40 Christmas Window Decorations

Do you want to make the most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful with your Christmas window decorations? Be fast as a reindeer and get in front of your smart device because I will show you the 40 most beautiful Christmas window decorations.

Christmas is that time of the year when everything is so sparkly, shiny, and amazing. It is a holiday full of different kinds of decorations that bring joy to your home. From tree decorations, candy canes, festive ribbon, ornaments, people decorate their houses and apartments, each in a different style.

With Christmas around the corner, I think that this is the right moment for me to share multiple breathtaking window decorations. People often decorate their windows for their pleasure and for other people to enjoy the exquisite view.

So, do you want me to be your Santa? Stay with me since I will gladly guide you through my picks of 40 Christmas window decorations that will blow your mind. Ho Ho Ho

1. Holy moly

Holy moly

Ah, I can literally stare at this photo for days, and I would still find it calming to my nerves. So magical, outstanding, and breathtaking. That garland with the satin ribbon and warm Christmas lights gives the perfect closure to this beautiful story. Did you notice the tiny Santa Clauses? They are so cute, and the small tree in the center provides a real holiday feeling.

2. Ornamentastic


This is a very simple decoration but yet so full with that Christmas spirit. Just grab a twig and add your favorite ornaments along with bright Christmas lights and place it on the window in the kitchen. Leave the dishes and wash them at night to feel the real magical moment; you’ll thank me sometimes.

3. Cozy Christmas, because why not?

Cozy Christmas- because why not

This design is perfect for the minimalists that want some simple, neutral, and clean looking for the holiday. Place two tiny Christmas trees on the sides, and in the middle, you can add anything that represents this holy holiday. They complement the bigger Christmas tree, which is also picking through the arched windows, and you can see it from the outside.

4. Decorating is so jolly fa la la la la, la la la la!

Decorating is so jolly fa la la la la- la la la la

Again, a simple design, but looks so unique and beautiful. A perfect idea to use the vases you have at home for the holiday. Add some Christmas branches with berries instead of flowers, place two reindeers and enjoy the holiday spirit. And the banner hanging decoration of your choice is a must, it gives a nice touch to the whole design.

5. Waiting for Santa to come

Waiting for Santa to come

If you are a lazy type of person and don’t want to waste a lot of time decorating but you still want to feel the Christmas spirit buy some beautiful stickers and stick them on the window. You’ll get a festive look from the inside but also from the outside. Place a few wrapped-up presents by the window, and you are done.

6. Lost in Christmas-land

Lost in Christmas-land

You can find a lot of outstanding decorations online and in the shops before Christmas. For example, this lit-up tree and reindeer white wooden decoration are so cute that give you goosebumps when looking into it. Just place it by the window with a few silver ornaments and enjoy the most wonderful view.

7. Light me a candle

Light me a candle

Pine cones are perfect for this time of the year. They always compliment the garments and Christmas branches, and I think they always belong together. The candle, though, gives another dimension to this jolly look and the most magical reflection on the outside. The one and only ornament is the star of the overall design.

8. Look at my window; I’ve got a story to tell

Look at my window- I’ve got a story to tell

If you look closely and deepen into this design, you can tell a fantastic story to your children. Everything is so playful and joyful, from the wooden decorations to the stickers on the window. The hanging stars give the most wonderful touch to this look.

9. Christmas candy-land

Christmas candy-land

Oh well, someone sometimes said that too much color does not exist, especially for Christmas. Well, let me tell you that someone was entirely right. Just grab all the candies, ornaments, gift boxes, and ribbons you have and put them on a thick green garland by the window. I caught myself staring at this photo with a smile on my face. It is that joyful.

10. Gingerbready Christmas

Gingerbready Christmas

Everyone makes cookies around this holiday, so this is a perfect idea for decorating a wooden window. Prepare to make more gingerbread cookies than usual and create this DIY decoration in no time. The colors match perfectly but be aware; you might notice that cookies are missing since they look so sweet and tasty.

11. Paper garlands

Paper garlands

This is something different but still with a holiday vibe. If you have spare time, make your own paper garlands with your desired design and hang them on the windows. They make an incredible curtain, and it brightens the place up. You can also add some sparkles for a better festive feeling.

