Chemicals that Are Dangerous for Your Aquatic Pets

The safety and security of your pets are also essential in providing a healthy condition for them. Building up an excellent environment and giving proper care is also a significant consideration. Besides, according to, a great understanding of the entire thing about raising your fish pets is the first move to set it all up. That is why navigating for some reference is necessary.

There is no assurance when raising a fish. Some instances need to control to give them the best possible condition. As you know, you can't provide all substances and compounds to fish without proper knowledge about them. In addition, there are restrictions for tiny living things like fish regarding the environment and food.

One of the most harmful chemicals for your fish is accidentally or artificially infused in water and food. It can cause so much trouble and can lead to death. For that reason, we want to share a list of possible chemical compounds to avoid them altogether. Each contains a threat that you need to eliminate to save your fish. So, you better familiarize them perfectly.

On the other hand, to give some thoughts, let us move forward and discover what most of them have. Join us and explore this topic more!

Chemical Substance To Avoid

This section contains information about the chemicals that can harm your fish big time. Each of them can cause so much pain in your fish. Even if you can’t feel your fish pet’s pain, they can show you what is going on with them. Below are the following;

  • Chlorine/Chloramine


Water is the essential resource that humans need to use and consume. Tap water is one example. And to provide safe usage, it delivers Chlorine/Chloramine. It is safe for humans; unfortunately, it is harmful to our fish pets. This chemical substance can poison your fish, similar to nitrate poisoning.

Moreover, this chemical has more effect on the fish’s gills. As a result, it becomes irritated, blocks the oxygen-carrying cells, and leads to suffocation. It seems to have a chlorine odor when the fish tries to grasp air. Thus, adding a water conditioner is at hand, as this chemical can kill your fish within 24 hours.

  • Nitrite 

Nitrate is a common problem when it comes to your aquarium environment. Thus, it has a lesser effect than ammonia. But still, it can be a deadly substance that can kill your fish instantly when it contains a high-level result or sit-in over a long period.

The typical sign of having a nitrate problem is when your fish gasps in the air at the water surface.

This poison can enter the bloodstream of your fish and bind hemoglobin cells. So it has to do with the oxygen-carrying vessels of your fish pet’s body. As a result, it can suffocate the fish thoroughly.

Some remedies that most people use to help the fish cope with nitrate poison are putting one teaspoon of salt per 300 Gallons of water.

  • CO2 Substance

CO2 Substance

Excessive CO2 levels from 25 to 30 ppm are harmful to your fish pets. Your fish can show signs are increased breathing, intense gasping for air, and staggering swimming behavior. Unfortunately, all of these signs are leading to suffocation.

Furthermore, some of this cause can be a malfunction of the CO2 reactor. Another thing might be the inability of the growing plants to absorb the CO2 properly if the lighting is insufficient. Therefore, the best thing to do is set a heavily aerate the tank through surface agitation and air stones. That way, you can dissipate the CO2 from the water.

  • Hydrogen Sulfide

As for this problem, it has a small percentage from happening. If Hydrogen Sulfide is produced in your aquarium, the leading cause might be the lack of maintenance. As you know, cleaning your tank can help your fish enjoy a good community. Thus, if you do not wash their space, a problem might occur, like this one.

This chemical substance can typically form within your filter or in the gravel. It has a rotten egg-like odor that you can detect immediately. Hydrogen Sulfide can convert iron within the blood cells into sulfide. As a result, it can lead to fish suffocation.

To avoid this problem, you must regularly clean your aquarium, mainly the gravel. The same goes with the filter. Before restarting it, you must wash it neatly. That way, you can eliminate all the substances present with them. Also, the harmful ones.


The best thing to achieve in having an aquarium is healthy fish pets. For that reason, securing their safety and performing proper care are necessary.

All the information above is a chemical substance you must avoid and eliminate to save your fish from danger. We hope this content serves as a great reference to your aquarium journey. Thank you, and Goodluck!

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