Brentwood Intrigue 7-inch Quilted Inner Spring Mattress Review

People all around the world are desperate to figure out the best mattress for themselves. But in genuine it’s hard nut to crack about finding proper and adjustable mattress. Want of better mattress you may get attacked by spinal disorder, vertebrae problem and overall joint pain

Englander Intrigue 7-Inch Quilted Innerspring Mattress

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Brentwood intrigue 7-inch quilted inner spring mattress is versatile for different reasons. It upholds steel spring coils for long lasting support. Layers of insulation surround the coils to protect the sleepers while the padded upholstery layers and plush quilted surface provide the extra cushion as you have optimum comfort lying on this mattress.

This mattress is made in USA and retains I year of warranty. The extra layer of the mattress let you feel so happy when sleeping.

Brentwood Intrigue Quilted Inner Spring Mattress Features

  • This mattress uses high quality 13.5 gauge tempered steel spring coils to provide the long lasting support for side sleepers.
  • The amazing mattress works perfectly with the Rest Easy Instant and holds ultra advanced technology.
  • Multiple layers of the mattress upholstery offer plush comfort you can be assured supreme comfort when on bed.
  • This one is so handy and stylish as well. The all you get that this is so reasonable about costing.
  • Helps removing lots of disorder created by imposture like you may get relief from spinal attack, vertebrae disorder and neck pain as well.
  • Get 1 year of consumer warranty from the original date of purchasing.

Product Specifications


Particulars Details

Item Weight

28 Pounds

Product Dimensions

75 x 38 x 7 inches


Made in US

Item model number


Shipping Weight

37.5 pounds

Things We Liked

  • High quality 13.5 gauges.
  • Tempered steel spring coils for long lasting support.
  • Multiple layers of padded upholstery to ensure comfort level.
  • So handy and smartly shipped
  • Advanced heat control technology
  • Extra comfort layer but medium hardness.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Only 1 year of warranty


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Brentwood intrigue 7-inch quilted inner spring mattress

​Frequently Asked Question


What is the dimension?

This mattress is really handy and so stylish simultaneously so you don’t have to be tense over the issue as the dimension of the mattress is just 75 x 38 x 7 inches

Does it relieve back pain?

As you know that to relieve back pain there is need of hard mattress but Brentwood intrigue 7-inch quilted inner spring mattress is not so hard mattress but it is not so soft as well so you would get medium hard or softness with it.

Is it suitable for a bunk bed with rails?

The very simple answer is No. you would have bunk beds and the railings kept coming out on the bed.

Final Verdict

People all over the world are always trying to find out the adjustable mattress but sometimes it becomes very tough job to get the proper mattress accordingly body. But we must say if you are trying to find out the best and reasonable mattress then never late to pick up Brentwood intrigue quilted inner spring mattress.

Purchase This Mattress on Amazon

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