12. Wish upon a Christmas star

Wish upon a Christmas star

It’s incredible how you can make a decoration look so magical with just a little bit of effort. You can buy your desired stickers, or you can cut your own with a piece of white paper and scissors. A little bit of imagination and a lot of love for decoration will result in making this amazing design that resembles Christmas. And when the orchids bloom, they will add something more special to this look.

13. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, let me tell you, you will definitely need a lot more effort to achieve this masterpiece, but how can you resist it? I mean, look at that magic, that holiday feeling, the branches, the lit tiny houses, it seems like you’ve brought Lapland to your home. Santa, would you like a cup of hot cocoa with a candy cane?

14. Classic holiday vibes

Classic holiday vibes

This design is so classic but at the same time so gorgeous and breathtaking. I love how the story begins behind the curtains, like an open book that awaits to be read. The white lights on the frames add an amazing Christmas-y feeling, and all the other decorations are on point. Honestly, you can use a decoration of your choice. Either way, you’ll have a magic window.

15. It’s the most wonderful outside of the year

It’s the most wonderful outside of the year

A lot of people decorate indoors for Christmas but also outdoors if it’s possible. That way we can all enjoy different kinds of gorgeous and festive things like in this photo. The decorations are so simple but unique, and I love how the battery candles make this look so appealing.

16. Budget-friendly Christmas decorations

Budget-friendly Christmas decorations

For people with less budget, these decorations are the number one choice. You can find them anywhere around Christmas without wasting a lot of money. Just stick them on the glass, and you’ll have a fantastic holiday decoration in no time. And, they are kind of cute and charming.

17. Holiday mood on point

Holiday mood on point

This is a fabulous idea to decorate your window and nook with the Christmas colors red, white, and green. What I mostly love here is the wooden ladder and the ice skates. Somehow, they complete the wintery Christmas spirit. There is nothing more beautiful than drinking the morning tea or coffee sitting in this joyful place.

18. Garland beauty Ho Ho Ho

Garland beauty Ho Ho Ho

For some people, less is more, and this idea is perfect for those who like to be on a minimalistic side. Just add white Christmas lights all over the curtains and green garland with multiple colored lights to bring the Christmas spirit to your home but still keep it simple as you wish.

19. Everything white on Christmas is right

Everything white on Christmas is right

This is proof that you can make a big difference during the holiday with a little bit of decoration that doesn’t require much effort. I love how clean this style looks with a few ornaments in white and shimmery silver color. And, the paper houses are the piece of the puzzle that was missing in the overall look.

20. All I want for Christmas is art

All I want for Christmas is art

If you have the nerves and time, you have to roll up your sleeves and get into painting. Or, if you think that you are not good at painting, some people can do that for you. Of course, you’ll have to pay them, but you won’t care much about that if you are a decorations freak like me. This is a true masterpiece.

21. Let’s remind people that Christmas Is coming

Let’s remind people that Christmas Is coming

As I mentioned, people like to decorate their windows from the outside to bring the holiday spirit to the streets. This wreath is so lavish, and the greenery in the planter box is so perfectly mixed that it gives the most incredibly joyful feeling. People will be aware that Christmas is around the corner.

22. Holiday cheer

Holiday cheer

Another outdoor decoration that is wonderful and looks so rich. It has amazing evergreen boughs and dogwood twigs with red berries in the middle, adding the much-needed pop of color. The steel ring has beautiful warm white lights that brighten up the whole design. These kinds of decorations make the house more welcoming.

23. Ornaments and lights

Ornaments and lights

I love how these Christmas lights and ornaments in red and gold color create a second like curtain to the existing one. Somehow these kinds of windows with columns in-between don’t need much decorating to make them look appealing and magical for the holiday. So simple, but so outstanding.

24. Wreaths on a branch? I’m all in

Wreaths on a branch- I’m all in

In the last few years, people have been crazy about DIY projects. And, with the holy internet, you can find different ideas to make your decorations in just one click. These wreaths are so easy to make, and they don’t require a lot of time. It’s incredible how you can beautify your living space just with desire and a small amount of effort.

25. Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa Claus is coming to town

It’s another Lapland design, but a lot more different with its uniqueness, just like the other one. Please, if you have arched windows, you have to make something like this. The gorgeous mini-Christmas trees and tiny houses are beyond perfect. This fantastic decoration makes you feel that you are entering into a Christmas movie.

26. Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad

I don’t believe that magic does not exist because I feel that I am under the most magical Christmas spell when I look at this photo. I am staring at those shiny ornaments that resemble grape branches; they are so outstanding. The decoration is so calming and soothing, and it gives you a jolly holiday feeling.

