than you envisaged. If you are the type who minimizes the use of water, you can switch to a night shower or bath as it harbors you many advantages. In fact, it is a necessity or remedy for populations currently in the summer season as that would facilitate their night sleep easily.

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