What to Know About Casino Wagering Requirements?

Features of bets in online casinos. How bets work, how to set up a slot for betting. What is the essence of wagering? What is wagering, how to calculate the amount of wagering.

The modern player has a great choice of online casinos with a wide range of games – from slots, roulette to card tables. One of them is Red Dog casino, with professional services and quality support. Despite certain differences in the conditions and requirements, there are basic rules of the game, which are similar for all portals.

First of all, gambling on any site involves betting. The essence of the process is that the player places a certain amount of money at stake, the amount of which determines the probable winnings. Credits for prize combinations are multiplied by the coefficient, fixed in the payout table.

The exact multipliers change in different slots, each symbol is assigned its value. At first glance, everything is simple enough, however, it is important to read the instructions carefully in each case when visiting the casino.

How To Calculate The Bet Amount

The slot machine providers set the betting range, where the minimum and maximum amount per move are specified. In reel slots, everything is very simple, you can control the amount by using the control panel. There are keys on it, by pressing which you change the value of credit. They can be marked differently, for example, inscriptions or signs “+”/”-”

The player who wants to change the starting value, should press these buttons, choosing the appropriate option. If the slot has the option to change the number of lines – then the number of coins is indicated per line and in a separate window the total amount per spin is displayed. If the lines are fixed, which can not be changed, then the rate per spin is determined at once.

Most slots have a button MAXBET, which sets the maximum size at one turn at once, without manipulating the control panel. This is useful for high rollers who prefer to play on a large scale.

How To Calculate The Bet Amount

Control panel keyDesignation
linesetting the number of lines
betbet amount adjustment
maxbetthe maximum bet in one click
startspins run
gamblerisk round

Payout table

It can be presented in two variants:

  • static – its indicators do not change in the course of changing the amount at stake, the player will have to calculate the value of the symbols himself, based on the money bet;
  • variable – multipliers are adjusted under the selected range on the settings panel. This is more convenient for the player, because the value of each symbol is immediately visible.

The amount of payout depends on the number of symbols in the chain. The more there are, the higher the amount of payout. Usually, to get the prize from the bet, you need to collect three or more icons, but there are exceptions when only two images are counted.

Betting Requirements For Wagering

When choosing an online casino, many players are guided by the benefits they will receive in the form of bonuses. However, with bonuses, there are conditions that must be met in order to cash out the gift. Before agreeing to a particular reward, you should familiarize yourself with the site's requirements and rules.

For example, in some cases, the bonus is credited to a separate account, but to use it, you must first spend your own money. Such conditions are unacceptable and disadvantageous to the player.

Betting Requirements For Wagering

As for the requirements, wagering is mandatory. It is a certain coefficient, which indicates the amount needed for wagering. It is usually shown in this way – x30 or another number after the multiplication sign. The numerical value is how much you need to multiply the bonus money, in order to later wage it in the slots.

How rollover works:

  • player receives a bonus of $100 with a wager of x30;
  • by simple mathematical calculation we get 100*30=3000;
  • This is the amount you need to put in the machine to be able to withdraw the bonus to your main account.

But you can not put it all at once or as you want. It would be too easy and fast. In addition to the wager, specific slots are listed in which bets will be counted as wagering.

What other wagering requirements may apply:

  • limits on the amount of the bet, both minimum and maximum;
  • deadlines for meeting the conditions;
  • proportionality of bets in several machines;
  • limit on the withdrawal of the bonus amount.

The last point means that if the player is very lucky and during the wagering will receive a large amount – this does not mean that all of it will be available for crediting to the card. The rest can be let into the game and make bets instead of your own bankroll.

In addition, there are the so-called “sticky bonuses”. They cannot be withdrawn even after wagering, and can only be used to play. They are rare, being not very attractive to the gambling audience.

The importance of the game for wagering

Few even experienced gamblers are interested in this information, and it is very difficult for beginners to understand such an array of rules. Each individual category and even a particular slot can count wagering in different ways.

For example, you need to spin 100 euros on the reels of the machine. Having made all the necessary bets for this amount, the slot counts wagering at 100%, that is, 100 euros is wagered. But there are additional rules that apply most often to card tables and roulette. In some cases, they do not count at all, and in others, may count only a certain percentage, such as 70%.

What does this mean in practice? Putting 100 euros in roulette, it gives a wagering amount of only 70 euros. To understand all the nuances, it is important to read the rules and conditions, read the details and especially – what is written in small print.

Such caution will provide comfort and safety, as well as allow you not to lose your money. If the rules do not have such details or it is not clearly written – you can contact technical support and ask for help to understand.

Bonuses Without Wagering Requirements

There is a real hunt for these rewards. These are rare bonuses, limited in time and quantity. Having received an amount with no wagering requirements, the player is not limited in his actions, he can use any slots, play poker or other entertainment. As a rule, these are small amounts, as they do not bring any profit to the institution. Having a high level in the loyalty program, the gambler has more chances to get a personal favorable offer with a reduced wager or without it at all.

Such gifts are usually given to players on their birthday, a special date for the casino or a significant world event. In order not to miss the chance of such a reward, it is better to sign up for the newsletter from the institution.


Many casino visitors come to try their luck in the hope of earning a solid sum. Others simply spend their leisure time making small bets on roulette or Blackjack. In both cases, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the establishment, so as not to encounter an unforeseen situation.

Betting in a casino is a sum of real money that should be taken seriously and carefully. Each land-based and online institution operates on the principle of mathematical calculation and probability theory. To play safely, not to lose time and money – choose the right reliable site with a good reputation and license.

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