Children’s Clothing Sizes: Your Guide to Choosing It Right

Choosing the right size for your child is not as easy as it sounds. It is important to take into account the age, height, parameters of the baby, as well as the features of the figure (for example, the presence of excess weight).

Besides, many manufacturers have their own dimensional grid, so the sizes may vary. This means that you need to take measurements according to the basic recommendations and check the table presented in the online store before buying.

Basic Rules for Choosing Children's Clothing

Basic Rules for Choosing Children's Clothing

Even if you already know the size of your child, it is still necessary to check the sizes whenever you are buying something from brands new to you. For example, toddler girl clothes 4t may fit smaller children of 2-3 years old. To choose comfortable children's clothing that will fit well on the figure, not hinder movement and look stylish, you need to take into account several recommendations:

  • to make the correct measurements, it is better to dress the baby in thin, light underwear;
  • it is better to take measurements before each new purchase because children grow up and their parameters change;
  • before making an order in the online store, you need to familiarize yourself with the size table on the website, since some manufacturers have their own dimensional grid;
  • if the parameters are suitable for two sizes, it is worth choosing a larger one, since the child will feel more comfortable in it.

When choosing clothes for girls and boys, you also need to take into account the quality of the material. Things should be sewn from natural fabrics with a minimum amount of synthetics.

How to Take Measurements Correctly?

How to Take Measurements Correctly

In order not to miscalculate the size and choose comfortable, high-quality clothes for the child, it is necessary to take measurements. You can do it like this:

  • Measurement of growth. In this case, measure the length of the body from the top of the head to the heels.
  • Chest circumference.
  • Measure circularly, while the abdomen should not be drawn in or strongly protruded.
  • The volume of the hips. The tape measure should be located at the most prominent point on the buttocks.
  • The length of the sleeve. The tape should go from the shoulder to the wrist, but the arm should be slightly bent at the elbow.
  • Neck circumference.
  • Leg length. The length is measured from the waist to the bottom of the leg (ankle or below, depending on the desired length and style of trousers).

When taking measurements, you do not need to tighten the tape too much or loosen it, the kid should be in a relaxed state.

In Conclusion

When buying clothes for a child, it is important to take into account their tastes and wishes, as well as the quality of materials. It is better to choose things made from natural or semi-natural fabrics with a slight addition of synthetics, such as polyester or elastane.

Correctly selected shirts or sweaters should not expose the body when raising hands and pants should not stretch too much and pinch when the child is sitting or actively moving.

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