CNC Machining: The Next Step Guide

CNC Machining is an industrial process where a pre-programmed software directs the movement of factory machinery and tools like lathes, drills, mills and 3D printers.

CNC is a term that stands for computer numerical control which first began with Numerical Control machines. The use of  prototype CNC machining is just the beginning of automation and the next step in this journey is the use of a CNC robot arm.

Types of the CNC Machines by Function

Types of the CNC Machines

Initially, processes like drilling, grinding, cutting, and welding were done manually and took a long to be complete.

With factories that have full production cycles, CNC Machines are built with each house having its own operation.

The following are some of the approaches that can be used to navigate through the current CNC world:

  • Plasma cutting: This CNC machine cutter is very accurate and fast and it uses a tool with a gas supply able to slice give a hundred inches per minute.

The CNC cutter requires buffer space, floors that are flame resistant, and a well-ventilated system. However, the only challenge with this machine is safety and the risk to human health.

When using a CNC robot arm the safety is guaranteed as well as proper machine tending.

  • Milling: An operator prepares and then loads the raw materials to the machine. It then follows the selected program and precisely cuts materials while considering the depth, direction and angle.

The CNC robot arm replaces an operator and performs the loading and unloading of the finished products.

  • Lathing: Works more like grinding only that the machine rotates the raw material against a grinding tool to manufacture cylindrical objects which are made of stainless steel, wood or plastic.

A CNC Robot arm can be used to fully automate and maximize efficiency a CNC lathe.

  • Multitasking: CNC machining functions as a single machine with the ability to perform multiple operations.

It very expensive and difficult to develop a technology whereby a part goes the entire process from the raw material to the end part.

CNC robot arm can therefore be used as the most reliable and effective machine tending equipment.

  • Welding: The process of welding involves very dangerous tasks which can be delegated to a CNC machine. An operator will still a welding fume extractor as they still faced with the risk of potential hazards like fumes, gases, explosions and fires.

The human operator can be replaced with a CNC Robot arm which will enable you to reach lasting results, increase the positioning accuracy, reduce risks and gain more profits.

  • Grinding: In the modern industry, the grinding process is one of the finishing tasks. Some CNC machines have multi-part options of grinding.

CNC robot arm can be used to achieve the required type of grinding, with the appropriate amount of pressure required without harming the product.

  • Drilling: The machine moves and spins the drill in the direction of a fixed part. The most time-consuming task can be the changing of the drill and positioning the piece.

The CNC robot arm can replace all the manual work done by an operator resulting in accuracy and high-quality products.

Robotics is the next step in CNC Machining


The following is a brief description of the features of a CNC machining service and a CNC robot arm:

CNC Machine

  • The CNC machine has high accuracy levels.
  • A CNC machine can be programmed only for a limited number of operations.
  • It has stable and stiff construction.

CNC Robot arm

  • A CNC robot arm great accuracy levels and able to perform pick and place operations.
  • Programmed to perform several operations.
  • It is easy to move and flexible.

Take advantage of the CNC robot arm which can automate the entire production cycle from loading parts to packaging the finished parts.


Upgrading your CNC machining process to a CNC robot arm will boost the productivity of your business without the need of hiring more personnel.

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