My Month Living in Bombas T-Shirts: An In-Depth Review from an Avid T-Shirt Fan

As someone who has tested t-shirts from just about every popular athletic and lifestyle brand on the market, I was eager to see how upstart Bombas would stack up. If you‘re not already familiar with Bombas, they exploded onto the scene in 2013 with ultra-comfortable socks and underwear.

And now, they‘ve expanded into apparel with soft, versatile t-shirts spun from quality fabrics like Peruvian Pima cotton, merino wool, and slub cotton. Intrigued by the potential, I took it upon myself to wear Bombas t-shirts exclusively for the past month straight to fully examine comfort, performance, quality and more.

Throughout daily activities ranging from intense gym sessions to weekend lounging, I chronicled the highs and lows across four distinct Bombas tee styles. If you’re looking for an accessible, socially-conscious t-shirt brand to add to your regular rotation, this review shares everything you need to know from first-hand experience.

Let’s dig in!

Testing Methodology: Living in Bombas Tees

To fully evaluate Bombas‘ debut apparel line, I committed to wearing a Bombas t-shirt every day for 30 straight days alternating between the following core styles:

  • Men’s Pima Cotton Crew Neck Tee
  • Men‘s Merino Wool Long Sleeve Tee
  • Men’s Slub Cotton V-Neck Tee
  • Men’s Lightweight Cotton/Modal Blend Tee

I documented comfort, breathability, shrinkage/ stretching, structure retention and general wear and tear across gym sessions, work days, travel and weekend adventures. For context, I compared fabric quality and performance to similar offerings from brands like Rhone, Vuori, and Lululemon.

The goal? To see if Bombas tees could tackle both casual everyday activities and intense training at an affordable sub-$75 price point.

After a month alternating between the four test shirts, I gathered some key performance insights around Bombas first apparel collection. Let’s break down the trial results across the metrics most important for an awesome tee.

Specs Men‘s Pima Cotton Tee Men‘s Merino Tee Men‘s Slub Tee Men‘s Modal/Cotton Tee
Fabric 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton 18.9 Micron Merino Wool/Nylon/Elastane Blend 100% Cotton Slub 50% Cotton/50% Tencel Modal
Price $40 $64 $40 $44
Handfeel Luxuriously soft Lightweight, breathable Textured, casual Silky, smooth
Workouts Great sweat-wicking for cotton Temperature regulating, odor resistant Prone to clinging when sweaty Lightweight, breathable
Washability Holds shape extremely well Follow delicate instructions Average shape retention Excellent color retention
Versatility Exceptional – great for anything Outdoor activities, layering Lounging and layering Casual and exercise
Overall Rating 5/5 4.5/5 4/5 4.5/5

Analyzing Key Performance Factors and Comparisons

Now let’s dig deeper across the vital signs of stellar tee – handfeel, sweat-wicking, stretch, breathability and more. How do Bombas shirts hold up to similar offerings from renowned brands like Vuori, Lululemon, and Rhone?

Superior Handfeel: Across all four fabrics, Bombas tees excel when it comes to pleasing handfeel and softness straight out of the package. The 100% pima cotton and merino blend, in particular, deliver luxurious comfort rivaling shirts double their sub-$75 price points.

Bombas pima cotton features extra long cotton fibers for pillowy softness that lasts. After 30 wears and washes, it retains the sensational plushness similar to Vuori and Rhone’s obsession with fabric quality.

The merino tee incorporates ultra-fine 18.9 micron merino wool known for its breathable comfort. Blending the merino with nylon and elastane ensures stable shape retention after repeat wears, preventing the sagging some 100% merino tees suffer from.

For lounging and relaxed weekends, Bombas slub cotton offers lightness with personality. The modal/cotton provides silky smoothness that almost feels like athletic wear.

Across all fabrics, thoughtful construction like tagless labels and flat seams bolster the stellar comfort even for sensitive skin.

Impressive Sweat-Wicking: Considering cotton’s reputation for absorbing sweat, both the pima and slub cotton fabrics demonstrated unexpected clout handling sweaty workouts. The pima cotton’s knit structure gives just enough stretch and airflow to make it viable for all but the most grueling HIIT sessions.

Meanwhile, the merino tee performed predictably fantastic keeping me cool and dry on heated runs and lifting sessions. I’d rank its sweat-wicking on par with some of Rhone’s best athletic tee options also tapping into merino’s magical moisture transfer abilities.

For cooling modal blended with breathable cotton, the fourth tee kept pace even as summer temperatures climbed. While not quite specialized performance wear, it handled sweat effectively for all but the most intense training.

Stable Structure Retention: One of my t-shirt pet peeves is when supposedly high-quality shirts lose their form, shrinking lengthwise or getting oddly boxy. Especially after investing $50+, I expect stellar construction and fabric retention.

Thankfully, all Bombas test shirts aced this test even after several washes and wears. The pima cotton, merino blend, and modal/cotton tees maintained length and slim (but not too tight) fit. While the slub cotton doesn‘t promise compression, it delivered consistent roomy coziness.