27. Silent night holy night

Silent night holy night

This is a gorgeous idea; I love how the twig hangs with a few ornaments and gives a fantastic Christmas vibe. Also, the snowflake stickers on the glass and spayed fake snow give that wintery feeling, just like it should be for this holiday. And the chair with the fluffy blanket reminds you that you have to sit there and enjoy this magical view.

28. DIY Christmas decorations

DIY Christmas decorations

This is a perfect idea if you don’t have time to spare for decorating but still want to bring the holiday spirit into your home. I’m sure anyone at home can find used jars, place them by the windows, each with a bit of candle inside, grab some twines from the garden, and attach them with a string. So easy but so wonderful.

29. We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

You can make a lot of different decorations just with stickers. You can even present a whole story to your window glass. People from the outside will admire the gorgeous picture you’ve made, and you will enjoy the holiday spirit from the inside. There is no better view than the decorated windows around Christmas.

30. Bear-y Merry Christmas

Bear-y Merry Christmas

If you own a restaurant or coffee bar, here is an idea of decorating your windows in discreet and elegant Nordic style. People will be amazed, and that will make them come to your place first. Don’t worry, you can make this at home as well, just bring your imagination to the next level and start painting.

31. We need a little Christmas magic

We need a little Christmas magic

It has a similar design to before, but each of them has its unique beauty. I told you, stickers, paper cuts, and hanging twigs are the number one choice when it comes to decorating your windows for the holiday. Add a few more decorations by the window of your choice, and you’ll have the complete Christmas decoration in no time.

32. Magical Christmas arches

Magical Christmas arches

Arched windows are decoration by themselves, so they don’t need a lot for Christmas to bring the holiday spirit to them. Look at how this gorgeous big wreath with warm lights and a few flowers make a big difference. Looks so stunning, luxurious and gives that holiday vibe. I wouldn’t add anything else apart from that gorgeous wreath.

33. Oh holy night

Oh holy night

Oh my god, just take your time to admire that remarkable beauty, that sparkling lights, those tiny Christmas trees, the mini houses. I can’t find words to describe how I feel when I look at this photo. A lot of effort is invested in making this spectacular Christmas decoration, but it is definitely worth it. This one is my favorite of all.

34. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree- oh Christmas tree

This look is so clean, with two tiny Christmas trees on the windowsill wrapped up like candies and sprayed with fake snow. The candles, though, give that calming holiday vibe, especially during nighttime when the lights are out, even better if the weather outside is snowy.

35. Yes, please let It snow

Yes- please let It snow

This is a cute and easy decoration to deck out your window for Christmas. You will only need a white glass marker and draw or write whatever your heart desires. Use your imagination and talent to bring something special to your window for the holiday. Add a few candles in a jar from the inside, and you’ll have a Christmas decoration in an instant.

36. Christmas-y inside and outside

Christmas-y inside and outside

If you don’t have an idea on how to make your window look jolly, here is a unique and easy decoration you can do by yourself. Hang beautiful warm Christmas lights, stick a few paper trees on the glass, or buy stickers to wake up your holiday spirit easily.

37. We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas overview

Since Christmas is a family holiday, people like to decorate their living rooms to feel that magical holiday vibe when they gather around. No matter the weather outside, these snowflake curtains will give that feeling like it’s snowing, and the beautiful garland with red bows will give that festive feeling for the holiday.

38. Holiday chills

Holiday chills

It’s amazing how people can invent something from old parts and use them to make this gorgeous decoration. This is a ring from an old rusty barrel with eucalyptus leaves and pinecones hanging on the window. At first, I thought it was store-bought, it’s that beautiful. Grab this idea to use old rusty parts that you have to make something special like this.

39. Ornaments for life

Ornaments for life

Here is an idea on how to match your Christmas tree with the decoration on your windows. Just use a few ornaments from your tree and hang them on a curtains rod. A simple design with amazing holiday touch to bring joy to this magical holiday.

40. Oh jolly Christmas

Oh jolly Christmas

If you have a bigger windowsill like this, please use it to create this festive look for the holiday. Choose a few heart-shaped ornaments or make your own from colored paper, hang them on а twig, and place them on the window. Few candles, blanket, and pillow to make it look like it is the home of the cute little owl. And voila, Christmas decoration in a blink of an eye.

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