As comparison, I’ve struggled with Vuori and Lululemon tees shortening up or stretching out with repeat use. So I appreciate Bombas’ shape stability matching versatile brands like Rhone. Even cotton t-shirts costing 2-3x less stretch unpredictably, so major props to Bombas for trustworthy construction.

Specs Men‘s Bombas Pima Tee Vuori Strato Tech Tee Rhone Fundamental Pima Tee
Fabric 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton 94% Nylon/6% Elastane 100% Peruvian Pima
Price $40 $68 $78
Structure Retention Perfect over 30 wears/washes Shrank slightly lengthwise Consistent after 20 wears
Breathability Better than average cotton Superior moisture wicking Great for pima cotton
Versatility Exceptional Training oriented Comparable

Bombas T-Shirt Sizing, Fit and Performance By Activity

While high-end fabrics clearly drive Bombas‘ apparel quality, thoughtful design elements enhance the stellar construction and handfeel.

As a newly launched apparel line, most sizing feedback trends positive in the “true to size” range. I found the medium test shirts all fit as expected for my 5’10” athletic frame.

With extended sizing from XS through 3XL accommodating more body types, you can access that coveted comfort in styles spanning relaxed to semi-fitted.

For anyone between sizes or seeking a slimmer cut, consider sizing down from your typical tee number. Made from premium fabrics avoiding transparency issues, shrinking a Bombas tee down promises a great look without sacrificing coverage.

Working Out: For gym rats and fitness freaks, reach for the Merino Wool Long Sleeve. The temperature regulating merino blend breathes fantastically to prevent getting that soaked and clingy feeling mid-workout. I also loved the Pima Cotton‘s sweat-wicking abilities for milder training like strength training and leisurely cardio.

High Intensity Training: If you swear by HIIT classes and metabolic Conditioning, I suggest the Lightweight Cotton/Modal tee. Unreal breathability rivaling performance wear makes it the top choice for serious sweating.

Lounging and Layering: You can’t go wrong with Bombas‘ Slub Cotton tee for off-duty style with texture. The modal cotton also layers smoothly under hoodies, flannels and more. Both avoid frumpiness even as they relax into that lived-in look.

All Day Wear: Need that versatile daily driver taking you from work video calls through errand running to dinner out? Look no further than the tried-and-true Pima Cotton Crew. After wearing it 3x per week for a month, it still looks and feels new.

For travel and outdoors exploration, grab the Merino Long Sleeve. The antimicrobial wool and breathable structure plays well layering under active jackets as temperatures shift.

Bombas T-Shirts: Charitable Mission and Sustainability Practices

Beyond fabric and construction, Bombas aim higher for positive impact outside their supremely comfortable products. If you’ve heard of Bombas before, you likely associate them with their robust Buy-One-Give-One mission donating apparel to homeless shelters for every item purchased.

To date, the scrappy company has donated 50+ million items to 3,500+ giving partners focused on human services and disaster relief. Digging into their practices, third party organizations confirm products reaching vulnerable communities rather than sitting unused in warehouses.

  • Bombas has donated over 1.5 million t-shirts in the 18 months since launch.
  • Their products reach veterans, foster kids, disaster survivors and countless individuals facing homelessness.
  • Partners include homeless shelters, schools, hospitals and programs assisting high risk youth.

So not only can you feel good wearing Bombas‘ clothes, your purchase actively contributes to their supply chain supporting purposeful production of goods to donate. As they grow and scale, I admire their commitment to strengthening community impact beyond profits.

For sustainability practices, they’ve embarked on multiple initiatives:

  • Using recycled polyester and recycled nylon plus cottonized hemp in select products
  • Ensuring fair wage auditing for sew factory workers
  • Operating solar panel equipped facilities sending just 4% of waste to landfills

As a brand less than 10 years old, they‘re still maturing on responsible sourcing and environmental upgrades. But the progress to date and transparency about goals earns my vote over “fast fashion” companies making no effort until forced by regulation.

Final Verdict: Are Bombas T-Shirts Worth Buying?

If it wasn’t already clear based on glowing fabric assessments and wearing testing experiments, I give Bombas t-shirts a ringing endorsement for both quality and conscience.

For staple shirts costing $40-$75, they deliver comparable performance to respected players in the crowded space like Vuori, Lululemon, and Rhone. While boutique startup brands boast about science-led merchandising, Bombas keeps up utilizing proven fabrics tailored to active lifestyles.

Factor in consistent sizing/fits, durable construction, and flattering cuts plus that feel good halo from purchases driving donations? Bombas offers outstanding bang for your buck even at higher price points.

As a brand obsessively optimizing sock technology for superior comfort, they‘ve clearly carried over that heritage into meticulously designed tee shirts. If you already love Bombas underwear and casual socks, I guarantee you‘ll dig the t-shirts amplifying their trademark coziness.

For new customers and apparel enthusiasts like myself, take the leap of faith backing this mission-oriented brand. I expect you‘ll be very glad you did.

I‘m happy to answer any additional questions in comments about sizing, comparisons to other brands, wearing experiences and more. Let me know what else you‘d like to know!

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